The Walt Disney people Resort is months away from the Magic Kingdom’s 50th anniversary celebration, and preparations space in complete swing! One means the resort is hyping points up is by decorating Magic Kingdom’s Cinderella Castle.

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Credit: D23

As component of the celebration, Cinderella castle at Magic Kingdom Park will include to its royal makeover from critical year. As you have the right to see in this brand-new artist rendering, the castle will certainly feature golden bunting and also a 50th anniversary crest as part of the festive new look.

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Thanks to
bioreconstruct ~ above Twitter, we currently have an additional update to the ongoing preparations on the Cinderella Castle.

We can see the decorations proceed to be added to the next of the castle. Together the weeks go by, Disney has actually been adding more and much more shimmering decor.

Tall photo. Cinderella Castle together of march 27. Decorate in progression for the 50th anniversary that Walt Disney World.

— bioreconstruct (
bioreconstruct) in march 28, 2021

In the photos below, you deserve to see that in enhancement to the bunting, the painting of the roof is ongoing.

At center is one of the last roofs that Cinderella castle to be painted through blue watched on that is side, and likewise on the turrets.

— bioreconstruct (
bioreconstruct) march 28, 2021

Here’s another close up photo of the Cinderella lock update. The roof will soon be totally painted to enhance the new “EARidescent” blue the the remainder of the castle rooftops.

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One the the last roofs that Cinderella castle to be painted the new blue.

— bioreconstruct (
bioreconstruct) march 28, 2021

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As because that the rest of the décor for Magic Kingdom‘s Cinderella Castle, there’s still plenty come come as Disney progressively updates it, adding even much more decorations end time. Save in mind that Guests visiting the park still have actually a few months till the final reveal. However, this slow and also gradual reveal of the castle’s 50th look has left Walt Disney world fans a small split. Part prefer more of a surprised reveal, while others gain watching the transformation over time.

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One thing is for certain — this solemn event is around to be among epic proportions and we can not wait because that what’s in store!

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