Last week after word got out the Disney to be seeking to trademark “Día de los Muertos” in preparation for the 2015 relax of a Pixar animated attribute inspired by the traditional Mexican holiday, numerous online neighborhoods were outraged. The backlash kicked into high gear when cartoonist and illustrator Lalo Alcaraz common a poster the a Godzilla-like Mickey mouse under the words, “It’s comes to trademark her cultura.”

Social media has constantly kept Disney in check, and also this time is no different. Latino Rebels, an online ar that has actually done a terrific job of tracking Disney’s depiction of Latino culture, assisted handle and report on the groundswell of public outcry end the last few weeks. After several petitions and also pressure, Disney announced last Tuesday that they would withdraw the trademark filing, claiming the it to be no much longer necessary because they had adjusted the title of the fim.

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In an interview through Cartoon Brew, wilhelm Nericcio, a scholar specializing in the representation of Latinos in American pop society and writer of Tex-Mex: Seductive Hallucinations of the “Mexican” in America

, said, “ mindset towards society is like a pelt hunter native the 19th century. They require the skin that world recognize and also value in stimulate to offer a task that will certainly yield predictable profits.”

Nericcio acknowledges the Pixar and Disney confront an uphill battle in developing their day of the Dead feature, which is to be command by Toy Story 3 helmer Lee Unkrich: “I think that wonderful that Pixar is working on a Mexico, cultural-based project. However it’s a public relations nightmare. They’re no really fitted to talk around other cultures in a way that shows even the little sensitivity.”

While Nericcio support the crucial eye cast by society media, that does express comes to over too much backlash. “The fence of the is, companies choose Disney can get scared off of tasks that might be focused on Latin American culture, just because they acquired burned,” that explains. Ultimately, the very nice one of a Dia de Los Muertos film is undeniable; the imagery linked to the solemn event is therefore lush, giving a palette that would inspire any type of moviegoer. “It’s an excellent business to environment-friendly light a job on la cultura Mexicana. Everybody’s love the wrestlers, the icons, the color, the exoticness,” Nericcio says. “But when you have the patent lawyers involved, castle come off looking terrible.”

Nericcio, a self-admitted Pixar fan would love to watch a Dia de los Muertos animated film, as would certainly so plenty of others. Fortunately, there’s one more film on the horizon—Guillermo del Toro and Jorge Gutierrez are currently producing and directing (respectively) their own Day the the Dead-themed feature at Reel FX referred to as The book of Life, to it is in released with Fox in October that 2014, much more than a year prior to the Disney-Pixar feature. Yes no word yet whether Mexico-born del Toro and also Gutierrez will look for trademarks of your own.

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