I'm brand-new to DirectTV Now and am trying the end the 7 job trial. As well as the slowness on Roku I've seen mentioned, over there is one point that I find super annoying. Over there are channels that i am not subscribed come that show up in my guide, especially the spanish channels and the premium ones favor HBO. I've selected the option to only show the subscribed channels but they room still there. If I shot to watch them, it tells me to update my package.

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Is there anyway to remove these from the guide? The guide on Roku is clunky enough currently that it would certainly be nice come not need to scroll through networks I don't have.


Many have been report this... Brand-new and old users... It wake up to the older user once they "upgrade" or "downgrade" your lineup.

Most to speak it eventually goes come the proper line increase on it's very own in a few days.

Some things that could fix the (or not acquire both answers from people):

reset her dtvn password

and the more drastic:

change her dtvn username

short hatchet workaround:

in your favorites, just fav the networks in her package

I just favorited every one of the networks that ns had. It's a yes, really dumb work around we shouldn't have to do.

The extra networks show up throughout your trial duration because dtvn desires you to upgrade. Shortly after her trial period ends Dtvn will remove the unsubscribed channels from your guide. To boost the rate of your roku a little, attach an eathernet cable from your router/modem to the roku and also then attach your roku to the tv through a high grade hdmi cable (if your roku ~ no a stick).

Been customer for 1 1/2 years and I tho have networks show up I carry out not subscribe to. Additionally have networks not present up the I carry out subscribe to. Just att not being able come fix. Have actually deleted app and also reinstalled plenty of times.

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Well that is an excellent to understand that they'll eventually go away. The roku is already hardwired and has a kind HDMI cable. Ns guess I'm used to the sling overview that operates a little bit smoother.


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