Dirty John: The Dirty reality is a new documentary top top Netflix. It originally aired on Oxygen and also shows the real story of john Meehan. It’s tough to believe, however the truth is even crazier 보다 the dramatized TV collection on Netflix.

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Dirty John: The Dirty Truth is a brand-new documentary out on Netflix now. It can not be out in the united state yet due to the fact that it initially aired ~ above Oxygen. But it have to be out in practically every other country.

This documentary mirrors the real story of john Meehan. We acquire interviews with the genuine Debra Newell and also Terra Newell and Jacquelyn Newell. Her name was changed to Veronica (or “Ronnie”) in the Dirty John collection and she is incognito while being interviewed because that the documentary.

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When girlfriend hear the complete story with interviews v all the people from the TV collection (and then some), you will be puffy away. I never ever thought I’d say this after ~ watching Dirty John, but the truth is actually at least as crazy as the dramatized Bravo TV collection on Netflix.

Watch the TV collection before the documentary

For me, the town hall this Dirty John: The Dirty Truth documentary after the town hall the TV collection was just perfect. Not just does that feel choose bonus content from a Blu-ray release, however it likewise has a unique “behind the scenes”-feel come it.

But, the course, this documentary is the real deal and the TV collection was dramatized. Except, as soon as you watch the series you can feel favor they must have actually exaggerated. Then, once you watch this documentary, you realize they did not. At all!

John Meehan did whatever shown and also described in the Dirty John TV collection from Bravo. And this Oxygen produced documentary reflects us the he did also more! There’s a well known Brazilian author, who likewise fell victim come his predatory ways. She is – of food – a multi-millionaire and he practically managed to get 37 million dollars native her.

Also, you should recognize that not just does the Newell family members participate in Dirty John: The Dirty Truth, his first wife and his 2 daughters are additionally interviewed and speak an extremely honest and also frankly around John Meehan.

Furthermore, we have actually interviews with several police officers and also even an ext of john Meehan’s former girlfriends/victims.


Julia Garner, ns apologize unconditionally!

My one main critique of the Dirty John TV series was Julia Garner’s choices about her character. Specifically her voice, which had actually a distinctive “sexy baby” ton to it. Now, i realize that i should have actually known that this excellent actress – whom ns adore from Ozark and Waco – knew precisely what she was doing.

Julia Garner depicted Terra Newell in the series, and also as shortly as girlfriend hear the real Terra Newell speak in Dirty John: The Dirty Truth, the all renders sense. She does, in fact, speak with this soft and practically meek voice that is often referred to as “sexy baby”. The irony the it all is the fact that Terra Newell is a complete badass that ends up the pure hero and savior!

This just goes to show, you can’t judge a book by its sheathe – or a person by their voice. I apologize unconditionally for doubting Julia Garner and salute the actual Terra Newell because that doing what required to be done.

For the record, Connie Britton and also Juno Temple likewise managed to develop pretty damn perfect portrayals that Debra Newell and also Jacquelyn/Veronica.

Watch Dirty John: The Dirty Truth ~ above Netflix or Oxygen

The documentary to be directed through Sara Mast, that I hope will certainly make a lot more documentaries. To me, she managed to develop a timeline and also portrait that was quickly digested. Also if i was shocked that reality seemed come trump fiction again and again!

Since Dirty John: The Dirty Truth was initially on Oxygen, it was displayed with advertising breaks. This becomes both very obvious and also pretty annoying when you clock it as a non-stop documentary top top Netflix.

We have actually the repeat scenes over and also over again due to the fact that they plainly played appropriate before and also after a commercial break on Oxygen. That doesn’t destroy the content of the documentary, however it does obtain tiring so ns felt the require to point out this. Maybe if you know this is component of it, you won’t gain as irritated as I did.

The truth that this documentary around John Meehan was initially on Oxygen, is probably also why Netflix doesn’t have it in the US. Just like the Dirty John TV series (which aired ~ above Bravo), this new documentary is “only” out in basically all various other regions besides the US.

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No matter just how you might have the ability to watch this, you really should watch it. Manager Sara Mast has developed a an extremely complete look in ~ this very vast true story.