Please note, however, people may be compelled to undertake a mask in the courtroom or judge’s chambers. The decision is left come the discretion of the presiding judge who will advise you on whether masks are compelled in their courtroom and should administer you v a mask if necessary.

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Elevator volume in linked Government buildings will continue to be at a preferably of 4 until otherwise noted.

Thank you for her cooperation. Chief judge Robert P. Burns


COVID-19 Update​​New administrative Order 2021-PR-009​Order Continuing bureaucratic Orders Suspending law of Limitation, Statutory Time Standards, Deadlines, and also Time restrictions Under the Legislature's Ratification and also Continuation that the State of catastrophe Emergency related to COVID-19 through March 31, 2021.​Due to the outbreak the COVID-19, an emergency exists that poses a hazard of imminent and potentially lethal damage to those who may have contact with a transport of COVID-19. Rapid escalation that the emergency forced the comprehensive measures we placed in location on march 18,2020, in 2020-PR-016. Our March 18, 2020 order and also this stimulate are important to safeguard the health and safety that Kansans, consisting of our justice branch employees and judges. If 2020-PR-016 did no contain an expiration date, the Kansas can be fried Court announced that would review the stimulate after 2 weeks to determine if the order have to stay in place and also if so, whether amendments to be warranted. The an outcome was the administrative order 2020-PR-32, which amends 2020-PR-016 and can it is in foundhere.

Citepay and also Kansas Payment Center:All Traffic, Criminal and also Juvenile fines/court costs/restitution deserve to be paid at the adhering to site: You will need your case number to salary online.Child support payment deserve to be paid at Friend will require a instance number to pay online.Thank you!

Emergency operations space outlined in the governmental Order, andgenerally, include Essential functions:State courts have been operating in a limited capacity since March 18 under previously Supreme Court assignment issued in solution to the COVID-19 pandemic. Courts initially were limited to only essential functions, however they were later on permitted come perform extr functions, come the extent local resources and also circumstances allowed.Essential features generally include:

determining probable reason for people arrested without a warrant;

first appearances;

bond hearings;

warrants for adults and also juveniles;

juvenile detention hearings;

care and treatment emergency orders;

protection from abuse and also protection from stalking short-lived orders;

child in need of care hearings and also orders;

commitment of sexually violent predators; and

isolation and quarantine hearings and orders.

Many courts, including the supreme Court, have been carrying out your duties through remote hearings involving videoconferencing technology.For a complete list of righteousness branch actions to limit the spread out of the novel coronavirus, visitKansas Courts an answer to COVID-19.For concerns please leaving a post with the salesperson of the district Court in ~ (913) 573-2946 or emailkhill

Providing access to court while protecting the public and our workforceOn in march 18, 2020, the can be fried Court releasedAdministrative bespeak 2020-PR-016directing every district and also appellate courts to stop all yet emergency operations until additional order. ~ above April 3, 2020, the can be fried Court releasedAdministrative bespeak 2020-PR-32amending bureaucratic Order 2020-PR-016 to:

rename emergency operations as important functions;

clarify the litigation command is not restricted when that does not involve a judge or court employee;

encourage parties to accomplish deadlines that do not need in-person proceedings;

confirm state courts must have actually staffing vital to bring out necessary functions and also nonessential attributes may it is in performed as regional resources and circumstances allow;

clarify that hearings regarded nonessential features may occur, but only by telephone conference or videoconference;

clarify the court staff, whether functioning in a courthouse or from home, may perform both essential and also nonessential functions; and

clarify that courts continue to accept electronic filings in all case species and define that handling of filings pertained to nonessential attributes may it is in delayed depending on staffing levels and also demands of necessary functions.

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Statutes the limitations and also statutory time standards suspendedThe2020 house Substitute for Senate invoice No. 102referenced in bureaucratic Order 2020-PR-016 was released in theMarch 19, 2020, Kansas Register. It patent the chief justice to suspend until more order every statutes that limitations and statutory time criter or deadlines that use to conducting or handling judicial proceedings. Throughout the effective dates of the order, no action will be dismissed for absence of prosecution.