Area 51 can be a super-secret government lab housing alien remains…or not, however the wait of mystery surrounding this desolate area in the Nevada desert just makes people much more curious. When world are curious, it renders them desire to see it with their very own eyes. The “area the doesn’t exist” is currently a traveler hotspot because that UFO enthusiasts, and also one that the most common ways to gain to this army base is via ras Vegas. 

What space the best ways to acquire to Area 51 from ras Vegas? How you obtain to Area 51 from las Vegas relies on even if it is you have actually your very own transportation or not and also what you desire to execute along the way. The best ways to gain to Area 51 include: control your very own car, renting a car, or acquisition a tourism from ras Vegas.

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Are you looking to book your own surreal pilgrimage to the UFO capital of the world? This guide will aid you acquire the many out that your travel planning and a when in a lifetime trip come the most extraterrestrial place on earth. 


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1 finest Ways To acquire To Area 512 What Is within Area 51?3 Do human being See Aliens close to Area 51?4 can You get In trouble For Being close to Area 51?5 can You find Area 51 ~ above Google Maps?6 How much Is Area 51 From las Vegas?7 deserve to You Go inside Area 51?8 prior to You Begin: Area 51-Themed Attractions In Nevada9 What To lug On her Area 51-Vegas Trip10 journey or Rent your Own car to Area 5111 driving The Extraterrestrial Highway – Nevada State path 37512 those On The Extraterrestrial Highway?13 Area 51 Bus tours from las Vegas14 RVing/Using A Caravan come Area 5115 Why You can’t Reach Area 51 Via plane Or Helicopter

Best methods To acquire To Area 51

Area 51 is the code name for a mystery part the a an extremely famous military base. The base to be made famous due to repeated reports of strange objects being viewed in the sky. As a an outcome of every the UFO sightings that have actually gone on in that area over the decades, it has come to be a well-known place for extraterrestrial hunters and tourists to visit. Because of its popularity, there space a number of ways to reach the area bordering this base. Castle include:The Extraterrestrial HighwayRenting A Car and DrivingTaking A tour Bus throughout The DayDoing A Night TourEach method has its very own perks and pitfalls. Here’s what you require to understand when you deciding top top a method for you and also your crew to acquire to Area 51.

What Is within Area 51?

Area 51 is a serious tourism hotspot for one significant reason. Follow to conspiracy theories, Area 51 is the location where remnants that crashed alien spaceships room stored. Some even believe that tiny green aliens live inside this military base!Some people likewise believe the the lunar landing to be faked on a studio collection inside Area 51. However, the proof to assistance that theory is weak in ~ best and also laughable in ~ worst. What is well-known for a fact is that Area 51 was the testing and also training grounds in the 1950s because that the super-secret spy airplane known together the U-2 (source).

That gift said, no one really knows what’s within the military base. The joined States federal government didn’t even recognize it as a real location until 2013, in spite of having a most talk around it indigenous civilians. It’s thought about the most renowned top-secret location in the world.

Do people See Aliens close to Area 51?

If you listen to the rumors around Area 51, thenyou might want to keep a near eye out. This entire area is recognized for a widerange of different sightings, including:

UFOs. This do not do it be a surprise, considering the rumors swirling around Area 51. It’s a recognized hotbed of paris saucers and strange lights in the sky. MIB. Agent J and Agent K can be real, after all. Many human being claim to view strange “government officials” in the towns bordering Area 51. Skinwalkers. Native Americans think that there are witches qualified of shapeshifting into animals out there. Despite rare, there have actually been reports of strange creatures that seem come be part animal and component human wandering near the ET Highway. Black Dogs. No one really knows why, yet phantom black dogs have occasionally to be spotted on this highway too. 
How Area 51 ended up being the facility of alien conspiracy theories.

Can You gain In problem For Being near Area 51?

It counts on your definition of “near.” because that themost part, being approximately Area 51 won’t perform anything in terms of increasing alarm.The federal government is very well mindful of tourists and tends come be relatively relaxedabout tourists nearby.That being said, there’s a border to exactly how much you can push prior to you gain into trouble. If you cross the border right into the armed forces base or harass world who are guarding the base, girlfriend absolutely can get into trouble!

Can You discover Area 51 ~ above Google Maps?

Yes! because that a super-secret military base, the surprisingly easy to find Area 51 top top google maps. Top top google maps simply go into the longitude and latitude coordinates. Kind 37.244820115.817208 right into the search field and also there girlfriend go. You have the right to also kind in Groom Lake, Nevada and you’ll check out the dried lake bed whereby they have performed countless flight tests.

Even easier? I’ve done the work-related for friend here. Feel complimentary to scroll about the map yourself.

How much Is Area 51 From ras Vegas?

Area 51 is closer to las vegas than most othercities, but it’s still not a stone’s throw away. The closest town to the actualmilitary basic is Rachel, Nevada. For the many part, tourism teams assume thattravelers going come Area 51 will certainly be protecting against here. The distance between Rachel and also Las vegas is a full of 153 miles. 

Can friend Go inside Area 51?

If you’ve to be a significant fan of conspiracytheories, climate you already know that visiting Area 51’s bordering cities istotally legal. However, those fences that surround the really base room nojoke. People that cross the fence line are committing a severe federal crime. If captured (and they constantly get caught), government officials are given the appropriate to fee them v trespassing, detain them, or also shoot lock on sight. What we’re saying is that you have to never effort to enter the prohibited parts of Area 51. Instead, simply stick to nearby towns that space filled v UFO gift shops. Currently that we’ve gained that warning out of the method let’s talk about the finest ways to take trip to Area 51 indigenous Vegas. 
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Before friend Begin: Area 51-Themed Attractions In Nevada

If you desire to do whole weekend that alien-hunting and learning about Area 51, climate kick off your expedition with some alien-themed attractions in ras Vegas is a way choice. There room plenty to choose from, too! these below, for example, space really outstanding picks…

The nationwide Atomic experimentation Museum

One the the more popular museum stop in las Vegas faces the ar long background of gift a nuclear bomb experimentation hotspot. The atomic Museum in Vegas will certainly tell you around how the A-bomb readjusted Vegas culture, stories around military trial and error nearby, and much, much more. 

The Area 51 Museum

Once you take it the ET Highway to Rachel, girlfriend willhave the possibility to gain a fast trip to the town’s Area 51 Museum. Thismuseum discusses the plenty of rumors neighboring Area 51, just how it changed ourculture, and show clips of mirrors featuring this mysterious part of thedesert. 

The Area 51 Alien take trip Center

(These next two spots extraterrestrial Travel center & daddy D’s Rocket Diner) are fully out of the method if her heading to Area 51 from las Vegas however they could be ~ above your method if your heading come or from death Valley).

Hungry because that food and also just gained into the earth atmosphere? This “travel center” ideal off US-95 might be just what the physician ordered. The a rest prevent that has actually gas, cheap food, and a tiny bit of extraterrestrial kitsch. Sure, it’s just a pit stop, however it’s a fun one!

Daddy D’s Rocket Diner

If you’re not in the mood because that rest protect against food but are still emotion a little peckish, then one more stop you deserve to visit prior to you hit the fatality Valley or ras Vegas is daddy D’s, Rocket Diner. This themed diner has “little environment-friendly men indigenous Mars” motif it is adorable and food it is pretty decent. 

What To bring On her Area 51-Vegas Trip

Going to Area 51 straight from Vegas way that friend will have actually a many things you might want to fill in your bag. But, travel light for this fast excursion is often a much better option. Even if it is you intended on spending a night in Area 51’s next site or just the day, make a point to carry these items v you:Your Wallet, v Cash. You’re walk to find at least one or 2 items you’ll desire to buy, and also you’re likewise going to desire to refill top top gas. Cash is an essential for making the trip, and additionally booking any local area tours you can want to take. A Camera. You never recognize when you’ll check out an extraterrestrial craft zip by. Sunscreen, Water, and also Food. The desert sunlight is no joke…and no is the absence of rest stops. A couple of snacks and also some bottled water deserve to make every the difference in your expedition quality. Your Smartphone and Car Charger. This is one items you yes, really shouldn’t go without, nevertheless of whereby your location is. Telescope and also Blankets. If you desire to inspect out the night sky, make sure to seize these 2 things. The telescope will help you watch stars (or UFOs) better, while blankets will store you warm. A full Tank that Gas. If you’re walk to be driving into Area 51, the absolutely vital to to fill up your tank before and after you do it to her destination. Gas stations are few and far in between on those desert roads!
Top 10 Area 51 Mysteries

Drive or Rent your Own car to Area 51

The best method to obtain to Area 51 is to either drive your own automobile or rental a automobile in las Vegas if necessary. The fastest and most direct method to obtain to Rachel or any kind of of the surrounding areas from las Vegas is to take the I-93 North, then follow the indicators to SR-375 phibìc (more thorough directions below). 

From there, you deserve to just follow the Extraterrestrial Highway to your destination. This highway is the fastest route for travel to Rachel, and also traffic slowdowns room rare.

The exclusive right Of Driving come Area 51 On her Own

This is a great travel alternative if you have the right to do it. These perks are an excellent examples of why many people choose to drive on their own:Cheap. It’s a cheap means to obtain there. Full Control. You deserve to go at your very own pace and also stop if you desire to, or simply go straight through without stopping. Comfort. You gain to enjoy the sights in the comfort of your own car. Convenience. You can drive come Area 51 at any kind of given time. There’s no schedule various other than your own. 

Getting Gas when Driving come Area 51

Gas matters when you’re on the road, especiallyin blistering heat. If you’re from the eastern Coast, you’re probably used tobeing able to get gas every 20-ish minutes on the road. This is no going come bethe case if you choose to drive to Area 51 or Rachel. 

Area 51 was favored as a government venue since it was so remote. When you’re driving through this area, you’re no driving v town after ~ town. That going to be, for the many part, barren desert. There’s no means to gain gas through lot of this three-hour drive, so make a suggest of pour it until it is full up her tank before you leave and also again at the town of Rachel. 

Car Breakdowns while Driving to Area 51

An concern you should consider when you thinking about taking her own car is the condition of your car. If your vehicle is at danger of breaking down, you could be in severe trouble. High summer temperatures can rise fine over 100 levels Fahrenheit, and also it can be hours before someone choose you up and also helps girlfriend if you rest down. Always pick a reliable automobile for this trip, and keep her AAA card on hand. You have the right to never be too careful!

Oddly enough, this is additionally the fastest means to Area 51 for most non-touristy functions as well. So, nothing be surprised if you watch commercial trucks and also other similar vehicles as you begin on her journey. It can actually be component of their route! 

Driving The Extraterrestrial Highway – Nevada State course 375

The most popular way for tourist to hit increase Area 51 and its next site from las Vegas is to journey the Extraterrestrial Highway. This highway is the main route come Area 51 and also the adjacent town the Rachel. Officially it’s well-known as Nevada State route 375 or SR 375 (source).

Directions to Area 51 and Rachel From las Vegas

Take I-15 north from las VegasTake leave 64 for US-93 N/Great container Hwy towards Pioche ElyTurn left ~ above NV-318 N/NV-375 NContinue on NV-375 N/State Hwy 375 (Extraterrestrial Highway)Continue 39 mile to Rachel, NevadaThe 38-ish mile large (from decision Springs to Rachel) is a an excellent choice for world who have their own automobile or a rental and also want to stop along the method to check out the regional flavor. This stretch the road attributes a authorize that’s come to be a traveler attraction top top its own, a UFO museum, and the well known Alien Burger in ~ the tiny A’Le’Inn. 

What’s ~ above The Extraterrestrial Highway?

The ET Highway is just one of the more populartourist attractions pertained to Area 51 and also Groom Lake. This highway, for themost part, doesn’t have actually much ~ above it. However, there room still a couple of placesyou can visit. 

The Extraterrestrial Highway Sign

This has come to be a pretty well-known photo opportunity for UFO and sci-fi enthusiasts. It’s the entryway sign for the highway, and also it’s extended in stickers. Instagram-worthy? Absolutely. 
Extraterrestrial Hwy Sign
You’ll find the authorize where highways 318 splits off from highway 375. Store on 375 going past the 318 split and also you’ll watch a tiny rest area. That’s whereby you’ll uncover it. Also, note that there is a second Extraterrestrial Highway authorize you can discover in the desert just outside of Rachel.

The tiny A’Le’Inn Hotel

Get the joke? that a “little alien!” This tourist hotspot has actually that retro sci-fi layout that makes everyone smile, and it’s located right off the ET Highway in Alamo. This hotspot offers decent food (try the alien Burger), a gift shop, and also several hotel rooms that will certainly let friend crash for the night. If you space feeling drowsy while traveling to Area 51, climate it’s ideal to take a nap in this pit stop. Accommodations space affordable, and also the staff is friendly. In regards to fame, this is among the many popularly pointed out sites on the Extraterrestrial Highway (website). 

ET fresh Jerky

Love beef jerky served up with a side of extraterrestrial stories? Well, you might want to check out this pit stop. This petite store has a wide an option of handmade beef jerkies to try or purchase and also is fronted by a trusted crew. It’s situated near crystal Springs (website).

Alien Research facility Gift Shop

Almost immediately, together you obtain onto the ETHighway, indicators will start popping up for this “research center.” reality be told,it’s in reality a gift shop with a nice fascinating statue of an alien outfront. The gift shop hold a nice selection of mementos, however it’s just open a couple of days per week. So, if you want to visit this store, make a point of looking in ~ its operating hours before you obtain in the car. (website)

Night Gazing clues – Area 51 Night Sky

The coolest thing about the ET Highway is thatit has practically no lights on in ~ night. This provides this highway great placeto walk stargazing and also possibly actually spot a UFO in genuine life. Yes nosingle ar to prevent that’s important ideal. 

Just pulling over on the next of the roadway to look at the sky have the right to be one amazing means to endure the totally surreal magic the this desert area. If you want to get a full experience, consider bringing a telescope and some night vision goggles. Find out around the best Places for Stargazing close to Las vegas in our article here.

Tikaboo Peak

This small peak is thought about to be the the next you can legally gain to check out the legend base, and also it’s situated in Alamo, relatively close to the Extraterrestrial Highway. The views are incredible!

That gift said, this is not a doable endeavorfor everyone. Friend will require an AWD car to clamber end the dust path, andit can be straightforward to acquire lost. Be mindful if you inspect out this spot. 

Area 51 Bus tours from ras Vegas

If girlfriend don’t have actually a car, don’t want to rental a automobile or just plain don’t want to do the driving she in luck! friend can obtain a an ext tourist-friendly taste the Area 51 through taking one of several bus tours from ras Vegas. Tourism buses often function a number of amenities the make them worth the price. Tours come Area 51 are easily accessible on both a day and night schedule. Some of the biggest Area 51 tourism bus companies and also programs include:

Captain lining Clark’s Area 51 Tour. This SUV tour is top by a male who wrote books on the subject of aliens and features stories from eyewitnesses. Night tours are available. The ET Highway tour From ras Vegas. Want come grab a couple of Instagram-worthy photos? This tour will let you stop at all the photo-ready locations throughout the ET Highway, provide you time to take pictures, and also regale you with fascinating facts. Area 51 Day tourism from ras Vegas. Go come Area 51, inspect out mysterious alien petroglyphs, and also learn around the weird goings-on the made this location famous. Most tours will certainly take you to every the main Area 51 locations and also will even present you locations that would be difficult to discover on your own. These full-day tours frequently come v a price tags that’s end $150. That being said, they room a an extremely enjoyable way to view the sights of this secret region. 

The positive Sides of Booking A tourism Bus

Like v the various other options, utilizing a tourism bus as your mode of transfer does have actually its upsides. This is a an excellent option for world who want to acquire these exclusive right while they get close to the Area 51 region: Easy Scheduling. If you’re one of those human being who wants to stay on schedule and plan the end every small thing, tourism buses space a perfect choice. Everything is currently planned out for you!Safety In Numbers.

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Tour groups are great if you concerned about safety or acquiring lost top top the road. Each tourism comes v an knowledgeable guide and also fellow travelers who can assist you continue to be safe. Tour Guide. desire to learn an ext about Area 51, or want to make sure you get to see all the cool points that this area offers? A guided tourism will aid point out all the regional landmarks and make certain you see and learn whatever there is to know. 

Booking an Area 51 tour Bus pilgrimage from Vegas

If you desire to walk “full tourist” and also book a bustrip, climate you for sure can. However, it will take a tiny bit offorethought. It’s best to book your bus tourism at least one day ahead of time andto study each tourism to ensure that the form of tourism you’d want to goon. 

Budgeting might be an problem if you are low oncash. You need to expect to pay all over from $150 come $220 per human for thetour bus friend choose.