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Average straight flight time17 hrs 28 minsCheapest straight return flight$647Flights per week74Airlines that fly direct
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COVID-19 travel constraints are transforming fast, but we"re below to assist you uncover the advice friend need. Inspect our live web page for Singapore travel limitations to view if you can visit Singapore, and if you"ll have to quarantine ~ above arrival.
The average flight time between United States and also Singapore (Singapore"s capital), is 21 hours and 25 minutes. This has been calculated based upon journeys departing native Washington.
We crunched part numbers and found that the cheapest month to paris to Singapore is right now October 2021.

Flying to Singapore

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17 hrs 28 mins

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Singapore Airlines

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The Lion City

The roadways are clean, the carry is on time, and the city is slick and stylish. This thriving island is a cosmopolitan hub, with fabulous worldwide cuisine, fantastic shopping, and brand-new luxurious hotels. Through two significant airports, take a trip deal come Singapore and explore this fascinating island.

First ~ above the agenda in Singapore City should be Chinatown, a ar that seamlessly mixes old temples and also traditional incense shops with trendy brand-new bars and contemporary buildings. Step right into vibrant small India, a chaos of colorful scenes, spicy smells, and Bollywood music, to perform some shopping and also see the ostentatious holy place of One thousands Lights. Don’t miss out on the asian Civilisations Museum, through its substantial array that exhibitions on historic asian culture.

For part relaxing beach time, head come the famous beach will on Sentosa Island. Even if it is you want to chill on the perfect, sheltered beaches, visit the remarkable aquarium, play some golf, or visit universal Studios, Sentosa will save everyone entertained.

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Most travelers paris to the main airport, so publication a trip to Singapore and also explore this captivating island.

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