One that the longest lines in ~ Disney"s parks this feather wasn"t because that a ride; it to be for a light-up Enchanted rose cup. People waited increase to four hours to gain their hand on one, and also for a while, stores were totally sold out. Yet now, the cup are ago — only this time, they"re branded with a gold Beauty and The Beast logo. editor lindsay Ramsey spotted them in stock at the Magic Kingdom, but if you"re not headed come the parks at any time soon, friend can additionally buy one straight through the Disney keep or on

UPDATE: march 13, 2017 at 12:32 p.m.

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It"s come to our attention that this enchanted rose cups can also be discovered at Disney civilization in the Magic Kingdom"s Beauty and the Beast-themed it is in Our Guest restaurant. Due to the fact that you deserve to make appointments at this sit-down restaurant, you don"t need to wait hours in heat to nab one. Just display at her selected time and order a cup with the fractional drink of your choice.

Fair warning, though: Spots fill up fine in advance, so be certain to make reservation a spot as quickly as you know you"ll it is in vacationing. Doing so six months in advance may it seems to be ~ hardcore — that"s the pure earliest Disney will certainly accept reservations — but our parks insiders say it"s the best means to snag a spot. It"s unclear, though, exactly how long this cups will be marketed at the restaurant.

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