Paul Rosolie, a strongly good-looking guy with a burning need to feed himself to a snake, ventured deep right into a strange component of the to attempt and also discover a large serpent he stated he had actually satisfied years prior to. Not material with the course Steve Irwin as well as various other conservationists and also documentarians have actually sculpted, Rosolie wished to be the initial human to be consumed by a serpent and also record the procedure.

Rosolie"s desire is a 2014 take on the moon touchdown, with even more anacondas and also camouflage, yet no moon.

The outcome was a 2-hour unique called Eaten Alive which started Discover"s "Huge Week," an extravaganza committed to the substantial animals of the globe. Below are 10 concerns you may have concerning just how a guy obtains consumed active by an eco-friendly anaconda ... yet lives to outline it.

1. Did a guy really obtain consumed to life?

After wading and also putting on an unique match via the Peruvian rain forest-- a location called the "Drifting Woodland"-- for 60 days, Rosolie states that he satisfied his dream of being consumed by a serpent previously this year.

However regardless of Rosolie"s as well as Exploration"s persistence available what occurred to him "consumed," Rosolie wasn"t in fact consumed active by an Amazonian impressive monster. The method a lot of us would certainly specify consumed would certainly be for Paul to have actually been engulfed and also remove of the serpent"s stubborn belly. This did not occur.

Rosolie was restricted, sure, yet then he was, well, boldy little bit and also perhaps tasted. He was not ingested whole. Neither did his experience with the serpent appear like any kind of sort of consuming.


"Consuming" is a little an overestimation (Exploration Network)

The procedure likewise looked a little bit like Rosolie was bugging the serpent:


(Exploration Network)

And also an additional shot of Rosolie being "consumed":


(Exploration Network)

2. Did he pass away?

No. He"s still active.

3. What sort of serpent did Rosolie intend to feed himself to?

Rosolie fed himself to an environment-friendly anaconda (Eunectes murinus)-- a non-venomous constrictor that"s taken into consideration the biggest and also heaviest serpent varieties. Reticulated pythons are much longer.

Yet it isn"t simply any kind of environment-friendly anaconda, Rosolie desires all of us to understand. In a Captain Ahab-ish recollection, he states he as soon as ran into a huge environment-friendly anaconda, the most significant he"s ever before seen, as well as got hold of onto it. It apparently dragged him and also a number of males down right into the midsts of the water, as well as he needed to release.


This is what Paul claims what occurred (Exploration Network)

4. Just how can a serpent consume an individual?

Anacondas" lower and also leading jaws can function individually from each various other. So Rosolie states that, theoretically, those jaws might tear much adequate apart to take in a whole man. The acid in the serpent"s intestinal track can damage down muscle mass, bone, and also teeth, so Rosolie"s prepare was to obtain consumed by the serpent, then have the serpent spew him back out prior to he was absorbed.

Nonetheless, his strategy was entirely handicapped by 2 huge troubles:

Rosolie can not discover the serpent he had actually invested one decade yearning after.The serpent he had accessibility to was merely as well little to consume him entire.

"It is incredibly unusual for a human to be consumed by a serpent. Nonetheless, there are some hunter-gatherer cultures in the Philippines that might be assaulted as well as eliminated fairly regularly by Reticulated Pythons. The keyword right here is "fairly", as an example I think there were 6 deadly assaults tape-recorded over around 40 years," Dr. David Steen, a wild animals environmentalist at Auburn College, informed "People are bigger than many serpents can securely consume."

That was apparent in the last 5 mins of the program, as Rosolie had a hard time on the ground, enwrapped by the body of the serpent, as it futilely attempted to consume his head.

I think calling this "Obtaining Pressed Actually Tough" didn"t audio as tempting. #EatenAlive

-- Bobby Frasor (
BFrasor) December 8, 2014

5. Why is Exploration doing this?

While Exploration Network has actually commonly been referred to as instructional, it and also its sibling networks have, extra lately, fell to tales that are insincere to inflate the scores. Among these specials was an imaginary docudrama concerning the opportunity of mermaids existing which broadcast on Pet Earth in 2012.

Yet probably the most effective recognized instance, and also Exploration"s large scores treasure trove, has actually been Shark Week.

For the previous 2 years, the network"s Shark Week occasion has actually been controlled by programs that both transformed as well as drew in huge target markets bent on be phony. Created by reality-TV titan Explorer Studios in 2013, Megalodon: The Beast Shark Lives included a researcher declaring a 50-foot shark called Megalodon had actually eliminated 4 individuals in South Africa. All shark specialists concur Megalodon went vanished numerous years earlier, so Explorer Studios created the researcher and also employed a star. They composed the fatalities as well as forged the video, just offering a brief please note that scenes were "dramatized." It was the most-viewed Shark Week program given that Shark Week started in the "80s. So Exploration did it once again the following year, with forged video footage of a deadly assault by an imaginary 35-foot shark called Submarine.

Rosolie"s being consumed active appears to have actually remained in the exact same blood vessel of insincere programs.

"The Exploration Network has a horrible current performance history of broadcasting spectacular programs filled with false information," Steen stated. "There are no validated accounts of Anacondas eliminating any person (not to mention consuming them) so the whole facility appeared greater than a little suspicious."

6. Why did this guy intend to be consumed by a serpent?

Since he cares concerning the preservation of the, Rosolie claims that he desires to be as well as locate eaten by an eco-friendly anaconda. He additionally asserts on the program that he "is doing this due to quick logging." Rosolie believes the drifting woodland is among the "essential locations our globe needs to supply."

"Everything returns to the loss of biodiversity, pets as well as plants. I have actually seen whole 1,000-mile stretches of rain forest scorched to the ground where each and every single plant as well as pet is ruined-- as well as no person takes notice of that," Rosolie informed Home entertainment Weekly.

In technique, however, Rosolie as well as his staff invest 6 weeks in the "darkest edge of the" hacking their means with this threatened woodland with machetes as well as getting into a normally uninterrupted environment.

"Apart from a couple of lines declaring that the is an incredible area that is under danger, the web link in between this program as well as real preservation is rare at best," Steen stated. "Lots of people currently are afraid serpents, I put on"t comprehend exactly how attempting to obtain consumed to life by one is mosting likely to assist their track record or their preservation."

7. Is this unique actual?

That"s the important things. It really feels extremely organized and also dramatized.

There are a great deal of components that make Eaten Alive really feel a bit dubious, and also sensationalized. There"s a great deal of modifying, unstable video camera job, as well as roaring audio impacts that cover the activity.

As well as we likewise have an absence of truths. Searching for Rosolie"s qualification as a herpetologist or research study he"s done on anacondas is tough. His group primarily contains individuals that call themselves preservationists and also conservationists. Additionally, it"s vague where in Peru this "Drifting Woodland" lies.


Among the tags states "Rock" (Exploration Network)

There was likewise a please note keeping in mind that the serpents included in the program were all under the treatment of a herpetologist. Its uncertain whether this implies if this was organized, however it"s feasible that the serpents included in the program originated from a zoo or research study center:


(Exploration Network)

Herpetologists have actually additionally been articulating their worry about the deceitful narration.

"My hunch is that they are calling individuals that supervise of the treatment of the restricted anaconda herpetologists as well as these people remained to view," Steen informed us. "Nevertheless, no one ever before explained what the limit would certainly be for stressing the serpent or what they would certainly need to attend end that the serpent remained in risk."

8. What do serpent professionals as well as researchers need to claim?

They"re not really pleased. A couple of researchers on Twitter articulated worry regarding both Rosolie"s actions as well as the clinical product provided throughout the program. Right here are a couple of instances:

The only point obtaining #EatenAlive tonight is any kind of small shred of reliability
ta_wheeler) December 8, 2014

This simply in: #EatenAlive is playing sound of frogs and also toads from The United States and Canada.

-- David Steen, Ph.D. (
AlongsideWild) December 8, 2014

Male, those serpents certain are "hostile" & "dangerous" when you place on a huge steel match & attempt to stick your head in their mouths. #EatenAlive

-- David Steen, Ph.D. (
AlongsideWild) December 8, 2014

Numerous researchers were distressed not by Rosolie"s habits yet the misstatement of truths by Discover on the program. Sarah Keartes, a scientific research author for Planet Touch Information, created-- prior to the program also broadcast-- 5 factors that Rosolie would certainly not have the ability to be consumed by a serpent.

"I was incredibly dissatisfied that when offered a chance to create a program that would certainly highlight the outstanding biology of this pet, that Exploration opted for a manufacturing that is just based upon anxiety as well as sensationalism," Dr. Stephen Secor, a researcher at the College of Alabama that examines pet food digestion, informed Company Expert. One of the most disturbing aspect of the program for the clinical neighborhood is that Discover made no effort to clarify or educate as well as rather sensationalized among nature"s best animals.

9. Does this concern Nicki Minaj?

No. Regrettably, Eaten Alive has absolutely nothing to do with the anacondas referenced in Minaj"s tune. Yet right here it is anyhow.

10. If Paul wasn"t "consumed", what did every person expect 2 hrs?

There was a great deal of Paul as well as his group delving into streams and also onto serpents. There was likewise a series where they crafted an Iron Man-like match for Paul to use:


(Exploration Network)

Although Rosolie wasn"t really consumed as well as the program can have been called Not Consumed To life, he still made the media rounds and also advertised his usage.