We've had Directv because that over 5 years through no problems. Currently there is an error message that say.....A pen is required from her server in order to include this location. On her server, go to (bullet) MENU>Settings&Help>Whole-Home>Manage Clients and SELECT include Clients (Bullet) keep in mind the PIN. Return to this location with PIN. (End that Message) then the publication is emphasize in blue. BUT! every time I select Cancel in provides that bump sound and I can NOT obtain OUT that THIS SCREEN!!! someone PLEASE HELP!!!!!


You need to leave the server ~ above the pen screen, go back to the client, and also it should have 4 blank spaces to go into the pen number.

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Also, the pen numbers space dynamic. They'll change every time you open up the menu.

Leave the server ~ above the pin display until you have actually completed setup top top the client

You can't departure the screen.

There isn't almost everywhere to leave to.

All the menus and also programming come from the main Genie, and it needs a password to connect and also see those menus.

Your customer has been deactivated for some reason. Usually, stop the red button too long, and also it factory resets.

You need to re-connect it to the key genie server, precisely like it says.

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Go come the TV wherein your HR44 or HR54 is and follow the accuse to get the pin, return and enter the onto the TV wherein the customer is, and it will certainly re-activate.


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Created Dec 4, 2009


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