“What’s Red rose Taverne?” girlfriend ask?It’s a pop-up restaurant — Disney style! an homage come all points Beauty and also the Beast — just in time for the function film to hit theater in much less than a month.

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Red climbed Taverne Sign

And rather of going come the trouble and expense of structure Belle/Beast/Gaston their very own place, those clever Imagineers determined to loaned Pinocchio’s digsfor a bit. Yep — if you’re looking for Red increased Taverne in Disneyland, head to the spot where town Hausis in Fantasyland and also you’ll find it!

As you deserve to guess, this is a momentary situation. Therefore intrepid Dining in Disneyland expert Heather Sievers didn’t waste any kind of time obtaining there to try — well, quite much everything on the menu.


See? it works. It’s not much of a stretch come think you’d discover this medieval-esque structure in a small, provincial city in France, mais oui? Clever species will note the political parties of the town Haus authorize peek out from beneath the Red rose Taverne banner.

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And note that even though, Miss, this is France, Minute Maid is quiet the sponsor.