In this post, us compare the 2 Walt Disney people water parks, Blizzard Beach and also Typhoon Lagoon. If you looking for more information about Typhoon Lagoon, we have actually a finish guide here. And if she looking for much more information around Blizzard Beach, we have a complete guide here.

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Disney Reopening Update: As of early 2021, Disney has announced that Blizzard Beach will reopen on in march 7, 2021. A reopening date for Typhoon Lagoon has actually not however been set. We mean Blizzard coast to it is in very comparable to what the was prefer pre-closure (e.g. Due to the fact that there isn’t huge entertainment to cut, choose in the parks).


This is a bit of an unconventional “X vs. Y” post in that we’re walking to do this evaluation three ways (that’s three TIMES THE FUN!). First, we’re walking to just lay out the major differences in between the two Disney water parks.

Then, we cover i beg your pardon water park is best for Kids and which is finest for Adults. Finally, we carry out a much longer “head-to-head” evaluation where us award points across six different factors to crown a winner.


Some that these could be a tiny redundant, so feel totally free just to check out one section. However this is a short article comparing 2 water parks, for this reason we’re not sorry around having a bit of recurring fun writing it.

Major Differences between Typhoon Lagoon and also Blizzard Beach

We’ll begin our “major differences” ar with a few notable things that aren’t different. Below are some points that aren’t noticeably different in between the 2 parks:

price (one $73.49 ticket gives you access to both Disney water parks)

size (Blizzard beach is technically larger, however it doesn’t really feel the way)

number the water slides / rides (seven each, depending upon exactly just how you count; both list 12 total attractions, which, in spite of their inconsistency in counting things, mirrors their around equal attraction counts)

both have actually lazy rivers and huge pools

So at your most basic elements, this parks are the same. Basically, that simply serves together a reminder that there’s no easy an option between come two.


Now ~ above the major differences (as promised) in between the 2 parks.

Operational Dates

These schedules are always subject come change, but around speaking: Blizzard Beach is the only park open up from beforehand January come mid-March. Both water parks are open mid-March to end of October. Typhoon Lagoon is the only park open up from the finish of October to early January. If you’re traveling exterior of mid-March come October, you don’t even have come worry around choosing among these parks, only one will be open.


A “Surf Pool” vs. A “Wave Pool”

Blizzard Beach has actually a tide pool the is to fill with tiny “bobbing” waves continuously through the day. It’s fun to bob about in (but be mindful that points don’t walk wrong).


Typhoon Lagoon’s wave pool is that very same thing—for about a 3rd of the day. The rest of the time, the wave pool has suitable “surf” waves every 90 seconds. This are substantial waves that space awesome to swim with, run into, and also generally try to survive. A usual seven hour day has 5.5 hrs of surf waves and also 1.5 hrs of bobbing waves.

Also, you can have inner tubes in the Blizzard Beach tide pool, but they’re not permitted in the Typhoon Lagoon surf pool, even during “bobbing” time.

You can argue that the Blizzard Beach wave pool is better for kids due to the fact that of its constant bobbing waves, however kids of all sizes can enjoy the surf waves, castle just have to do it as necessary close to shore.

Differences in Theme

The themes of the 2 Disney human being water parks are very different. The design template of Blizzard coast is the it’s a ski will turned water park since of melt snow. This is kind of gimmicky—”the frozen water park!!” (small “f”)—but gimmicks work, and also people love Blizzard Beach because that the theme.

Typhoon Lagoon is a bit much more traditional, the story being that the topical paradise resort city was damaged by typhoon, offering rise come the water park. This is less gimmicky. Us feel prefer imagineers did much more with it, and also you’ll see more cute details of the story transparent the park.

Both carry out a great job the meeting—or even exceeding—the standards set by the design template parks in this regard.

Blizzard Beach’s Ski Patrol maintain Camp

Blizzard Beach has a unique area, Ski Patrol cultivate Camp that is a beat area geared toward pre-teens. This is in addition to their kiddie pat area (Typhoon Lagoon additionally has a kiddie play area). There room a 2 sets the slides, a small zip line, room for swimming, and also a ropes course element where kids cross the water on relocating pieces of “ice.”

Which Park Is finest For…

We want to placed the Disney world water parks head-to-head and also do part gimmicky handing the end of points, but we can allude you in the appropriate direction quickly prior to we head under that hare hole. Here’s the rapid answer to which park is ideal for kids and which is best for adults…

Blizzard beach Is better for Kids

Well, if you review a few paragraphs above, you more than likely aren’t surprised through this conclusion, however this is a little closer 보다 you might think.

Both of the Disney water parks room totally an excellent for kids, yet Blizzard coast has much more specifically for kids. While friend could call the kiddie play areas—Ketchakiddee and also Tike’s Peak—equal, Blizzard Beach has actually a huge area committed to pre-teens referred to as Ski Patrol maintain Camp.

The training Camp has a miniature ropes course, slides, a zipline, and room for swimming. Really, what go this add to your day? about 15 minutes. Typhoon Lagoon does have actually the “Bay Slides” for youngsters (not going to thrill enlarge kids, though), i beg your pardon is kind of like having actually one facet of the cultivate Camp in Typhoon Lagoon.

The flip side of this is that Typhoon Lagoon one extra ride without a height requirement. That the significant seven rides at every park, four have no elevation requirements at Blizzard Beach and five have no elevation requirement in ~ Typhoon Lagoon. Also though these nothing have certain height requirements, the cutoff is still commonly “No Infants.”

All the said, cultivate Camp is really cool and also wins the day. The maintain Camp is more than likely a good sweet point out for children who are searching for something through a little edge yet who can not be persuaded to go under the full slides.

Typhoon Lagoon is far better for Adults

With one huge asterisk, Typhoon Lagoon is better for adults. The large asterisk is that Summit Plummet in ~ Blizzard coast is one awesome, thrilling experience, and also obviously it is what numerous adults space looking for.

That aside, Typhoon Lagoon has actually many advantages for adult over Blizzard Beach. The theming is better, make the component much an ext of a pleasure to wander. The main bar—Hammerhead Fred’s—is unequaled by anything in ~ Blizzard coast (not the it’s specifically impressive, though it has actually a TV).

The tide pool at Typhoon Lagoon has suitable waves, arising in 90-second intervals at various points in the day. These are incredibly fun and much more exciting 보다 the simple “bobbing waves.”

And Typhoon Lagoon is a quick bus ride from Disney Springs. This provides it a perfect selection for adults, who can end up up at the water park and also then continue the fun at Disney’s premier dining, drinking, and also shopping area.

Typhoon Lagoon vs. Blizzard beach — Head to Head

Well, if girlfriend really just wanted to watch these two parks “throw the down” in a head-to-head matchup, below we go. We’ve preferred six categories, and also we’ll hand out one suggest for each (or 1/2 point for a tie)—water slides and also rides; lazy rivers and also wave pools; dry attractions; dining and drinking; theme; and adjacent attractions.

We’re leaving out special events (like H2O glow Nights) or up-charges, choose surfing lessons, native this evaluation since most guests no experiences though.

Water Slides and Rides

Keeping in psychic that us haven’t had a possibility to enjoy miss Adventure drops (the newish family members raft ride) at Typhoon Lagoon, we’re comfortable giving this one come Blizzard Beach.

By the numbers, these space equal—both have actually basically seven water slides. You could quibble a little with this numbers, however seven is reasonable in every park. However quality goes to Blizzard Beach.

Summit Plummet in ~ Blizzard Beach is just one of the best attractions at Walt Disney World, honestly. If girlfriend weighted ride rankings by wait times, Summit Plummet would more than likely be second only to PeopleMover on ours resort-wide list.

Crush n Gusher water coaster and Humunga Kowabunga in ~ Typhoon Lagoon space standouts, too, but they don’t raise the bar that the park sufficient in our book.

After that, there’s small stand the end to identify the parks from each other. Little touches favor bringing the competitive element of snow sports right into things v Downhill double Dipper display Disney’s creative thinking is still solid in their water parks.

The average ride top quality is much better at Blizzard Beach, so we won’t belabor this point anymore. Point Blizzard Beach.

Blizzard beach 1 - 0 Typhoon Lagoon

Lazy Rivers and Wave Pools

We’re combine these right into one suggest to maintain some consistency in weight, but likewise because the lazy rivers are an easy tie. Lock both good, however neither is standout.

The Typhoon Lagoon surf pool is head and shoulders better than the Blizzard coast Melt away Bay tide pool. Both have comparable “bobbing” waves, yet Typhoon Lagoon additionally has “swells” the are huge enough for surfing (though you can not surf during park hours). Point Typhoon Lagoon.

Blizzard coast 1 - 1 Typhoon Lagoon

Feature Mountains and also Dry Attractions

We’re combine these into one item because the dry attractions essentially are the mountains. Typhoon Lagoon’s feature mountain is mountain Mayday, with the miss out on Tilly boat sitting atop, “letting turn off steam” every couple of minutes with a geyser display.

Blizzard Beach’s function mountain is mount Gushmore, i m sorry is topped by the Summit Plummet ride, including 30 feet come the mountain. Mount Mayday is 95 feet tall. Mountain Gushmore is 90 feet, yet 120 feet once you include Summit Plummet.

From the suggest of gift a park icon, us think mount Mayday does a much much better job. It’s much better centered in the park, has a distinctive mountain look, and has miss Tilly. Through contrast, mount Gushmore kind of looks the end of ar to us. Most of what we check out is the Summit Plummet structure, which—if we’re gift harsh—sort the looks choose what happens once you build a new tall ride in a park. Maybe it’s simply not to our taste, though.

Now, each mountain—and the courses up and also around it—essentially serves as the dry attraction at the park, despite Blizzard Beach’s Chairlift is unique. The Chairlift takes girlfriend from near the park entrance up to the optimal of the eco-friendly Slopes in around four minutes.

Typhoon Lagoon list Mountain Trail as an attraction. We’re well calling it that, since we certain love this walking paths and exploration areas, however then to it is in fair we require to mention that you have the right to take a exorbitant walk up and down Blizzard Beach’s mountain Gushmore as well, it’s simply not a listed attraction (unless you counting it as part of the Chairlift).

As because that the experience of exploring these mountains, we’d provide a slight edge to Blizzard Beach’s mount Gushmore because of its remarkable views, an especially from the peak of the Summit Plummet queue. Mount Mayday’s course is a real treat and also probably far better in itself, but it doesn’t have actually the very same views.

Mount Mayday is more iconic, mount Gushmore is an ext fun to walk through, so this is our an initial tie. Fifty percent point to each.

Blizzard beach 1.5 - 1.5 Typhoon Lagoon

Dining and Drinking

You’re no going to find award-winning surf and also turf or mixologists at one of two people of the Disney people water parks, therefore this one is possibly a toss-up. Both parks offer a range of quick organization options, and also ice cream and also a few small bars.

On paper, Typhoon Lagoon has much more dining alternatives and a better bar. But practically, this is water park food and also each park has enough to obtain you with the day. No park offers anything special, so we’ll call this ring in Typhoon Lagoon vs. Blizzard beach a tie (half point each).

Blizzard coast 2 - 2 Typhoon Lagoon


Typhoon Lagoon wins easily on this one. The Blizzard Beach design template is fine, and also I guess a lot of of people find the idea cool, as do we. Basically, the idea here is the a snowed area turn ski resort starts melting and turns into a water park.

There could be more depth, yet it isn’t apparent to us. For the many part, the theme is precisely what you will do expect—you’ll see several fake eye (e.g. Big chunky white structures) that space “melting” and also producing water flow. The theming top top the rides is pretty fun, as several take competitive twisted from the human being of eye sports, but that only carries friend so far.

Typhoon Lagoon, by contrast, is filled with story. The resort city that was hit through a typhoon and transformed right into a water park reflects its background at every turn. You’ll check out details all over that function not just the damages of the typhoon yet the city that came before it. Point Typhoon Lagoon.

Blizzard coast 2 - 3 Typhoon Lagoon

Nearby Attractions

This is a weird factor to include, however hear me out. The Disney water parks almost always near early, which means they usually won’t fill your entire day. Plus, if you’re acquisition Disney bus transport, you will do it probably have to change buses at the nearest major location to get to your hotel. Update: Disney is expected to have specialized bus service in between hotels and the water parks beginning March 17, 2019.

Typhoon Lagoon is located an extremely near Disney Springs, and most bus transport requires a transfer there. This means that Typhoon Lagoon is yes, really well-positioned because that a night the end at Disney Springs.

Blizzard coast is located near animal Kingdom, and most bus transport calls for a carry there. clearly this has actually ups and also downs. You require a park ticket to take benefit of this, and also you’ll most likely want to book a FastPass+ or two to make any kind of use the the brief time in the park (though we’re well skipping rides at pet Kingdom, personally).

Blizzard Beach likewise is right next to a Disney miniature golf course—Winter Summerland. Now, this will additionally require a different purchase, however it doesn’t require any kind of transit (if you drive and don’t need to go to pet Kingdom anyways, that is) or advancement planning.

After all that, we’ll contact this a tie, but we’re happy to have provided you something to think about. Personally, us favor Typhoon Lagoon, but Disney Springs isn’t for everyone, and also vacationing households in certain may evaluate mini-golf or a quick stop by pet Kingdom ~ above their method back come the resort.

Blizzard beach 2.5 - 3.5 Typhoon Lagoon

Winner: Typhoon Lagoon by One Point

When it comes to Typhoon Lagoon vs. Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon comes the end on top…but exactly how much weight should you really placed in this?

Obviously if girlfriend actually review this whole post, you know exactly how close the Disney people water parks are in quality. 3 of our six categories came out together ties, and also that’s due to the fact that you really have actually to obtain down to the nitty gritty to divide them, and also even climate they’d come out pretty even.

In our mind, the decisive variable in this evaluation was theme. Theme! We appreciate theme, but we’re guessing 90% that readers are going come think both room equally an excellent in theme.

The allude is, nothing let this last score do the decision for you. Figure out what point out are important to you, and also decide based upon those.

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