This web page is every about the best ways to get Disney world ticket deals. Multiple Disney world ticket discounts are easily accessible for the basic public and even a few ways to acquire a discount ~ above Disney World yearly passes. There are special discounted Disney world tickets obtainable for Florida residents and members that the us military. If you’re purchase passes for a family, even 5% or 10% off Disney human being tickets can include up to a chunk the money!

This web page is around ticket discounts for the Walt Disney world Resort in Orlando, Florida.

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 If it is not whereby you’re plan a trip, maybe you want our page about discounts on ticket to Disneyland in California. Or you might want information and also tips for the Disney parks in various other countries.

This page compiles a substantial list of places that sell Disney people ticket discounts and also deals. review on because that the finish details.

Special note: You need a design template park reservation for the first Walt Disney world theme park you desire to visit each day. Before buying tickets, examine the park reservation calendar come make sure you can obtain into the parks you want to visit, then buy your tickets, attach the ticket to MyDisneyExperience, then go back to the park reservation calendar come lock in your park reservations. If her plans change, friend can readjust your park bookings later, presume there’s ease of access at the park you want to switch to. Park hopping is accessible from 2:00 pm until park closing; read much more about exactly how Park Hopper at this time works.

Sources because that Walt Disney people Ticket Discounts

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Discount ticket from Undercover Tourist

For the finest discounts on multi-day Walt Disney civilization tickets (and other theme park and also attraction tickets), we very recommend check out Undercover Tourist, a reputable ticket broker offering terrific Disney people ticket discounts and outstanding client service.

How have the right to Undercover Tourist sell discounted Walt Disney world tickets? Undercover Tourist buys tickets wholesale straight from Disney and also sells them in ~ a slight mark-up. Undercover tourist is a Disney Parks USA Selected Ticket Seller – Disney’s authorized program for ticket resellers.

Theme park tickets room an expensive outlay, and you have to feel confident the you are managing a legit business. Undercover traveler is a reputable company that we have recommended because 2006. End 100,000 readers have actually bought and also used ticket from this ticket broker. Tho nervous about buying ticket from Undercover Tourist? Go examine out the planDisney Panel, an main Disney website through advice from continual guests, hand-selected by Disney to answer questions, and also see what lock say.

Undercover tourist prices incorporate tax and complimentary shipping. When to compare prices through Disney’s published prices, remember that Disney quotes prices without including the 6.5% tax. Undercover Tourist price include the tax. Be sure you are comparing “apples to apples” by looking at the full price v tax!

Tickets purchase from Undercover Tourist have the EXACT same benefits as those purchased in ~ the Disney gate. You can log into, create an account if girlfriend don’t currently have one, and also enter the numbers off your Undercover traveler tickets, therefore you can make layout park reservations and set up her Disney Genie preferences.

You have the right to use Undercover Tourist’s ticket calendar to view if there room theme park appointments available before you purchase tickets. 

Exclusive Discounts for newsletter Subscribers

Undercover Tourist provides its finest deals top top tickets exclusively for news subscribers. These distinct prices room not easily accessible to the basic public and are no published here on They are noted ONLY through private web links in our monthly newsletter, which come on the 15th of every month (or the next organization day), and one warm Deals announcement close to the end of every month. Undercover traveler offers also larger discounts top top a small selection of attraction ticket in the Hot deals Announcement, so because that the absolute ideal deals you’ll want to subscribe to both free newsletters.

Advance purchase Discount

All continuous Walt Disney people tickets, consisting of Base, Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plus ticket of 3 work or longer are $21.30 much less (tax included) once purchased in breakthrough directly from Disney digital or end the phone (versus to buy them at Walt Disney human being ticket booths, guest services areas or Disney hotel desks). In ours experience, Undercover Tourist generally has discounts that are significantly better; be sure to to compare the final prices through tax before purchasing.

Discounts on yearly Passes

There space no current sources the discounts ~ above Walt Disney World annual passes because that the basic public. There are, however, part discounts available for members of particular organizations or geographical areas, and also there are likewise some special passes available for neighborhood residents that are cheaper 보다 the regular annual passes, but come v blackout dates and also other restrictions. Use these web links for more information:

Florida resident Disney people Ticket Discounts

In order come qualify because that Florida resides ticket and annual pass discounts, you have to show proof that residency such as a valid Florida driver’s license or Florida state identifier card, mirroring a Florida address. This tickets and passes are also controlled using a biometric finger scan, to prevent them from being transferred to non-Florida residents. Disney has the system down come a science — trust us, you really can’t buy or use these tickets unless you in reality live in Florida!

If your primary ID is from a different state, however you do very own a residence in Florida, even one you just use part of the year, friend can normally buy Florida resides tickets and passes through showing, for each adult, an i would from an additional state to add a recent utility invoice or financial institution statement in the very same name (no an ext than 2 month old), handle to your Florida residence. Timeshares room not considered residences because that the functions of to buy Florida resides tickets and passes.

The only exemption is little children — since Disney can’t sensibly require them to present residency v an ID, it’s technically possible for Florida occupants to to buy Florida resident tickets because that non-resident kids. For instance, if Grandma and Grandpa live in Florida, they could accompany their grandkids that live exterior Florida to Walt Disney World, and buy the youngsters Florida resident tickets.

If you’re no an yes, really Florida resident, deserve to you just go to Florida, get a Florida ID and also buy ticket at the Florida residents rate? no legally. This scam is promoted by some websites and “e-books” that offer advice around how to save money in ~ Disney World. Here’s what the Florida Dept the Highway safety & engine Vehicles has to say about that: “Giving false information on an applications for a driver license or identification map is a third degree felony i m sorry may result in arrest, and also includes a one-year suspension that the steering privilege.”

Please note: You need a layout park reservation because that the first Walt Disney human being theme park you desire to visit each day. Before buying tickets, inspect the park reservation calendar come make certain you can acquire into the parks you want to visit, climate buy her tickets, attach the tickets to MyDisneyExperience, then go back to the park preventive calendar to lock in her park reservations. If her plans change, friend can adjust your park reservations later, presume there’s ease of access at the park you desire to switch to. Park to dance is accessible from 2:00 pm until park closing; read much more about exactly how Park Hopper currently works.

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Florida resident Tickets

Florida occupants can pick from number of savings options, plus their multi-day tickets are valid because that a full 6 months as soon as purchased with the Flexible dates option. This have the right to make the Flexible dates option yes, really worth acquiring for persons who arrangement to visit the park for a day here and also there over a multi-month period.

There is no 2-day Florida resides Ticket; but, the 3-day Florida resident tickets space cheaper than the 2-day consistent tickets, for every variations.3-Day Florida resides Ticket:Prices vary everyday – discount is generally 30% or so turn off the continuous ticket prices. You have to choose certain dates to visit.The ticket and any add-on alternatives expire ~ the final day of the variety you select, as with regular Disney people tickets.

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4-Day Florida resident Ticket:

Prices vary daily – discount is frequently 30% or so off the constant ticket prices. You need to choose details dates to visit.The ticket and also any add-on choices expire after the final date of the range you select, as with regular Disney people tickets.