Massachusetts official and ex-court officer room accused of plot to permit defendant come escape after a hearing.

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DISTRICT COURT judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph departs federal court ~ above Thursday in Boston. (Steven Senne linked Press)


BOSTON — A Massachusetts judge was indicted Thursday top top charges the she helped a guy who was living in the U.S. Illegal evade an immigrant agent through sneaking the end the earlier door that a courthouse.

District Court judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph and also onetime court officer Wesley MacGregor were charged v obstruction of justice in the case, which arisen from accusations that they schemed come let the man escape after a hearing critical year on dues that consisted of drug possession.

The charges versus Joseph and MacGregor were swiftly condemned by the state’s attorney general, who called the instance “a radical and politically-motivated attack” ~ above the court by federal authorities.

Lawyers, judges and advocates have actually criticized chairman Trump’s administration for stepping up immigration arrests in ~ courthouses, saying it is disrupting the criminal justice system and also scaring civilization away from halls the justice.

Massachusetts U.S. Atty. Andrew Lelling stated the charges were not meant to send a message around immigration policy. Everyone have to be hosted to the preeminence of law, even the privileged and powerful, the said.

“From details corners, I have actually heard the sometimes gasp that dismay or outrage in ~ the concept of holding a judge accountable because that violating commonwealth law,” Lelling said. “But if the legislation is not applied equally, it cannot credibly be applied to anyone.”

Joseph, 51, and also MacGregor, 56, were reserved to appear in Boston commonwealth court Thursday. Joseph has actually been suspended without pay, the Massachusetts supreme Judicial Court said.

They come under federal examination last year after ~ authorities said they schemed come let the guy escape native the Newton courthouse.

An immigrant agent remained in the courtroom to detain the man.

Authorities to speak Joseph request the certified dealer to leave the courtroom and also told him that the suspect would be released into the courthouse lobby.

Instead, after ~ the hearing, MacGregor led the defendant below to the lockup and let him out a behind door, Lelling said.

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The man, who had actually been barred native entering the U.S. Until 2027, was captured by immigrant officials about a month after the hearing, Lelling said, and also is now in immigration proceedings.