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I am going come tell you about one of mine favorite points at Disney human being — Mickey’s no So Scary Halloween Party.

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We are going to cover some major differences in between the Halloween party in ~ Disney World and the Halloween party in ~ Disneyland Resort more specifically California Adventure.

Have friend been thinking of going to Disney civilization or Disneyland resort this Halloween season? even if it is you perform the event or not, you should know what is walk on since it will influence your visit.

What I define for the Magic Kingdom generally applies to Disneyland, because that years the party has gone to the Disneyland Park, but there are differences. This year will bring even an ext differences.

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1 Disneyland’s Oogie Boogie Bash
2 rundown of Mickey’s no So Scary Halloween Party and the Oogie Boogie Bash
2.1 What Does her ticket Include?
3 What sort of Ticket is required to go to the not So Scary Halloween Party?
4 What Time is the Mickey’s no So Scary Halloween Party?
5 just how Does Disney understand Who has a Special occasion Ticket contrasted to a general Admission Ticket?
5.1 Why is the Halloween Party for this reason Magically worth it?
6 Dressing Up because that the Halloween Party
7 cheat or Treating during the Party
7.1 trick or treating at Disney civilization vs. Disneyland
8 Rides are different During the not So Scary Halloween Party
8.1 Special alters on Rides at Disney world
8.2 Special alters at California Adventure
8.3 Disneyland Vs. Disney human being
9 Parades and Special present during the no So Scary Halloween Party
9.1 Disney’s civilization – no So Spooky Spooktacular
9.2 Disneyland Oogie Boogie Bash
9.3 therefore What go this have to Do through the Halloween Party?
9.4 need to I walk To a Park prior to the one-of-a-kind Event?
10 So what’s Different between California and also Florida?
11 when to purchase Tickets?
12 i beg your pardon Park have to I Attend?
12.1 If you have been to both Halloween next Which one walk you favor best? leave a Comment Below and also let united state know!
12.2 Facebook neighborhood
12.3 Covid-19 and Disney Closures

Disneyland’s Oogie Boogie Bash

This year is the second year that the Halloween party held at the Disneyland will is specifically California Adventure since 2009. The occasion this year is a referred to as the Oogie Boogie Bash.

We space hoping that the Mickey’s Halloween Party return to the Disneyland Park next year, but if you space deciding what to carry out this year, there are going come be significant differences in between Florida and also California. Basically since California Adventure is a lot smaller park!

Overview the Mickey’s no So Scary Halloween Party and also the Oogie Boogie Bash

What Does your ticket Include?

Admission come the park 3:00 afternoon – till close.

We will start in Florida with Mickey’s no So Scary Halloween Party. It is among the special occasions held at the Magic Kingdom.

The party days have prolonged over a longer duration of time to assist accommodate its cultivation popularity each year. Because that 2020, the party beginning on august 13th, and goes through November 1st.

It wake up two, three, or four times a week , with more days the the party happening each week the closer you acquire to Halloween.

As for California, the Oogie Boogie Bash is hosted three job a week, every week (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday). The runs because that a shorter period, beginning around a month later, approximately the middle of September. (tickets will certainly not be on sale until closer to the dates because of Covid-19)

What kind of Ticket is compelled to walk to the not So Scary Halloween Party?

Mickey’s not So Scary Halloween Party is different from basic park admission. Friend can acquire into the Magic Kingdom the day of the party with general admission, yet the park closes early that day, normally 6:00 pm.

If you want to be in ~ the Magic Kingdom the entire day the the party, friend will should buy both a basic admission ticket and also a special occasion ticket.

The special occasion ticket costs from $79 to $115 ~ above the high end, other than for Halloween, i m sorry will expense you $135. The previously in the season you go, the much less expensive it will be, and also Fridays are almost always more expensive 보다 the various other days of the week.

At Disneyland, the Oogie Boogie Bash prices operation from $110 at the low end, to $145 top top the high end (that’s not just Halloween, but likewise on five other days). It to be a mere 6 years earlier that i paid $69 to walk to the party in ~ Disneyland! Wow, have times changed!

I realize that sounds expensive, yet I tho think the ticket price is worth it to compare to basic admission. An ext on that later.

What Time is the Mickey’s not So Scary Halloween Party?

The party starts at 7:00 pm and also typically lasts till midnight. Please keep in mind that in the history Disney has let special occasion guests get in the Magic Kingdom three hours before the official start the the party. At Disneyland, we’ve actually got in three and a half hours before start time. (We haven’t tried to get in at an early stage at the Magic Kingdom.)

How does Disney know Who has actually a Special occasion Ticket compared to a basic Admission Ticket?

One perplexing item because that us before our first time attending the party was exactly how Disney acquire general join guests the end of the park. We discovered that Disney does no actually nearby the park. Instead, Disney gives party guest a wristband.

At the official start of Mickey’s not So Scary Halloween Party, Disney employee (cast members) stand at the entrance of every land. If friend don’t have a band, you are notified of the park closure or escorted to the park exit. Look because that the special event entrance and also get her wrist band and also candy bag!

Why is the Halloween Party therefore Magically worth it?

Maybe I should have very first asked, “Is it precious it?” Absolutely! okay talk an ext about it later, however you deserve to probably get much more done at the party than with a basic admission ticket, and also without enduring the warm of the day! In various other words, if you desire to perform the typical Disney stuff, you can do it at the party, and also for less than a general admission ticket. And also you deserve to do all of the party ingredient too!

Mickey’s not So Scary Halloween Party is awesome! short lines, candy, the parade, characters, the show, the props . . . Oh, walk I cite low lines? The magical spirit of Halloween is every around. Disney does a terrific job of decorating having actually special food items on the menu, and also making your suffer amazing.

Dressing Up because that the Halloween Party

Dressing up for this occasion is a big deal. Some family members match and go every out. We have gone all out on part years, however last year it to be so hot that my kid was simply not going come wear his costume! it is not forced to dress up however if you do there space a few restrictions that you must pay attention to

You can dress up as your favourite character yet you might not pose with park guests.If Disney thinks her outfit is unreasonable they can remove you from the park.Costumes need to be family members friendly.Costumes cannot contain tools that look like real weaponsCostumes might not contain items that are sharp that can hurt various other guest.

Guest Under 13

Can undertake masks, however the masks deserve to not cover the entire face

Guest over 13

Layered Costumes room discouragedCostumes that traction on the ground are not allowedCapes have the right to be worn as lengthy as they do not go below the waistThemed garments are acceptableAcceptable accessories include: transparent wings, plastic irradiate sabers, toy swords and also tutus. Headwear may be worn as lengthy as it does not cover the face.No mask are allowed

If friend want more detail ~ above Costume accuse you have the right to go directly to the Disney site. This rules apply to both Disneyland and also Disney World.

Trick or Treating throughout the Party

Trick or dealing with is the best component of Halloween. In ~ this party children and yes even adults are allowed to trick or treat. There are candy trails situated throughout the park. The park map handed the end for the event will display you whereby they’re at.

There will be a Goofy Balloon located at the enntrance gate to the trick or law lines.


Photo Courtesy of my favourite Disney Blogger Disneyfoodblog

There is a unique trick or dealing with line that opens up up early. The is situated as girlfriend walk into the park, you will certainly be command to the appropriate location. In ~ this station they give you a bag complete of candy!

The quality of the liquid is amazing. They have candy from the Mars agency like Butter finger and also M&M’s. They additionally have, non cacao varieties like Twizzlers and Mike and also Ike. Plus numerous more. They also have healthy option such apple slices and carrots.

Trick or dealing with at Disney people vs. Disneyland

In this group Disneyland Wins. Disneyland had actually a lot an ext trick or dealing with lines contrasted to Disney World. They space closer with each other at Disneyland and easier to acquire from one come another. Yet most importantly, there space multiple station in each line at Disneyland, whereas in ~ Disney civilization most of the present only had one station that handed the end candy. Not nearly as fun!

We had actually purchased large bags once we went to California and also we filled castle up through 10 pounds that candy. (Luckily for us our kids don’t canyon on candy, and so ~ the liquid sitting in ~ our house for a while, we gave the rest away.)

In Florida, we didn’t even need to use the bags us brought due to the fact that the quantity of liquid fit right into the small bag detailed at the former gate.

I am no positive just how the liquid lines will be in ~ the Oogie Boogie Bash, however I imagine it will be good. But based on how it’s being advertised on Disney’s site, the present there will certainly be much far better than those at Disney World.

Rides are various During the not So Scary Halloween Party

We pointed out that the lines space low during the party! This is the significant perk of acquiring a special occasion ticket. The last two hours of the party we walked appropriate on to most rides. Even major attractions favor Snow White and the 7 Drawfs (at the Magic Kingdom) will have actually a min 15- 20 minute wait.

Special changes on Rides in ~ Disney World

Some attractions get spooktacular overlays and also enhancements! this rides include:

Space hill – Goes fully darkMad Tea Party – special lighting and musicPirates the the Caribbean – A crew of live pirates take end the rideMonster’s Laugh Floor – Learn’s about how human’s celebrate Halloween

Special alters at California Adventure

The place of the Halloween Party has changed this year to be specifically at California Adventure. In previous years the has gone to Disneyland and an ext recently both parks.

Guardian of the Galaxy Mission rest Out- at sight ScaryLuigi Rollickin ridester alters to Luigi Honkin HalloweenMater’s Junkyard Jamboree changes to Mater’s Junkyard JamBooree

Note: Disneyland is not contained in the Halloween party yet typically an are Mountain and Haunted Mansion have actually overlays.

Disneyland Vs. Disney World

In previous years I would say it would be Disneyland Park since of the much longer and an ext enjoyable candy lines! This year Magic Kingdom wins since the amount of rides obtainable at California adventure is limited! Magic Kingdom is a larger park v much more to offer.

But there room some cool offerings in ~ California Adventure that will certainly be exciting to see. The Grizzly top area, i beg your pardon usually has actually a difficulty trail, is transformed right into “Villians Grove.” This won’t be a haunted woodland on a scare level, but you don’t go to the party for that. With Disney effects, this might be a game changer.

Parades and Special display during the no So Scary Halloween Party

There space three show’s this year at Magic Kingdom. They incorporate Fireworks, Hocus Pocus, and also the parade.

Disney’s people – not So Spooky Spooktacular


There will be a new firework show that will not disappoint, with lasers and also projection effects. The Fab 5 will go on a cheat or treating adventure causing a haunted house and encounter villains along the way.

Hocus Pocus rogue Spelltacular is a production that is held 4 times every night. It is on the phase in front of the castle and also features music and theatrics indigenous the villains. If you are a diehard, you have the right to hold out till the midnight show, and you acquire to endure the present when everything else is shut down (getting the many out of whatever else before the show).

Hocus Pocus rogue Spectacular is just at the Magic Kingdom and is not available at the Disneyland Resort.

“Boo to You Halloween Parade” is a have to see. Friend will need to insurance claim your clues early and get ready for a an excellent show. The headless horseman rides out in former on his steed to start the parade. The is yes, really cool come see.

The headless horseman also makes an appearance in California now, and will be return this year for the “Frightfully funny Parade.”

The Cadaver Dan’s Barbershop Quartet is situated in Frontierland. It is a good musical show.

Disneyland Oogie Boogie Bash

Villianous is a World of shade Spooktacular staring a girl the discovers there is a little villain in all of us.

Decendance – a decedent motivated dance party. Dance v Villians from the isle that the lost.

Frightfully fun Parade – a parade lead by Mickey and also Minnie.

Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom at Disney World


Have you ever before heard of wizard of the Magic Kingdom? it is only located in the Magic Kingdom in ~ Disney World.

There are magic mirror’s located all transparent the park. Beginning in the Firehouse on key Street you can activate your magic band and also begin a game. Girlfriend are provided a load of cards that are offered to defeat the villains. You deserve to do this everyday you room at the Magic Kingdom.

therefore What does this need to Do through the Halloween Party?

During the Halloween Party, you have the right to stop through the Firehouse and get a unique card come use. My kid loves this game and he was so excited about getting this one-of-a-kind card.

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This game is free to play throughout park hours. The load of cards they provide you are good souvenirs and also they are free. If you have actually duplicate cards over there is a cast member at the fire terminal with a binder that you can trade with.