Learn more about the true cost of DIRECTV, including installation fees, equipment charges, and more.

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Budgeting because that a DIRECTV package can be intimidating as soon as you’re fear extra fees lurk roughly every corner. Yet don’t fret—we’ve every the insider knowledge on DIRECTV’s hidden fees. From contract to tools to cancellation costs, we’ll give you a clean look at all your choices so you deserve to go in come your company prepared.

How much is DIRECTV every month? good question. DIRECTV prices start turn off tricky. Girlfriend can pick a two-year contract setup or walk without a contract.

If friend go with the contract, your monthly payment will be cheaper for the very first year but higher in the second year. No-contract plans have a higher monthly payment, yet you’re totally free to release anytime. We’ve damaged these under in the tables below.

The one bonus is that DIRECTV will generally throw in a pretty freebie on peak of your plan. Currently, girlfriend can acquire the following deals as soon as you authorize up for the CHOICETM package and also higher:

Just don’t forget to cancel those uses at the finish of your promo period, otherwise your DIRECTV monthly price will go way, method up (click below to view costs).

DIRECTV price hikes up close

How lot does DIRECTV yes, really cost?

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PackageChannel countContract price (first 12 months)*Ongoing price (mos. 13–24)No-contract price
DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT160+ channels$64.99/mo.$102.00/mo.$69.99/mo.
DIRECTV CHOICE™185+ channels$69.99/mo.$122.00/mo.$84.99/mo.
DIRECTV ULTIMATE250+ channels$84.99/mo.$151.00/mo.$94.99/mo.
DIRECTV PREMIER™330+ channels$134.99/mo.$206.00/mo.$139.99/mo.

As you can see, your monthly price goes up quite a bit throughout the second year of your DIRECTV contract. We’re not huge fans the this sneaky tactic.

But DIRECTV recently introduced no-contract plans, which price a bit much more per month, but permit you the liberty to switch companies whenever you want without incurring an early-termination fee.

And top up: if girlfriend have any promotional offers on your account, remember come cancel them prior to they auto-renew. Here are the auto-renew prices for DIRECTV’s current deals and promotions:

Unlike many TV providers, DIRECTV doesn’t sell its own web service. The said, you’ll require to examine for Internet business Providers (ISPs) in her area. Enter your zip code below to check out your options:

Please get in a valid zip code.

Bundle DIRECTV with AT&T Internet

If friend live in one area v AT&T and bundle with either of AT&T’s web services, you deserve to get around $10 off your net per month. You might have accessibility to broadband AT&T net or at & t Fiber relying on where girlfriend live.

To obtain the prices because that these bundles, combine the price of your DIRECTV package with the bundle prices below. You have the right to learn much more about AT&T’s concealed fees in “The Hidden prices of AT&T.”

Most that DIRECTV’s covert fees aren’t things you’ll need to worry about every month.

You’ve got your taxes, which are established by whereby you live. And there’s the regional sports fee, i beg your pardon DIRECTV charges their customers regardless of your viewing preferences.

For the most part, every little thing else that isn’t devices or premium networks is incidental stuff you can avoid. We indicate using your virtual account to examine statements and make payments, because talking come an certified dealer on the phone call can expense you extra.

FeePriceWhat the for
TV access Fee$7.00/receiverConnecting every receiver
Regional sporting activities FeeUp to $9.99/mo.Including local sports networks
Late Payment FeeUp to $6.25Paying your bill late
Vacation HoldUp to $7.00/mo.Holding your service for 2–6 months while she on vacation
Returned Payment FeeUp to $30.00 (as permitted by law)Making payments that get declined
Minimum ServiceUp to $9.99/mo.Placing your account in minimum service status since of non-payment
Restoral FeeUp to $20.00Reinstating your regular company after it adjusted to minimum service
Dispatch Fee$99.00Dispatching a technician for asked for repairs
Phone Payment FeeUp come $5.00Talking to an agent to do a payment
Order aid FeeUp come $5.00Speaking to an agent to order Pay every View
Duplicate statement FeeUp come $1.75Sending a duplicate created statement at your request
Ledger RequestUp come $2.75Posting an itemized ledger of previous payments at her request

Installing your satellite dish calls for a experienced technician, yet luckily DIRECTV doesn’t fee for that. Instead, you’ll pay only a little activation fee. However this is waived for online orders.

Unlike most cable providers, DIRECTV doesn’t fee you extra because that a DVR. You acquire the Genie DVR lease and service fee consisted of in your DIRECTV package—no hidden prices here. Think exactly how refreshing it will certainly be come watch every that taped TV friend didn’t need to pay extra for.

If you desire to zone out in prior of much more than one TV, though, that will cost you $7 per month for each extr receiver.

If you desire to go wireless, friend can shot out the brand-new Genie 2 for a one-time payment of $99. That not available everywhere, and also users have complained it’s still buggy, but it has much more recording time and you won’t have to go drilling holes almost everywhere your house.

To offer it a shot, ask her customer company rep if Genie 2 is available in her area.

Want to learn more about DIRECTV’s equipment? check out our testimonial of the Genie.

FeePriceWhat the for
Wired Receiver$7/mo. Ea.Adding 1+ wired receivers to her package
Wireless Receiver$7/mo. Ea.Adding 2+ wireless receivers to your package
Genie 2 Upgrade$99Upgrading come the brand-new Genie 2

But DIRECTV’s premiums aren’t all movie channels. With a solid lineup that special sporting activities passes, yes sir something because that every sports fan.

You have the right to pay monthly or purchase the season the whichever sport your competitive heart desires (yeah, DIRECTV dead almost every one of them) in one payment. Over there aren’t any special savings because that doing the latter, so listen to her gut top top this one.

Channel add-onsWhat that includesPrice
HBO MaxHBO"s great streaming service$14.99/mo
CINEMAX, SHOWTIME, and STARZBig-name premium channels$32.97/mo.
EPIXEPIX channels$5.99/mo.
MOVIES EXTRA PACKMore HD programming, including classic and contemporary movies, quick films, documentaries, and musical performances$4.99/mo.
DOGTVA television network designed to comfort and entertain her dog$4.99/mo.
Outdoor ChannelReal-life the end adventures airing all day$4.99/mo.

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NBA organization PassAll out-of-market NBA games$29.99/mo. For 5 mos.OR$149.95/season in 1 payment
NFL SUNDAY TICKETEvery out-of-market NFL game$48.99/mo. For 6 mos.OR$293.94/season in 1 payment
NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAXEverything indigenous NFL SUNDAY TICKET to add NFL RedZone, DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE™, and also live accessibility on the go v the NFL SUNDAY TICKET app$65.99/mo. Because that 6 mos.OR$395.94/season in 1 payment
NHL center ICEUp come 40 out-of-market games each week and also NHL Network had during the NHL season$199.95/season in 1 payment
MLS straight KICK300+ regular-season out-of-market games$22.25/mo. For 4 mos.OR$89/season in 1 payment

Sometimes unforeseen things have the right to stop you from paying your bill top top time. DIRECTV has actually a tiny late dues charge, however it’s not also pricey.