Katie Dillon

Katie Dillonis La Jolla Mom. She’s a heritage Disneyland annual Passport holder and also a Disney take trip Agent. She help people arrangement Southern California family members vacations that center roughly theme parks.

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Katie Dillon

Katie Dillonis La Jolla Mom. She a tradition Disneyland annual Passport holder and a Disney take trip Agent. She help people arrangement Southern California household vacations the center approximately theme parks.

Ideally, if you visit Disneyland Resort, you’d have at the very least two days to invest time in both that the parks. Otherwise, you must know exactly how to division your time.

Disneyland has actually a lot in typical with Disneyland Paris in the each park’s general layouts presented to guests room similar. But, if girlfriend have ever been to Disneyland Paris, you know that the second gate, Walt Disney Studios, doesn’t have a entirety lot to offer.

At Disneyland Resort, it’s not so simple. Disney California Adventure has actually come a long way in practically 20 years, and also it continues to evolve more than any type of other Disney park. Top top the various other hand, Disneyland is the initial Disney layout park, and there is so lot to discover, both old and also new.

So, in the question of Disneyland vs. Disney California Adventure, that wins?

Note: Both parks open on April 30 come California residents!

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Pros and also Cons the Disneyland vs. Disney California Adventure

Both parks have a lengthy list of pros, and also the cons aren’t in reality negatives. They’re expected to point out what one park has actually that the various other doesn’t so the you deserve to make decisions based upon your interests.

Disneyland Pros

As the initial Disney Park, Disneyland has actually a lot going because that it. Pan of the Magic Kingdom in ~ Walt Disney civilization Resort favor to downplay the success that Disneyland and Walt Disney’s overall satisfaction with it.

The truth is that most of Walt Disney’s disappointment through Disneyland was addressed by Michael Eisner’s approach to structure a more immersive resort experience.

Photo courtesy the Disneyland Resort

Disneyland has nostalgia top top its side, and also not just since it’s older. The was developed to evoke this euphoric feelings indigenous the beginning. That’s part of that genius.

You additionally can’t controversy the presence of Walt Disney in ~ Disneyland. There are traces of the everywhere, indigenous the firehouse apartment to the gold Horseshoe balcony come the espresso an equipment at café Orleans.

Even if you don’t have that very same sort the reverence for the man who developed Disneyland there is a certain charm to the place. The level the Imagineering under Walt Disney’s guidance far surpassed what has been done because its creation.

The usage of space and visual trickery that Disney is well-known for were operation on a scale back then that has actually not been got to since.

For example, take it the difference between the crooked path of Adventureland and also the wide-open space of Frontierland. Magic Kingdom’s versions might be larger, however they pale contrasted to craft and also details.

Disney California Adventure Pros

Since 2001, Disney California Adventure has actually grown a lot. The park offered very tiny when it opened. However, even then, it to be a amazing tribute come the diversity that California. Several of it, such together Grizzly Peak, was stunning and still is.

Disney constructed on the California premise and also refined it, happen Walt Disney’s story front and also center. Among the best facets of Disney California Adventure is Buena Vista Street. The setup takes you come the start of Walt Disney’s California journey, beginning with Oswald the happy Rabbit greeting guests at the park entrance.

Buena Vista Street is a gorgeously aesthetic an option for presenting the park and a perfect mirror to key Street, U.S.A. In ~ Disneyland.

Disney California Adventure is no locked into a formula favor Disneyland is. It’s a experimentation ground for new ideas and also is afforded much more leniency when it comes to change. Lands have come and also gone in the park’s quick history.

One of the great advantages that visiting Disney California Adventure is cars Land, which traction right into the civilization of Radiator Springs. The architecture is flawless, and the views of Ornament Valley room breathtaking. Radiator Springs Racers is among the finest Disney rides, anywhere… ever.

Radiator Springs Racers – Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Cons

Disneyland’s “deficiencies” only lie in what is easily accessible elsewhere.

You can’t satisfy Marvel characters in Disneyland. Certain attractions favor Guardians the the Galaxy Mission: an episode and Soarin’ roughly the people are not at Disneyland.

Really, the only reason not to go to Disneyland is if you desire to suffer the attractions and experiences that room only easily accessible at Disney California Adventure.

Disney California Adventure Cons

Due come the experimental freedom and the constant change, Disney California Adventure has not worked out into a combined theme. It’s a collection of ideas at best. Numerous of those principles are great, yet they don’t have actually the timelessness or the consistency that Disneyland.

Pixar Pier is an attempt to unify one area of the park in a means that pales contrasted to how cool Cars soil is. Among Pixar Pier’s main benefits is the access of good casual eats (see below).

Another potential down keep in mind for the park for some is the lack of any kind of Lucasfilm presence. Disney California Adventure should have actually been the park of choice for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and also it wasn’t.

Although Imagineers determined a location for Galaxy’s Edge within Disneyland that makes thematic sense, that would have actually fit in much far better if included into Disney California Adventure likewise to Marvel.

Dining at Disneyland versus Disney California Adventure

We constantly look forward to eating at Disneyland Resort. Indigenous the Halloween and also Christmas treats scattered throughout both resorts to old standbys favor Dole Whip, options abound.

Disneyland Dining

When it pertains to food, Disneyland has actually The Blue Bayou, a romantically-lit table company restaurant the overlooks the Pirates the the Caribbean native a beautifully designed terrace.

Adventureland uses exotic fast service tiny plates in ~ The dry Hideaway, wherein one can also resource a famed Dole Whip.

Located top top the Jungle river shores in Adventureland at Disneyland Park, The tropic Hideaway is the location for especially worldly eats. Menu items include warm steam bao buns, chilled ramen salad, Sweet Pineapple Lumpia, Dole Whip and more. Disneyland Park is situated in Anaheim, Calif. (David Nguyen/Disneyland Resort)

The Hungry Bear offers views the Tom Sawyer Island and the note Twain. Carnation Cafe uses an atmospheric dining experience in the heart of key Street U.S.A.

Disney California Adventure Dining

Disney California Adventure uses a the majority of dining. Pixar Pier has actually tons of counter service choices that pay homage to the movies from angry Dogs to Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff.

Lamplight Lounge below where Pixar Fans deserve to go because that a drink and also some catalyst from the sketches and animated movie memorabilia. Ns think the food is nice good, too.

Carthay Circle theatre is a beautifully decorated replica that the theater of the very same name that premiered eye White and the seven Dwarfs.

This good dining experience is superb, and also even the lounge is together a sweet means to unwind at the end of a thrilling day. Now that the children are older, we come in here for waiting conditioning throughout the summer and also a glass of quite wine.

Disney California Adventure Food and also Wine Festival takes location March 1 to April 23, 2019. Guest can check out California-inspired cuisine and also beverages, plus live entertainment, family-friendly seminars and cooking demonstrations. (Joshua Sudock/Disneyland Resort)

Disney California Adventure offers something else that Disneyland does no have: food festivals. During the Lunar brand-new Year Celebration, Food and also Wine Festival, or the Festival that the Holidays, you have to visit Disney’s California Adventure if you space a foodie.

Attractions in ~ Disneyland vs Disney California Adventure

Which park girlfriend visit depends greatly on i beg your pardon rides and attractions you’re interested in. Disneyland rides are entirely various from Disney California Adventure rides.

Disneyland Rides and also Attractions

The Matterhorn is a classic Disneyland drive (Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland Resort)

Disneyland has many of the most famous Disney attractions. The Disney Mountain selection consisting of space Mountain, Matterhorn, huge Thunder, and Splash mountain all residence iconic rides.

Disneyland additionally has the ideal rides for families including the entirety of Fantasyland v its princesses and also rides the are well-known with younger kids.

In addition, the most classic Disney rides indigenous Pirates that the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion to The jungle Cruise and The Tiki Room every await inside.

Disney California Adventure Rides and Attractions

Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland Resort

Disney California Adventure is the ar to walk for Pixar and Marvel experiences. Pixar Pier has actually the Incredicoaster roller coaster (the just ride v an reverse in both parks) and other themed attractions.

Cars land is residence to Radiator Springs Racers, Hollywoodland has actually Guardians that the Galaxy. Once the Marvel floor opens, they’ll change the boundaries of these two lands. Yes, Disney’s California Adventure is gaining the Avengers Campus, set to open up in the summer that 2021.

Buy Disneyland Discount tickets to Both Parks

You can save top top tickets, tours, and hotels through my affiliations. If you do purchases with the links in this post, I may be compensated.

Visiting both parks is made basic with Disneyland discount tickets that have the right to be one park per day tickets or Park Hopper ticket in increments of two, three, four, or 5 days.

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The other an excellent news is that tickets of 3 days in length or longer are eligible for Magic Morning admission. Print and also go straight to the door or usage a cell phone ticket.