This is embarrassing come say however here goes. I believed my understanding of U.S. Geography was pretty an excellent but boy did I miss on this one :eek:. Ns was in new Orleans critical month (first time ever) because that business and saw the Navigator in port. I was curious how much up the river it had to involved get to the port. I figured when I obtained up ~ above the ns 10 bridge, I"d be able to see the Gulf. OOPS, not even close! I simply did a distance path on Google Earth and it shows about 113 miles from the harbor to the mouth of the river. 82 miles together the crow flies. I never new New orleans was so far up river. I always thought it was on the Gulf Coast.

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So my concern is - exactly how long go it take it to gain from the cruise pier to the gulf or vice versa? I"m reasoning it"s gained to be every one of 12 - 15 hours. To be I way off top top this too?

We gone into the Mississippi at around 11PM when returning to new Orleans and reached the Gulf just after midnight when we were headed down in the direction of Cozumel.


We gotten in the Mississippi at about 11PM as soon as returning to brand-new Orleans and also reached the Gulf just after midnight as soon as we to be headed down in the direction of Cozumel.


:confused: Sorry, ns don"t mean to sound nasty but if you gotten in the Mississippi returning to brand-new Orleans how did you end up ago in the Gulf heading towards Mexico?


We didn"t... I was typed the bespeak backwards, once we got earlier to new Orleans and also when we left new Orleans.


It"s a various kind of leave as you see coastline for a long time. We took the pilgrimage on the conquest last year and also it was yes, really pretty neat. Civilization along the coast would collection off fireworks together the ship sailed by for this reason we just sat out on our balcony enjoying the show. :)

We didn"t... I was typed the stimulate backwards, when we got back to new Orleans and when we left new Orleans.

AHHH the pilgrimage down the Mississippi is awesome especially when the is dark, as in coming back home to new Orleans. The lamp from all the oil platforms light up the night skies with looks like thousands of lights.

Speaking of the Mississippi, has anyone ever before done a riverboat cruise? I"m curious what the experience/ships are like.

The delta of the Mississippi to be unnavigable in the old days.


You may an alert on a map a huge lake north of NO (lake Pontchartrain) with a fairly short shot right into the Gulf.


NO was developed where it is because that"s wherein the river and also lake are closest.


Ship coming downriver would certainly unload in NO and load top top ocean-going ship on the lake, which can then sail out right into the gulf much an ext quickly. And also vice-versa.


For a long time there to be a canal indigenous the river to the lake, and now it"s Canal Street, and does operation from flow to lake still.


Now there"s channels so ships simply go every the method down river.

This is the Mississippi flow delta together it spreads out into the Gulf. You"ll an alert that the Gulf surrounding it for fairly some distance. NOLA is out of sight going off to the right. One big river....

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Mississippi flow Delta through Wulfgar28, top top Flickr

Darkwolfe, love that picture !!!


The time the takes to gain down flow or up river will also depend on the depth, the speed of the current, and also the lot of web traffic on the river.


When us left out of NOLA last March ~ above Voyager, it took around 7 hours to acquire to the Gulf. Coming back, us were beginning the Mississippi about 9:00 pm and docked around 6:00 to be - that"s 9 hours. But time ago up flow may have been slow to permit for docking in ~ the correct time.