One the the countless reasons guests concerned the vacation destination that is Walt Disney World, is to have the ability to step into the human being of the animated standards that they grew up v on your televisions.

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Disney takes proud in their Imagineering team and also their ability to transfer computer animation to fact in their parks v immaculate storytelling, theme and a perfect mix of familiarity with brand-new extensions.

The Beast’s castle is a an excellent example of few of the intricate techniques that WDI (Walt Disney Imagineering) have involved utilize through the years. Today, I will be letting girlfriend in on the secret of this castle.

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As mentioned prior to as well, another way to go into the mysterious castle is with Enchanted Tales through Belle but I i will not ~ spoil the surprise there as it’s a huge part of just how the attraction works.

Getting back to be Our Guest restaurant, this is a sit under dining experience and also a really popular one in ~ that as result of its immerse theme.

Therefore that is highly recommended the you try to obtain a reservation to dine here. Particularly with the brand-new procedures in effect at the parks.

While it’s not impossible to obtain seating there is no it, it’s argued extremely so you won’t need to wait forever to endure it.

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Dining inside the Beast’s Castle

I’ve been fortunate to be able to partake in breakfast, lunch and also dinner several times at Be ours Guest Restaurant and will certainly share mine tips and also tricks soon on the best times come go and my recommendations.

Be ours Guest

The be Our Guest restaurant is truly a credit transaction to Walt Disney Imagineering together it enables you to step inside the an extremely scenes that Beast’s lock as viewed in the film.

There are 3 main dining rooms:

The BallroomWest Wing/Rose RoomGallery

In the daytime, it’s counter service and also in the night it’s table service. The layout is precious the price alone as whatever is specific to the movie from the angels and chandeliers top top the ceiling in the ballroom to the wilting climbed in the West Wing v the an altering master’s portrait.

Breakfast in ~ Be ours Guest Restaurant

The Breakfast is a coveted time come go, but personally I would say skip this uneven you want to use the time to eat a quick breakfast and also be may be to obtain to some attractions such together Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Peter Pan’s Flight prior to the lines get too backed up.

Breakfast attributes special French inspired menus which enables it come stand out such together a vegetable Quiche, French Toast, Feast a la Gaston and Croque Madame. If you space not adventurous through your food, then this isn’t the time to visit.

Lunch and Dinner at Be our Guest Restaurant

Both Lunch and also Dinner have recently been adjusted to a price fixe definition that meals because that adults room $62 including an appetizer, entrée and dessert trio platter. For kids it’s $37.

The appetizers incorporate the French onion soup, which ns was would absolutely introduce you try, Maine Lobster Bisque and Mixed field greens. Entrees include Herb Salted pork Tenderloin, facility cut filet mignon, and also Poulet rouge chicken.

Most guests choose to carry out dinner in ~ Be our Guest because it has actually a much more romantic setting and an ext of a feel of that one-of-a-kind evening where belle and also beast fell in love, specifically if you get seated in the ballroom.

Hipster power Tip: Dinner is the just time girlfriend can meet the beast in a meet and greet setting.

Dinner functions the exact same appetizers and entrees. For your meet and greet, Disney Photopass is available. They additionally feature an excellent selection that wines the I would recommend friend try.

This ar was also the very first to serve alcohol in Magic Kingdom.

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7 agree Tips and Tricks for your Disney Visit come the Beast’s Castle

Here i will provide a few quick tips and tricks regarding the area featuring Beast’s Castle, it is in Our Guest Restaurant and also Enchanted Tales through Belle along with the area.

1. Meet Gaston

You can accomplish Gaston best in in between the Tavern and also the gift shop. Be certain to inspect My Disney Experience or questioning a actors Member for times as it may adjust depending ~ above the season.

2. Try the delicious Snacks

Please also shot Lefou’s Brew and a Cinnamon role at Gaston’s Tavern if you’re skipping be Our Guest because that breakfast. It’s method more filling as result of its size, easy to share among friends and you can get a souvenir cup v your brew.

3. Get very early Reservation

If you want to obtain a much better chance at one of the coveted rides in New Fantasyland such as 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, Peter Pan’s Flight or The numerous Adventures the Winnie the Pooh, try getting a reservation at be Our Guest before Park opening.

That means you have the right to dine quickly and also have quicker accessibility to those attractions because that lesser wait times.

4. Dine during the Holidays

I would extremely recommend dining in ~ Be our Guest for dinner throughout the vacation season. They key dining room, the ballroom is decorated because that Christmas complete with a large Christmas tree.

It also features Angelique from Beauty and also the Beast: fascinating Christmas. This goes for Enchanted Tales v Belle too. Belle’s head is decked the end for the holidays together well. Both function intricate details in their trees.

5. Visit fascinating Tales through Belle

Enchanted Tales with Belle urges interaction so even adults should try to sign up with in too! This is a an excellent photo-op with Belle as this is the only ar in Magic Kingdom you can meet her.

6. Recognize Where to take it the best Photo that the Beast’s Castle

The ideal place to get a great photo that Beast’s lock from the forced perspective edge is near the earlier of Cinderella Castle. It’s likewise a nice place to clock the fireworks go off if you don’t mind missing the projections.

7. Discover the hidden Details

Be sure to take in the details of the castle entrance in ~ Be our Guest. The stained glass mural that belle and also beast, and the gargoyle statues are not to be missed.

The whole place is teeming with great Instagram opportunities!

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Final thoughts on the Beast’s castle at Disney World

Beast’s castle in brand-new Fantasyland is a wonderful instance of being much more than what it seems to be.

At first, it seems to be just a grandiose, mystical and fantastical immersion piece included by Disney. However the way they include it into various parts of the area to tie it together, favor Enchanted Tales through Belle and using it as a wonder portal, is all component of the Disney Magic.

The be Our Guest restaurant is considered the crown jewel of Magic Kingdom as far as dining appropriate after Cinderella’s imperial Table. And also let me call you, the grey ingredient truly is delicious and also worth the trip!

The required perspective the the lock draws girlfriend in just as in attracted in Maurice and also Belle and also you’ll be easily enticed to watch what stories come to life because that you in Belle’s story as soon as you go into the castle.

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What is her favorite part of visiting this brand-new Fantasyland area? permit us recognize in the comment below!

Until following time, Happy Park dance Hipsters!

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