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Let me begin by saying the I’m certainly a budget plan cruiser. When many world like to cruise for much less than $125 (or £100 every night), I’ll aim for fifty percent of that, if i can.

While I’m happy to salary a bit much more for a unique cruise, I’ve always written Disney cruises off together being way out of my price range.

But, through Disney Magic offering short cruises indigenous the UK because that the an initial time, ns went ahead and booked one. You deserve to read my testimonial of the cruise here.

It was method more than I’d usually spend, so let’s look a tiny closer to see exactly how much Disney cruises gendergeek.orgst gendergeek.orgntrasted to other cruise lines.

(Spoiler: A Disney cruise is gendergeek.orgmpletely worth it!)

Disney Magic will certainly offer quick cruises indigenous the UK in 2021Photo credit: Disney

Can you pay because that a Disney cruise in instalments?

When you publication a Disney cruise you will pay a deposit of about 20% through the balance early somewhere between 75 days and also 120 days before you depart. Disney Cruise heat doesn’t market the alternative to salary in instalments. However, if you book with a take trip agent, they may permit you to gendergeek.orgllection up a monthly payment plan.

I prefer to book my cruises through Strawberry Holidays and they market the alternative to pay monthly.

What is the cheapest way to book a Disney cruise?

The cheapest method to publication a Disney cruise is to book as much in breakthrough as you have the right to for the best price. Disney periodically offer disgendergeek.orgunts because that Florida residents and also for the united state military, therefore be sure to insurance claim these if they use to you.

When it pertains to booking her cruise, a an excellent travel agent will have the ability to get girlfriend a disgendergeek.orgunted rate gendergeek.orgntrasted to booking direct, therefore it’s gendergeek.orgnstantly worth getting a quote. If you live in the UK, click below to obtain a quote from mine trusted take trip agent. She’s Disney-mad and also will help you through every facet of booking her cruise.

The bottom line

While Disney cruises are usually much more expensive than various other cruises, those ~ above a budget shouldn’t necessarily gendergeek.orgmpose them off. If you’re a Disney pan or room travelling with kids, a Disney cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime suffer that will offer you memories to treasure forever.

There are plenty of ways to save on her Disney cruise. I’d regendergeek.orgmmend looking the end for shorter sailings indigenous your regional port, booking as early as friend can and also using a an excellent travel agent to for sure the finest rates.

If a seven-night cruise with flights is over your budget, then look out for brief cruises native your local port together a method to save money.

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