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America’s height 200™ Channels

The most popular DISH TV package, America’s top 200 has much more entertainment for your whole family. Featuring whatever you acquire with America’s optimal 120+ and also more—especially sports—there’s something for anyone to watch and also all at a great value.

More Channels, an ext Pro Sports

**Watching live and also recorded TV everywhere requires an internet-connected, Sling enabled DVR and compatible mobile device.

Enjoy Premium Channels complimentary for 3 Months

For a limited time, get choose premium channels free for 3 months** when you stimulate America’s peak 200. Now you have the right to watch several of TV’s finest dramas, comedies, documentaries, and much more at no extra cost for three months.




Add internet to your Order the America’s peak 200™

With every those sports and TV channels, there’s a the majority of online activity to follow, too. Keep track of the all when you order high-speed or satellite internet with your America’s peak 200 TV package. Just speak to once come order both—DISH go the legwork, and also you acquire the rewards.

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Upgrade come the Hopper 3 Whole-Home DVR

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Add worldwide Channel Packs

Stay up-to-date ~ above the recent news from everywhere the civilization when you add a DISH global channel fill today. Dish satellite TV packages bring content from over 270 worldwide channels, native the adhering to 28 regions and also dialects, therefore you have the right to stay tuned to those happening top top the residence front.

Available Regions and Dialects

South Asia: Bangla, Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Gujarati



Boasting end 40 channels in Spanish and also over 100 in English, DishLATINO uses sports, news, movies, and entertainment for multicultural family members with both Spanish and English speakers at home.

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America’s peak 200

Our ideal ideas come native you—like other for everyone at a an excellent price. America’s height 200, the most popular of every DISH Network packages, has over 240 channels showing famous TV shows, movies, kids programming, and sports for the entirety family.

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America’s peak 250

If you like movies and also you favor choices, America’s top 250 is for you. Through everything included in in ~ 200, plus height film networks favor Turner classic Movies, The Movie Channel, and also Starz Encore, you’ll never be stuck looking for something to watch.

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