Be ours Guest Restaurant in ~ Magic Kingdom offer a 3-course prix fixe food selection for lunch and dinner, and also is themed to iconic rooms in Beast’s lock from Beauty and also the Beast. In this Walt Disney human being dining review, we’ll sheathe this renowned table company restaurant through photos of the French-inspired food and also the interiors. (Updated July 11, 2021.)

Whether you’re new to be Our Guest Restaurant or have dined below before, there are a few things you have to know before we obtain started. First, the set menu v an appetizer, entree, and dessert is the only meal being served at be Our Guest Restaurant ideal now. It has been this way since Magic Kingdom reopened, and remains the case one year later.

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Our expectation is the this “all day” food selection (11 am until park closing) continues until approximately October 1, 2021. If you’re to plan a trip before then, this is the only review you need. If after, you might consider likewise reading our lunch at be Our Guest Restaurant Review and Breakfast at Be our Guest Restaurant Review. Those also offer an easy info about the themed style of dining inside Beast’s Castle that is not spanned here.

Additionally, the Disney Dining arrangement has been temporarily suspended, so conversation in this evaluation of it is in Our Guest Restaurant gift a two-credit table company restaurant is temporary irrelevant. (See When will the Disney Dining setup Return? for our thoughts and predictions on once that’ll be back!)

In any type of case, here are our thoughts about the be Our Guest Restaurant prix fixe menu if you’re visiting later between now and also Fall 2021 and are debating advancement Dining bookings here…


In terms of basics, it is in Our Guest Restaurant uses three themed dining rooms, each Imagineered to immerse guests in the mystery and romance of the Disney animated standard Beauty and also the Beast.

The key area is the grand Ballroom. This sprawling dining hall features a domed ceiling, chandeliers, Gothic arches, and also snow falling outside. It’s lovely and also resplendent, but its cavernous dimension also way it have the right to be loud and also feel vaguely favor a (very fancy) mess hall. Together such, this is our the very least favorite dining room in ~ Be our Guest.


Next, there’s the lock Gallery. This romantic library functions a stunning rose chandelier, which sit just over a lovely seven-foot-tall music box of Belle and also Beast the swirls about and dram actual music box music. We favor this room; it’s elegant yet intimate, and has a romantic atmosphere.

Finally, there’s the West Wing. This is the Beast’s mysterious and infamous West wing study. It attributes his fascinating rose as well as some destruction and also a moody vibe. This is our favourite room at Be ours Guest Restaurant, and also we shot to dine here whenever possible. It’s ominous and foreboding, which is a pitch-perfect have fun of those scenes from the film. One thing to store in mental is that this room can be dreadful for little children.


Be our Guest Restaurant provides a 20% discount for Tables in Wonderland cardholders, and a 10% discount for yearly Passholders. If paying the end of pocket and also doing three courses, you are most likely to break even or come out ahead v the prix fixe food selection as compared to the old dinner menu.

In fact, both Sarah and I came out ahead v what us ordered–and I’d danger a guess the the bowl we chose will be among the most renowned going forward. Those top top the Disney Dining plan would it is in decidedly worse off, however that’s irrelevant for now with the suspended.


Anyway, together we said once this change was announced, we’re surprised the didn’t take place earlier. We totally expected it is in Our Guest Restaurant to it is in Signature from day one. It has been so difficult to gain a table at dinner below for the critical 5 years, even on the day development Dining bookings open.

It’s still an overwhelming now, however we doubt that’s at the very least in part because numerous guests room booking based ~ above outdated information. In ~ the following year, we’d expect it to settle right into the same territory as Cinderella’s royal Table: tough, yet not downright impossible. That in-castle eatery often is fully-booked inside 30 days, but seldom filling up month in development like it is in Our Guest Restaurant.


Throughout lunch and also dinner at Be our Guest Restaurant, Beast roams his castle and also will pose for photos and selfies.

However, Beast does not currently have a specialized meet & greet location (as before) and does not pose v guests, sign autographs, etc. Basically, girlfriend can’t gain within 6 feet that him.


Every dinner in ~ Be ours Guest Restaurant starts v bread service.

It’s really bread-like.


Sarah began with the “Maine Lobster Bisque: Crème Fraîche and also Poached Lobster.”

We had actually wavered in between this and the escargot because that our second appetizer (while great, the French Onion Soup is an inexpensive lunch option), and I think us made the dorn choice…and that’s only in part because soup is the many boring topic for food photography.

The soup tasted good, with a rich and creamy flavor. Even though the part looks tiny in the photo, it was ample, specifically considering the decadent flavors. Having actually “lobster” in the menu’s items name double is probably accurate, as that’s how many chunks the lobster were in the dish. I’d expect sparse lobster meat at a typical Walt Disney people table business restaurant; here, it’s a disappointed considering this is currently a Signature restaurant.


For mine appetizer, I began with the “Charred Octopus: Citrus-laced Fingerling Potatoes, Pickled understanding of Palm, and Red Pepper Coulis offered Cold.” (Note: no the above appetizer nor the below entree is at this time on the menu, which has adjusted slightly since we critical dined in ~ Be ours Guest.)

Presentation below was good, and also red pepper coulis provided a spicy match to the octopus. The spices all functioned well, but my octopus was as well tough. I’m not sure if this was simply bad luck, since it otherwise worked. Unfortunately, as offered this couldn’t host a candle come the superlative octopus at Tiffins, or even the an ext tender supplying at Coral Reef.


For her entree, buy it ordered the “Spice-dusted Lamb Chops: Roasted Salsify, baby Zucchini, charred Tomatoes, and Royal Trumpet Mushrooms v a Lamb Demi.”

If girlfriend look earlier at our previous be Our Guest Restaurant Dinner Review, you’ll notification this food is nearly identical come the lamb us ordered for the meal. Around that lamb, ns wrote: “the accompaniments and presentation made that befitting of a fine dining meal, although the size was a little on the small size.”

Perhaps all the speculation above around Walt Disney World analysts realizing they could increase per guest revenue at Be our Guest, or wanting come close the ‘cupcake’ loophole was incorrect, and also this really went Signature because Bob Iger is a consistent reader the this blog and saw that I assumed this food was currently fine dining caliber, and also made that so. Yeah, that seems entirely plausible and not at every conceited.

Anyway, specific same story with the brand-new Lamb Chops. Very good dish through a part that’s slightly too small. The spice-dusting gives a bit of flare, but additionally made part bites slightly over-seasoned. (There’s no kick, because that those worried around that–it’s a crowd-pleaser.)


For me entree, ns ordered the “Center-cut Filet Mignon: Robuchon Yukon Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, and Cipollini Marmalade v a Red alcohol Glaze.”

I’ll admit, mine expectations to be low. I was expecting one of two people a glorified strip steak or perhaps a center-cut the was really, really small. Instead, I obtained a generous section of one of the finest cuts that meat I’ve had actually at Walt Disney civilization in years.


Perfectly cooked, tender, juicy–I could go on and on. I was shocked and also am still wonder if perhaps this dropped off the van on the means to Capa. Or perhaps continual reader the the blog Bob Iger handpicked this reduced for me, knowing we’d be dining at Be our Guest this evening. (If that were the case, you’d think we wouldn’t have actually been seated in the far corner of the Ballroom, yet I digress.)

The red alcohol glaze underneath added a subtle twist to the steak, yet I actively tried to prevent using it due to the fact that the meat hosted up ~ above its own. Everything about this to be exquisite, and also I’m quiet a little flabbergasted. In spite of my effusive praise, in the earlier of my mind I recognize that I had actually to have gained a little lucky here. Even if yours is only 75% this good, it’s the must-order food on the new prix fixe menu.


The meal ends through the very same dessert trio for everyone, which contains “Almond Macaron, White chocolate “Chip” Cup with Grey Stuff, and Dark chocolate Truffle.”

If i were emotion curmudgeonly, I can complain that a Signature Restaurant doesn’t sell a choice of ambitious dessert options, however I can’t here. This is for this reason adorable the it melted mine cold heart. Plus, realistically everyone coming to it is in Our Guest is doing it because that at least in part of Beauty and also the Beast coolness.


These desserts aren’t simply fodder for social media–they’re delicious and also compliment one an additional nicely. This is a definite upgrade from the cupcakes served right here before, and also the mix the taste plus delightful presentation instantly places this amongst the best overall desserts in ~ Walt Disney World. It’s really fun.

Part the the “fun” because that me is that it’s also an extremely photogenic, and a tricky subject. I’m not even going come tell you exactly how long I spent taking pictures of this prior to eating that (the 3 edited image in this testimonial are a small number of my total keepers, though). Suffice come say, it’s probably a an excellent thing us were seated in a far corner of the room.


Overall, we took pleasure in dinner at Be our Guest Restaurant before and also we favor it slightly more now. Because that the most part, pan opinion seems to fall either in the “love it” or “hate it” camps, yet we’d say we’re firmly in the “like that a lot” camp. It’s no on par through Signature Restaurants in the resort hotels, however it’s much better than expected.

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There’s also the practical to plan perspective, which is that the Magic Kingdom dining lineup is the weakest in all of Walt Disney World. There’s literally just one other dining option in the entire park that stacks up to Be ours Guest Restaurant, and that has actually a an ext adventurous menu that won’t very nice one to picky eaters. When considering the practicality the a Walt Disney human being vacation, that provides Be our Guest even much more of a winner (and must-score ADR!) due to the fact that its in-park vain is not exactly fierce.