Disneyland has removed the song from the Downtown Disney lift music loop and stripped any reference come the ‘Song of the South’ indigenous the Splash mountain website.

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Concept art of the “Princess and also the Frog” makeover of Splash Mountain. (Courtesy that Disney)


Disneyland freshly announced the it will change the theme of that is Splash hill attractions in the U.S. Indigenous the 1946 film “Song that the South” to the 2009 animated function “The Princess and also the Frog.” (Courtesy the The Disneyland Resort)


Riders go over the drops at Splash hill in this 2012 photo. (File photo by Joshua Sudock, Orange county Register/SCNG)


Princess Diana (back row, R) rides Splash hill at Disney World's Magic Kingdom in 1993.(BOB PEARSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Vintage picture of Splash Mountain, year unknown, from the repertoire of photographer Renie Bardeau, who was Disneyland’s in-house photographer for 40 years. (Courtesy the Renie Bardeau).

Critter nation was the name liked to change the name of Bear country for the area that homes Splash mountain in 1988. The area quiet featured the nation Bear Jamboree at the time, though the was later on replaced through The numerous Adventures the Winnie the Pooh in 2003. (File photo by note Eades, the Orange ar Register)

Splash Mountain, a log-flume ride through a final drop of five stories, to be the last brand-new attraction that opened up at Disneyland in the eighties. (Photo courtesy of Disney)


Disneyland’s Splash hill reopened may 27, 2011 after number of months of refurbishment. (Photo by Paul Hiffmeyer, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

Splash Mountain, a log-flume ride through a final drop of five stories, was the last new attraction that opened at Disneyland in the eighties. (Photo courtesy the Disney)


Disneyland's Splash hill reopens may 27, 2011 after several months the refurbishment. (Photo by Paul Hiffmeyer, The Press-Enterprise)


Riders can get wet when they splash under on Splash Mountain. (File picture by note Eades, Orange ar Register/SCNG)


They can be pull in your Dapper best for Dapper Day at Disneyland, yet this couple still obtained wet talk Splash Mountain. (Photo by mark Eades, Contributing Photographer)


Splash mountain is closed for refurbishment, providing the critters inside the attraction indigenous singing and more. Disneyland is likewise closing every one of Critter country Monday v Friday during the time the hill is closed.in Anaheim top top Wednesday, October 19, 2016. (Photo by mark Eades, Orange ar Register/SCNG)

The Mickey & friends parking structure is barely clearly shows in this view taken indigenous the walkway through Splash hill in Critter country at Disneyland. As the trees follow me the berm and Disneyland railroad tracks proceed to grow, they will eventually block any kind of view the the framework from inside the park. (Photo by mark Eades, Orange ar Register/SCNG)

Disneyland has quietly taken the an initial small but symbolic procedures toward remove the controversial “Song the the South” theme from Splash mountain in ready for a new “Princess and also the Frog” change of the Critter nation log flume ride.

Disneyland has removed the “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” tune from the Downtown Disney background music loop and stripped any kind of reference to the “Song of the South” from the Splash hill website.

Disneyland remains closed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Downtown Disney out shopping mall reopened in July with diminished capacity and also COVID-19 safety and security protocols.

Disney to plan to upgrade the Splash mountain log flume rides at Disneyland in Anaheim and also the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney world in Florida v a new theme based on the “Princess and also the Frog” animated movie. The Princess Tiana makeover will certainly strip the journey of its present backstory based upon the controversial Disney movie “Song that the South.”

Splash Mountain functions characters and also songs indigenous Disney’s 1946 “Song the the South” film based upon the “Uncle Remus” story — a arsenal of folktales indigenous the southerly plantation era compiled through Joel Chandler Harris and published in the 1880s — that have actually been criticized because that perpetuating racialism stereotypes.

Disney shelved the controversial live-action/animated musical movie in the 1980s and also the company’s previous CEO and current executive, management chairman Bob Iger claimed the movie would not show up on the Disney+ streaming service. The 2009 “Princess and the Frog” was commemorated as Disney’s first animated depiction of an afri American princess.

Disneyland removed the “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah” tune — which won an Academy compensation for finest original song for “Song that the South” and serves together the key musical theme for the Splash mountain ride — from the music loops that play in Downtown Disney and the esplanade between Disney’s two Anaheim theme parks, follow to WDW News Today.

The removed of the song from Downtown Disney’s lift music is part of a consistent process to deliver an environment that features stories that room relevant and inclusive, Disneyland public representative said.

Disneyland has additionally stripped 2 mentions the the “Song the the South” indigenous the main Splash hill website.

Up till recently, Splash hill was described as a “delightful log flume ride special characters and also songs native the classic Disney movie ‘Song the the South,’” according to the Disneyland website.

Splash hill will tho feature much more than 100 audio-animatronic characters and a 5-story splashdown finale set to “classic Disney ditties” including “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah,” follow to the updated Disneyland website.

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A day has no been collection for the debut of Disneyland’s Splash mountain ride makeover. The ride will certainly return v its existing backstory when Disneyland at some point reopens following an extended coronavirus closure.

Walt Disney Imagineering proceeds to make progression in the development of the “Princess and also the Frog” makeover the Splash Mountain. No work has begun on the revolution of the Disneyland attraction.

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Imagineering is working v Walt Disney computer animation Studios on the reimagined Splash mountain rides to tell an extension of the “Princess and the Frog” story that picks up after the final kiss between Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen.