Has her DIRECTV receivers presented an error? Luckily friend don’t have to wait because that a technician in bespeak to involved figure out what the means. With this basic list that error codes, friend can obtain the answers you need quickly and also easily. This list has been completely updated for 2021 and also beyond! If friend need an ext support, speak to Solid Signal at 888-233-7563 or usage the form at the bottom that the page.

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START HERE:The most typical codes, in a basic video:

Full list of present error codes

Note: If you have actually a 5 digit error code v a dash like 48-315, simply look increase the very first two numbers (in this situation 48) and ignore the other three. For three digit error codes, look increase the whole number.

Click below for older codes.Click right here for Genie 2 front light codes.

Error CodeIssueCause / Resolution
14, 15, 18, 19On display Text: “Internal warehouse Error Detected. A difficulty was detected analysis your interior storage device. Please call Customer service at 1-800-DIRECTV and report the diagnostic code presented belowWhat come do: select “Reboot” to reset Receiver. If quiet a problem: do NOT try to reformat native the former panel. Change Receiver.
22Internal storage Error Detected.The HDDVR was rebooted if uploading new hard drive firmware. Change receiver.
203Your account is past due and services have actually been decreased to a minimum level.Make sure your invoice is current at ATT.com or DIRECTV.com.
611, 612, 613No servers detected.Check cabling or look because that a difficulty with the Genie DVR.
614, 615, 616Video link lost between your Genie customer and the Wireless video Bridge or main Genie receiver.Check cabling or look because that something blocking the wireless signal.
617, 618, 619Video link lost in between your receiver and the main Genie receiver.Check cabling.
620, 621, 622, 623, 624, 625Video connection lost in between your receiver and also the key Genie receiver.Check cabling, reboot key Genie DVR, then reboot client.
711Access map Is no ActiveCustomer company (CS) demands to activate.
721Service Isn’t AuthorizedCS needs to authorize. Can likewise indicate a blackout condition (sports programming)
722Service ExpiredIRD was unplugged for an extensive period, reconnect IRD & have actually CS reauthorize.
724, 725Authorization or Paring Expired IssueContact DTV come resend Pairing or Resend every Authorizations. Issuemay be concerned 920 OSD so additionally troubleshoot together if present.
726Wrong or absent RID NumberVerify RID native TV display screen & have actually CS reauthorize.
727Program Not easily accessible in your AreaHave CS verify attend to and resend authorizations. If tho not available have CS examine for “Blackouts” or FCC “Viewing Restrictions”. For Ext 731-743: IPPV is an option; it might not be accessible for all customers depending on the quality and capacity of their phone lines. Because that customer who cannot use IPPV they have actually 3 other options: 1. Walk to DIRECTV.com . 2. Speak to 888-233-7563.
731Access map FullRun IRD “system test” to make sure phone is OK. If no OK, troubleshoot phone call line. If OK, have actually CS pressure a call back (est. Time approx. 2 minutes). If a compelled callback does no succeed see over reminder: “For Ext 731-743”. – connected OSD is 780 because that broadband connected boxes.
732IPPV acquisition Limit ReachedIRD demands to contact to download PPV information. As soon as it is download the limit will be as soon as again available. Monitor procedure because that “731- accessibility Card Full” boundaries are to protect the customer as well as assure DIRECTV is able to collect on purchase. – related OSD is 781 for broadband associated boxes.
733IPPV ordering Disabled60 days v no callback, either fix callback issue or disable IPPV flag and also resend all authorizations. Contact DTV – associated OSD is 777 because that broadband linked boxes. Monitor procedure because that “731- accessibility Card Full”.
734Unable to inquiry IPPVIPPV flag set to No in the billing system. Call DTV.
736IPPV (Interactive Pay every View) has actually been disabled as result of STB not successfully totally a callback.60 days through no callback, either deal with callback concern or disable IPPV flag and resend every authorizations. Call DTV – related OSD is 777 because that broadband associated boxes.
741, 742, 743PPV Data to be MissingConflict in between your existing billing information and authorized services. PPV event, day and time demands to be escalated by CS come the DIRECTV assistance Center; resolution is generally 1 service day.
745, 746General access card errorFollow this steps: 1) have CS resend authorization 2) Reset IRD 3) have CS send instead of card.
752Information upgrade Error IRD cannot accept a software program download or brand-new data updates through the current access card. OSD may show up when access cards space being re-paired v IRDs.Follow these steps: 1) have actually CS resend authorization 2) Reset IRD 3) have actually CS send replacement card.
761, 762Insert her Card or MRR ServiceAccess map isn’t every the means in the IRD. Remove & reinsert card.
763Access card ExpiredAccess map is an older variation (period) card. 1) have actually CS order brand-new card or activate replacement card 2) If card replaced, have CS resend authorizations 3) If OSD continues, reset IRD 4) change IRD. When *troubleshooting this issue tune come channel 377 to verify if programming has actually returned.
764Wrong accessibility Card Inserted accessibility card in IRD go not enhance what is listed with authorization system.Have CS verify & update information. Have CS reauthorize and also then reset IRD. If OSD continues, keep in mind the following: 1) account information (customer name, account number, phone call number) 2) access card number 3) IRD serial number 4) to escape number 5) have CS supervisor escalate to DIRECTV support Center. Note: resolution is usually 1 company day.
765Please insert your new access card.Insert brand-new access card.
771Searching for SatelliteMain Check: 1) Peaking 2) heat of vision 3) relations 4) distribution system 5) Hardware
772No guide data.Signal or transfer issue. Occasionally seen ~ rain fade.
773Hard drive automatic repairWait until repair is completed. If one more error article appears, change receiver.
774An error has actually been detect on your receiver’s difficult drive.Replace receiver.
775Problem communicating w/ DishSWiM power inserter might need to it is in plugged in. The network can’t finding the SWiM due to power loss come the SWiM. No swim installation is present
776Problem connecting w/ DishToo countless receivers or tuners are linked to the SWiM. Test v SWiM meter and upgrade come SWiM 16 if necessary
782Problem communicating w/ DishCheck all cabling throughout the installation.
792Antenna ProblemLoss of signal from over-the-air antenna.
920“Missing overview Info: her receiver has actually not received overview information from the satellite for the previous (3-13) hours. Please call DIRECTV Customer service (920).” This is usually a signal issue and also often occurs because the customer cannot get the 119 signal.The installation demands to it is in inspected because that the root cause as to why the IRD is receiving this OSD.
921You are attempting to check out 4K Ultra HD programming there is no the appropriate equipment.Replace her Genie Mini client with a 4K Genie client
927An error emerged when downloading and install On need movies or shows.Check your net connection. If ~ above a Genie, go through the “Reconnect Now” procedure.
928Your Wireless video Bridge has lost power, has actually a poor signal, or is rebooting, or you have replaced the Genie receiver and need to reset the wireless connection.Check every connections. If necessary, reset the wireless link through the Genie menus.

Not see the password you to be expecting? Click here for larger codes.

Genie 2 Lights and also what lock mean


Status LED

Solid ColorsBLACK (or off) This method there is no power to the Genie 2.WHITE This way that there’s new software available. Pressing and holding the Add customer button will force the software. Basically, don’t execute this. You’re much better off letting it upgrade on its own schedule. If you watch solid white, it should turn come flashing green in around a minute or less.BLUE This is something you have to never see unless you room installing for the an initial time. It method the system has no clients assigned come it and it’s ready.YELLOW Something has gone wrong. Normally this method the Genie 2 is disconnected native the dish. Examine all the cable paths.GREEN This is the typical state of the Genie 2 once it’s running.RED miscellaneous is very bad inside your Genie 2. Reboot it and also if it doesn’t settle itself in fifty percent an hour, change it.

Flashing Colors

WHITE New software is downloading and install right now. Leave it alone and come earlier in half an hour and also everything will be fine.YELLOW Something bad happened during a software download. This is rare and also if you see this, shot rebooting and tracing the cables come make certain they’re every connected.GREEN Your Genie 2 is booting up. This is normal after a strength failure or software program update.RED her Genie 2 is trying to repair itself. Leave it alone and also come earlier in half an hour. If points aren’t fine, you’ll probably want to speak to for a replacement.

Wireless LED

BLACK (or off) The integrated bridge isn’t functioning. This might be normal if you have no wireless clients.GREEN Everything is fine. This is the normal state.

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FLASHING YELLOW Something’s wrong with the wireless video clip bridge. Don’t hide the Genie 2 behind miscellaneous or in a cabinet.


CS: customer ServiceDECA: DIRECTV Ethernet Coaxial Adapter, her wired web adapterIPPV: Internet-based pay-per-view orderingIRD: incorporated receiver/decoder, her receiverISS: Installation support Services, AT&T’s interior supportIV: installation Verification, an automatic processODU: outdoor unit, her satellite dishMoCA: Multimedia end Coax, the data the goes in between Genie DVR and also clientPPV: Pay-per-viewRID: receiver ID numberSTB: Set-top box, your receiver or clientSWiM/SWM: single Wire MultiswitchVOD: video on demandWVB: Wireless video Bridge

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