Like smartphones, clever TVs are the following trend. You have the right to install apps, play games, surf the internet, clock movies and series, make digital calls and also much more. DIRECTV NOW is among the smart TV apps that have the right to be used to stream live and also on-demand video clip content ~ above your device with a subscription price. DirectTV currently is now dubbed AT&T TV. Follow the steps below to install at & t TV on clever TV (Samsung, Sony, Vizio, LG and also Android smart TV).

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Though every the clever TVs are similar to each other, the steps forced to download the DIRECTV NOW application on individual smart TVs might vary follow to the brand.

Steps to download (DIRECTV NOW) at&t TV app on Samsung smart TV

Like apple smartphones having actually iOS, Samsung likewise has an individual OS for its clever TVs, Tizen OS. In the Samsung TV, it has its very own apps store referred to as Samsung Apps where you deserve to install apps and also games together you do in Google pat Store.


(1) open the Samsung Apps applications on her smart TV.

(2) The find bar is top top the left side of the screen. Click the search bar any form DIRECTV NOW or AT&T TV.

(3) The searched results will show up on the best side of the screen. Select the DIRECTV currently app.

(4) on the next screen, click the Download button. As soon as you click the Download button, the downloading will start.

(5) when the download is complete, click the Run button to open up the app. Tip: just how to update Samsung smart TV apps?

Steps to Install at&t TV application for Android TV (Sony, Mi Box, NVIDIA Shield TV)

You can conveniently install the DIRECTV now (AT&T TV) application on your Android TV. Every the Android smart TV runs on Android TV OS which is very similar to Android smartphone OS. Every Google apps room preinstalled in the Android TV. Clever TVs choose Sony, Mi Box, NVIDIA Shield TV are several of the TVs that operation on Android TV OS.

(1) open the Google beat Store on her smart TV.

(2) In the search bar, form DIRECTV NOW or AT&T TV. Select the at & t TV app on the searched results.



(4) once the application is installed, click the Open button to beginning the app on her Android clever TV.

Steps come Install at & t TV application for LG smart TV

LG smart TV has actually WebOS ~ above its smart TVs. WebOS or LG WebOS is a Linux-kernel based developed for smart TVs.


Currently, the DIRECTV NOW application (AT&T TV) is not available for LG clever TVs. LG clever TV has actually its own app store dubbed LG contents Store. In the application store, friend can’t find any app named DIRECTV currently or at & t app.

If you want to stream the AT&T app on her LG smart TV, girlfriend can actors the app utilizing your smartphone or PC. LG smart TV has the Screen Share application to cast from smartphones and also PCs. Tip: just how to upgrade Apps top top LG clever TV?

Steps to download (DIRECTV NOW) at&t TV application for Vizio clever TV

DIRECTV NOW app is not obtainable for Vizio smart TV too however you can actors the app to the Vizio clever TV.


You can actors your smartphone to the Vizio smart TV making use of the VIZIO SmartCast Mobile app. The app is easily accessible for both Android and also iOS smartphones. Install the app and also cast the application on your Vizio smart TV.

Our Opinion

That’s just how you install DIRECTV now (AT&T TV) app on your smart TV. If your smart TV doesn’t have actually the app, cast the app using her smartphone. Every the clever TVs has actually its very own casting app either pre-installed or available on the official app store.

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