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Are girlfriend wanting to disguise a turkey this year? go your kid love noodle candy? examine out our Disguise a Turkey noodle Candy!


Have you ever before disguised a turkey? There space several various ways to disguise her turkey!

100+ Disguise a Turkey Ideas(+ cost-free Printable project Sheets)

The Disguise a Turkey idea originates from the book,Turkey Trouble.

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Turkey is in trouble. Poor trouble. The type of trouble wherein it’s nearly Thanksgiving . . . And you’re the main course. Yet Turkey has actually an idea–what if he no look favor a turkey? What if the looks prefer another animal instead? After many hilarious attempts, Turkey come up with the perfect disguise to do this Thanksgiving the best ever!

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Watch the check out aloud here:

This Thanksgiving holiday, disguise a turkey as cotton candy v this easy craft. Below are much more ideas if you space interested.

Disguise a Turkey Dog

Disguise a Turkey Popcorn

Disguise a Turkey Mermaid

Disguise a Turkey sophisticated Nancy

This task is perfect to save your small ones entertained while you try to complete up the last-minute food preparation preparations.

This craft likewise is renowned in colleges as a fun at residence project that youngsters can create and bring ago to share with the class.

Disguise a Turkey noodle Candy


cotton or white pom pomsfake candy decorationspom pomssmall pole or toothpicksglue optional: yarn and glitter Crayons


Print thefree turkey template uncovered here.

Cut out the turkey. Color if desired.

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Glue the cotton or pom poms on the turkey.

Glue the liquid decorations top top the cotton balls.

Using little pieces of toothpick, twist little pieces of pipeline cleaner around the top to do it kind a point. Glue to the cotton balls.


Add yarn and glitter ~ above the head if desired.



More Turkey Activities:

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