Well, an excellent news! There room discounts, rewards programs, and special offers obtainable frequently because that Walt Disney people Resort. And today, there’s a new hotel deal especially for annual Passholders!

With the brand-new offer, Annual Passholders have the right to save up to 25% on hotel rooms this vacation season, including stays many nights native December 12th-December 24th.

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Starting v Deluxe Villas, you have the right to score savings as much as 25% in ~ Disney’s Riviera Resort. If you choose to continue to be at only Lake Tower, Disney’s BoardWalk Villas, or Disney’s Old vital West Resort, you can save as much as 10%.

Disney’s Riviera Resort

For deluxe Resorts, Animal Kingdom Lodge, BoardWalk Inn, and also the Yacht Club resort all sell up come 25% off. The Beach society Resort and the cool Floridian will & Spa market up to 10% off. These hotels usually have some spectacular holiday decorations, including over-the-top gingerbread displays, for this reason this is the perfect time to visit if you’re a Christmas tree lover!


Disney’s grand Floridian resort & Spa in ~ Christmastime

At the moderate Resorts, Port orleans — French Quarter, Port orleans — Riverside, and also Coronado Springs Resort room all giving the 25% turn off deal, while the Caribbean coast Resort and the fort Wilderness Cabins offer 10%. And for the worth Resorts, you deserve to save 10% in ~ the All-Star Resorts and also Pop Century Resort. If you’d favor to continue to be at arts of animation Resort, you can save approximately 15%.

Disney’s art of animation Resort

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Some room species are excluded indigenous this offer and also it is subject to minimal availability. Us recommend exploring the Special provides page top top the Disney civilization website to check out all the details. We’ll make certain to let you understand if any more deals pop up, so stay tuned come DFB!

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