“Money for Nothing”is one of the most successful songs performed by the English rock band Dire Straits. As the title suggests, the song’s design template is about musicians that have accomplished fame and far-reaching wealth from doing “easy work”.

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According to note Knopfler that Dire Straits, the song’s text were inspired by the comments of a distribution man he met in ~ an appliance store in brand-new York. Knopfler stated that if he was at the ago of the store, the deliveryman, whose project was to relocate appliances, was liven watching MTV top top the TVs presented at the store. And also after being disgusted by what he was watching, he come up through a number of the song’s famous lines, consisting of “that ain’t working”. 

According to the deliveryman, that felt the MTV performers received money for doing absolutely nothing. And on height of the they obtained “chicks because that free”! Knopfler, who discovered the worker’s comment interesting, instantly borrowed a pen and document and started writing down several of the comment he to be uttering about the musicians. According to Knopfler, that wrote many of the song’s lyrics right in the store since his aim to be to usage as lot of the actual comments the male made about the MTV performers.



Music Video

The song’s video, i m sorry was among the an initial music videos in the music sector to make usage of computer generated animation, won the MTV video clip Music compensation for video of the Year in 1986. The song’s video clip made background in on august 1st, 1987 once it came to be the an initial music video clip to be played on MTV Europe.

Writing Credits for “Money because that Nothing”

The track was composed by Knopfler and also Sting, whose just contribution come the tune was the line “I desire my MTV”. The main reason why Sting shares songwriting credits through Knopfler ~ above the tune is because the melody the the heat “I desire my MTV” is very comparable to the melody the his hit tune “Don’t was standing So Close come Me” carry out by his band The Police.

And by the way, the voice at the start of the song singing the heat “I want my MTV” is Sting’s voice.

Majority that the text for “Money for Nothing” were the actual indigenous uttered by the delivery man from the room store.

A Song about Mötley Crüe?

According come Nikki Sixx the the American hefty metal band Mötley Crüe, Knopfler created the song about Mötley Crüe.


Owing come the use of words “f*****” in the lyrics, countless have end the years strongly condemned the tune for gift homophobic. As a result of that, this days once performing the tune live, Knopfler replaces the offending word with “queenie”.

Release day of “Money for Nothing”

The track was released on 24th June, 1985 together the second single native the band’s fifth studio album Brothers in Arms. This album made it right into the perform of the world’s most successful albums of all time. That actually sold over 30 million copies throughout the globe.

Grammy Honors

Money for Nothing” was nominated because that the Grammy Award because that both Record that the Year and Song the the Year however lost both nominations come We room the World through USA because that Africa at the 28th yearly Grammy Awards in 1986. The song, however, won the Grammy because that the ideal Rock power by a Duo or group with Vocal.

Chart Success

Money for Nothing peaked in ~ No. 1 in the United says (the hot 100). It likewise peaked at place number 4 in brother (the UK Singles Chart).

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Who sings the backing vocals ~ above “Money for Nothing”

In addition to singing the song’s intro, Sting likewise sings lift vocals on the song.