Many Disney fans room making their means over come Disney people to storage the large milestone. But, what if you might make your method to Disney world for FREE?! You and 50(!!) members of your family could just be able to do the if you victory a one-of-a-kind sweepstakes.

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Visit Orlando is offering a totally free trip come Disney World v a distinct sweepstakes that’s all around reuniting family members to celebrate let go milestones and celebrations!


Main Street railroad Station

The sweepstakes is free to enter! all you have to do is fill in her information and also explain in 250 native or less what missed turning points you would certainly be celebrating on this cost-free trip to Disney World and also why you and also your family members need a miracle Gathering. You’ll also have to send a household photo.


Happy 50th Anniversary!

Winners will get a 4 day, 3 nights stay at a Disney people resort hotel because that a trip set to take place on March 4th through the 7th.

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The grand prize also includes park tickets, round-trip heart Airlines flights, and also two exclusive catered events preserve by a Disney occasion Planner!

And the best part? girlfriend won’t be travel alone. You might win a trip that would enable you to lug up to 49 household members and/or friends v you on the expedition (for a complete of up to 50 guests)!

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Applications have to be it is registered by November 29th, 2021.

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Walt Disney people 50th Anniversary Details and also Info

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