Recent news the Disney people will be charging extra because that quick accessibility to popular rides should come as small surprise to anyone well-versed in that is history. The price the a straightforward ticket to the Happiest ar on earth has unable to do up an ext than 4 dozen times since the Magic Kingdom debuted 50 years ago, top top Oct. 1, 1971, follow to Today, you"ll pay fine over $100 for simply one job of fun, making advice on how to carry out Disney ~ above a budget more necessary than ever. Together Mickey and the remainder of the crew start celebrating Disney World"s huge 5-0, here"s a timeline that the park"s many notable price hikes.

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1971 through Kristine (CC BY-NC)


Price of a one-day ticket: $3.50 (general admission; many attractions cost extra) Inflation-adjusted price: $24

Disney World an initial opened in October of 1971, and also there was simply one park to welcome guests: Magic Kingdom. Though join was just $3.50, visitors had to pay more for many rides, according to The initial park consisted of favorite attractions prefer Dumbo the flying Elephant, the Haunted Mansion, and It"s a little World. Visitors had actually three selections for lodging: the contemporary Resort, Polynesian Resort, and Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.

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Disney - Tomorrowland - room Mountain from TTA by Joe Penniston (CC BY-NC-ND)


Price of a one-day ticket: $6 (general admission; many attractions expense extra) Inflation-adjusted price: $29

By the beginning of 1976, Disney world had bumped up its ticket prices 4 times. Magic Kingdom has included some big-time attractions, including Pirates the the Caribbean and an are Mountain. Other enhancements included the Golf will (now Shades the Green, for armed forces members), the now-defunct exploration Island, and also Lake Buena Vista shopping Village, now known as Disney Springs.

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Big Thunder Mountain, ca. 1850 through Brett Kiger (CC BY-NC-ND)


Price that a one-day ticket: $8 (general admission; many attractions cost extra) Inflation-adjusted price: $27

In November 1980, Disney bumped prices for the 2nd time that year, though it"s worth noting that the inflation-adjusted price is actually lower than it was in 1976. In Magic Kingdom, huge Thunder hill Railroad opened up to give visitors a trembling ride with an old mining camp. Tourists could additionally enjoy Disney"s river Country, a water park the would later on close in 2001.

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Scale model of the complete EPCOT center by Tom Simpson (CC BY-NC-ND)


Price of a one-day ticket: $15 (admission come Magic Kingdom or Epcot; rides now included) Inflation-adjusted price: $42

In September 1982, price had almost doubled end the food of virtually two years. In October, Epcot (then well-known as EPCOT Center) opened up to the public with the iconic Spaceship Earth, part of the always-evolving Future World, and also the international-themed world Showcase. Disney presented its an initial park-hopping tickets permitting admission come both Magic Kingdom and also Epcot. A three-day park hopper ticket price $35, or $99 changed for inflation.

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Horizons through Sam Howzit (CC BY)


Price the a one-day ticket: $21.50 (admission to Magic Kingdom or Epcot) Inflation-adjusted price: $55

By November that 1985, prices had actually zoomed up much more than $6, and were eclipsing $50 once readjusted for inflation. Magic Kingdom"s roster of attractions had actually remained largely unchanged, when Epcot had added Horizons come Future World and Morocco to the civilization Showcase.

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Auntie Susan, Uncle Oscar and Lola in ~ Disney-MGM Studios by Loren haver (CC BY-ND)


Price of a one-day ticket: $29 (admission to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, or Disney MGM Studios) Inflation-adjusted price: $64

In might of 1989, one-day tickets were going for $29 each. Epcot had included the life Seas to Future World and Norway to the civilization Showcase. And Disney human being had opened its third theme park, Disney MGM Studios, as well as the Typhoon Lagoon waterpark and also Pleasure Island entertainment ar (now component of Disney Springs). A four-day park hopper that allowed admission to all 3 parks expense $97, or $214 adjusted for inflation.

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Price of a one-day ticket: $33 Inflation-adjusted price: $66

One-day, one-park ticket prices had risen $4 through February 1991, yet the run is less severe – just a pair of dollars – adjusted for inflation. Visitors could additionally now to buy a "Super Duper Pass" that allowed unlimited admission to all three parks for five days to add Typhoon Lagoon, flow Country, discovery Island, and Pleasure Island. That went because that $170, or $341 adjusted for inflation. Resort selections had increased with the 1990 openings the the Yacht and Beach Clubs, the Swan, and also the Dolphin. Later on in 1991, the harbor Orleans resort opened, too.

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Splash hill by jpellgen (
1179_jp) (CC BY-NC-ND)


Price the a one-day ticket: $35 Inflation-adjusted price: $63

Though a one-day Walt Disney world Ticket expense $35 through the end of 1995, the price had actually gone down adjusted for inflation. By now, Disney MGM Studios included the Twilight zone Tower the Terror, and also Magic Kingdom had added Splash Mountain, still among the park"s most popular (and wet) rides. Speaking of water, Disney World included its 3rd water park, Blizzard Beach, in 1995. Visitors could additionally now continue to be at the brand-new All-Star sports Resort, All-Star Music Resort, and also Wilderness Lodge.

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Disney"s animal Kingdom through Scott blacksmith (CC BY-NC-ND)


Price the a one-day ticket: $42 Inflation-adjusted price: $70

By April that 1998, the price of one-day park tickets had jumped $7. The many notable addition was a 4th theme park, Disney"s animal Kingdom, i m sorry initially expense a little premium, $45, to visit. Resort offerings had likewise expanded again, through the opening of BoardWalk and also Coronado Springs resorts. Disney had actually also added the vast World of Sports, a multi-venue facility now recognized as the ESPN wide World that Sports.

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Disney - rock n Roller Coaster Staring Aerosmith authorize by Joe Penniston (CC BY-NC-ND)


Price that a one-day ticket: $50 Inflation-adjusted price: $76

In September 2002, one-day park tickets hit the $50 mark. The cheapest park hopper ticket, a 4-day happen that enabled entry into all of the parks, increased to $199, or around $302 adjusted for inflation. Significant Disney World enhancements included more lodging, such together the All-Star movies Resort and Animal Kingdom Lodge. Disney MGM Studios had actually also added the rock "n" Roller Coaster certification Aerosmith.

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Price that a one-day ticket: $59.75 Inflation-adjusted price: $84

The start of 2005 marked the beginning of part steeper rises in park ticket prices. One-day tickets became "Magic her Way" base tickets, however visitors can purchase park hopper add-ons that permitted them to visit multiple theme parks top top the very same day for an extra $35. In Epcot, Mission: room was a significant new attraction, and Disney people continued adding new accommodations v the opened of the pop Century Resort and also Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa.

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Disney"s pet Kingdom - exploration Everest by Howie Muzika (CC BY-NC-ND)


Price the a one-day ticket: $75 Inflation-adjusted price: $95

One-day, one-park Disney people tickets jumped come $75 in respectable 2008, and also those who wanted come visit an ext than one park every day now had to covering out one extra $50 for a park hopper add-on. A 4-day pass with a park-hopper add-on expense visitors $269, or around $341 adjusted for inflation. Disney"s MGM Studios to be renamed Hollywood Studios this year and included Toy Story Mania! come its roster the attractions. Thrill-seeking visitors could also now ride expedition Everest, a coaster at pet Kingdom that opened in 2006.

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The Blues by Brett Kiger (CC BY-NC-ND)


Price of a one-day ticket: $89 Inflation-adjusted price: $106

Starting in June 2012, travellers who wanted simply one work at any type of of Disney World"s layout parks were on the hook for at the very least $89. A 4-day pass through a park-hopper add-on jumped come $313, or $372 adjusted for inflation. In the Magic Kingdom, the first phase of an expansion of Fantasyland opened this year. External the theme parks, the art of animation Resort started welcoming guests.

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Frozen in ~ Disney"s Hollywood Studios through katsuhiro7110 (CC BY-NC)


Price that a one-day ticket: $99 (Magic Kingdom) $94 (other parks) Inflation-adjusted price: $114 (Magic Kingdom) $108 (other parks)

In 2013 and 2014, Disney world started charging a small premium for one-day ticket to Magic Kingdom contrasted with its other theme parks. That could be due to the fact that Magic Kingdom perfect its Fantasyland expansion in 2014, a job that ultimately included several new rides, shows and also restaurants. Over at Hollywood Studios, "Frozen" fans acquired a new sing-along display this year, too.

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Disney Springs by Chad Sparkes (CC BY)


Price of a one-day ticket: $105-$124 Inflation-adjusted price: $119-$141 

In February 2016, Disney people switched come a three-tier pricing model for one-day tickets, charging travellers a premium for coming in ~ the most crowded time of the year (this includes most of the summer and holiday weekends). Notable improvements this year included a renovated and expanded Disney Springs, the shopping and entertainment complicated that had previously been recognized as Downtown Disney. Disney also added a slew that Star battles attractions to Hollywood Studios this year, consisting of a phase show.

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Courtesy of


Price of a one-day ticket: $109-$129 

Inflation-adjusted price: $119-$140 

Disney people ended 2018 with four pricing categories: peak, regular, value, and also low. Peak-day prices finished the year in ~ $129, more than six times what it cost to visit Magic Kingdom as soon as it opened, bookkeeping for inflation. Disney likewise tacked on an overnight parking fee for resort guests, varying from $13 come $24 a night. At Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Land opened up at the finish of June.

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Disney human being Magic Kingdom through Rstoplabe14 (CC BY-SA)

2019 - Present

Price that a one-day ticket:

In march of 2019, Disney determined peak pricing no much longer sufficed and introduced yet one more ticket tier for vacation visitors. For some, even holiday pricing to be still worth it, as Star Wars: Galaxy"s Edge opened at Hollywood Studios in 2019.

These one-day ticket prices are holding steady today. A redesign and also expansion the Epcot is ongoing, and a brand-new Star battles hotel is coming down the pike. But 2021 has likewise brought the news the Disney is law away through its beloved FastPass ride reservation system. Visitors who want to cut their wait time for popular rides will certainly now have to shell out even more: $15 every day as component of the new Disney Genie+ service. 

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