Skin illness are conditions that affect your skin. These illness may reason rashes, inflammation, itchiness or other skin changes. Part skin conditions may it is in genetic, when lifestyle determinants may reason others. Skin an illness treatment may encompass medications, cream or ointments, or way of life changes.

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What space skin diseases?

Your skin is the huge organ the covers and protects your body. Your skin has plenty of functions. It functions to:

Help you feeling sensations, such together temperature or pain.Keep out bacteria, viruses and other causes of infection.Stabilize your body temperature.Synthesize (create) vitamin D in solution to sun exposure.

Skin conditions include all problems that clog, irritate or inflame her skin. Often, skin diseases reason rashes or other alters in your skin’s appearance.

What are the most common varieties of skin diseases?

Some skin illness are minor. Others cause severe symptoms. Several of the most typical skin illness include:

What space some varieties of rarely skin diseases?

Many rarely skin conditions are genetic, meaning you inherit them. Some rare skin diseases include:

Actinic prurigo (AP), itchy rashes in response to sun exposure.Argyria, alters in skin shade due to silver buildup in her body.Chromhidrosis, colored sweat.Harlequin ichthyosis, thick, hard patches or bowl on the skin that are present at birth.Lamellar ichthyosis, waxy skin layer the sheds in the first couple of weeks of life, revealing scaly, red skin.Necrobiosis lipoidica, rash on the reduced legs that can develop into ulcers (sores).

Symptoms and also Causes

What causes skin diseases?

Certain lifestyle determinants can cause the breakthrough of a skin disease. Underlying health problems may affect your skin, too. Common reasons of skin conditions include:

Bacteria trapped in her pores or hair follicles.Contact with eco-friendly triggers, such together allergens or one more person’s skin.GeneticsViruses.Diabetes.Sun.

What room the symptoms of skin diseases?

Skin disease symptoms vary significantly, depending on what condition you have. Skin transforms are not always due come skin diseases. Because that example, friend may gain a blister indigenous wearing ill-fitting shoes. However, as soon as skin transforms show up v no known cause, they might be connected to an basic condition.

Generally, skin conditions may cause:

Open sores, lesions or ulcers.Red, white or pus-filled bumps.Scaly or turbulent skin.

Diagnosis and also Tests

How is a skin an illness diagnosed?

Often, a medical care provider can diagnose a skin disease by visually evaluating your skin. If feather at her skin doesn’t carry out clear answers, her provider may use tests such as:

Culture, acquisition a skin sample to test because that bacteria, fungus or viruses.Black irradiate examination (Wood light test), utilizing an ultraviolet (UV) irradiate to see your skin’s pigment an ext clearly.Diascopy, pushing a microscope slide versus a skin job to see if the skin changes color.Dermoscopy, making use of a hand-held machine called a dermatoscope come diagnose skin lesions.

Management and Treatment

How room skin diseases treated?

Many skin diseases respond well to treatment. Relying on the condition, a dermatologist (doctor specializing in skin) or other healthcare provider may recommend:

Medicated creams, ointments or gels.Moisturizers.Oral medications (taken by mouth).Surgical procedures.

You may additionally reduce symptoms of skin problems by making way of living changes:

Avoid or limit certain foods, such as sugar or dairy, if your medical care provider argues it.Practice an excellent hygiene, including proper skin care.Avoid extreme alcohol use and smoking.


Are there conditions that placed me at greater risk of arising a skin disease?

Some health problems can increase your opportunities of emerging a skin disease. You may be more likely to experience skin alters or symptoms if you have:

Inflammatory bowel condition (IBD): some IBD medications have the right to lead come skin troubles such together vitiligo or eczema.

Skin transforms can also be the result of pregnancy, tension or hormone changes. For example, melasma is a typical skin condition that greatly affects pregnant women. Conditions like alopecia areata, acne, Raynaud’s phenomenon or rosacea may get worse as soon as you're stressed.

How deserve to I prevent skin diseases?

Some skin diseases are no preventable. For example, there is no means to change your genetics or stop an autoimmune disorder.

You deserve to take measures to avoid transmittable or contagious skin diseases. You might prevent transmittable skin illness or minimize their symptoms if you:

Avoid share utensils, personal items or cosmetics.Disinfect objects you usage in public spaces, such together gym equipment.Limit call with irritants or harsh chemicals.Sleep 7 to eight hours per night.

Outlook / Prognosis

Do skin illness usually return after treatment?

Many skin conditions are chronic (long-lasting). Treatment have the right to reduce symptoms, but you may need to continue medication or other treatments to store symptoms in ~ bay.

Some skin problems go far without treatment. Girlfriend may additionally have periods of remission (months or years v no symptoms).

Living With

What else should I ask doctor?

You may likewise want come ask your health care provider:

What is the many likely cause of this skin condition?What lifestyle transforms can alleviate symptoms?Do I need to take medication?Are there any side impacts of treatment?If I select not to have actually treatment, will certainly the problem get worse?

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Skin illness include all conditions that irritate, clog or damages your skin, and skin cancer. You may inherit a skin problem or develop a skin disease. Numerous skin diseases reason itchiness, dried skin or rashes. Often, you can regulate these symptoms v medication, proper skin care and lifestyle changes. However, treatment can reduce symptoms and may also keep them at bay because that months at a time. Numerous skin problems never go away completely. Also, psychic to inspect your skin for any type of changes, including brand-new or non-healing spots or alters in moles. Many skin cancers deserve to be cured if diagnosed and also treated early.

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Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit scholastic medical center. Heralding on our site helps assistance our mission. We carry out not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic assets or services.Policy

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