Singapore Airlines will certainly launch sewage flights between brand-new York City and also Singapore in November, month after COVID-19 compelled the airline to cancel its famous longest flight in the world.

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Starting Nov. 9, the airline will run flights from brand-new York’s john F. Kennedy worldwide Airport to its home city, the transport announced, through a trip time the 18 hours and also 40 minutes. The flights will run three times every week on an Airbus A350-900 long-range aircraft with 42 company Class seats, 24 Premium economic climate seats, and also 187 economic climate seats.

“Operating this flights in between Singapore and brand-new York’s JFK global Airport represent critical step in the rebuilding the our global network,” Lee Lik Hsin, the executive vice chairman of commercial because that Singapore Airlines, said in a statement. “Non-stop ultra-long services are the bedrock of our solutions to the key U.S. Market. Us will proceed to ramp up existing services and reinstate various other points as the demand for both passenger and cargo solutions return.”

The enhancement of the new flight path comes after ~ Singapore airline — vote the World’s best International Airline by Travel + Leisure readers for 25 years in a row — was forced to release its well known nonstop flight in between Newark and Singapore, which first launched in October 2018. That trip was clocked in together the world’s longest at 9,534 miles earlier this year, CNN reported. The brand-new flight route from JFK is also a little longer: 9,536.5 miles.



But while this regular organization will as soon as again permit people to more easily cross the globe, don’t intend flocks the tourists simply yet: Singapore Airlines said the trip was intended to be a mix that passenger and also cargo traffic, developing the only nonstop air cargo connect from the Northeast U.S. Come Singapore.

Currently, travelers coming from the U.S. Room not enabled to enter Singapore for tourism purposes, according to the airline, yet are able come transit through the country’s Changi Airport. Together of now, the carrier’s only trip to and also from the U.S. Is that is nonstop service to Los Angeles.

Keeping safety in mind, Singapore Airlines requires all passengers to wear a mask throughout the flight and also hands out personal care kits with a confront mask, hand sanitizer, and a disinfectant wipe, follow to the airline. In addition, headsets and headrest consists are changed for every passenger, and also linens (think pillow covers and blankets) space disinfected through high temperature washing prior to each flight.

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While flying may be hindered best now as result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore airline took advantage, turning its grounded planes right into a restaurant pop-up experience, which was so popular, it marketed out in simply 30 minutes.

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