In some interesting Disney Cruise line news, both Star wars Day in ~ Sea and Marvel Day at Sea are returning in 2022.

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Disney Cruise heat (DCL) sailings are currently special, however they become even an ext unique many thanks to methods like themed days that take location during choose sailings.

Come 2022, certain DCL sailings will once again watch the addition of Marvel Day in ~ Sea ~ above the Disney Magic and Star wars Day at Sea top top the Disney Fantasy.

Below is whatever you must know about the days, the itineraries, and more.

Marvel Day in ~ Sea


Even Chewie has fun at Star battles Day at Sea. Picture courtesy that Disney Parks Blog

Star Wars Day in ~ Sea will be obtainable during 7-night Disney Fantasy sailings from harbor Canaveral, Florida, to the Caribbean.

Like Marvel Day in ~ Sea, this particular celebration permits Star Wars fan to honor the well known characters and stories carried to life by George Lucas.

Here’s when Star Wars Day at Sea will certainly take place in 2022:

January 8: 7-Night eastern Caribbean CruiseJanuary 15: 7-Night eastern Caribbean CruiseJanuary 22: 7-Night eastern Caribbean CruiseJanuary 29: 7-Night west Caribbean CruiseFebruary 5: 7-Night east Caribbean CruiseFebruary 12: 7-Night western Caribbean CruiseFebruary 19: 7-Night east Caribbean CruiseFebruary 26: 7-Night eastern Caribbean CruiseMarch 5: 7-Night east Caribbean Cruise

It’s unclear exactly how or if health and also safety protocols will influence the celebrations, yet Disney will certainly no doubt do the day together memorable as possible.

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Keep in mind the DCL sailings continue to be suspended, through the recent suspensions emerging in April and May. Who to know what 2022 holds for DCL, however we will store you updated.

If you want to experience Marvel Day in ~ Sea or Star Wars Day at Sea, contact a Destinations to travel agent to help with your booking and planning needs!

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