If you haven’t heard already, Dinosaurs, in addition to 37 other throwback shows, room now accessible on ABC’s streaming app. As soon as the announcement (and the nostalgia) hit, we made decision to marathon the ‘90s hit. And you recognize what us discovered? The present is still amazing. In fact, that so good that we made decision to re-superstructure a few of our favourite episodes. Below are seven classics in no certain order:

1. “The Mighty Megalosaurus”


This illustration is whereby it all began, so obviously that warrants a spot on the list. In it, Earl recounts the story the Baby’s birth. Prior to finding the end he had actually a little one ~ above the way, Earl decides come ask his ceo for a raise. *Spoiler: the doesn’t finish well and results in him gaining fired indigenous the ‘ole tree-pushing business. Earl returns home to uncover Fran looking ~ an egg. In a fit of fear, Earl runs turn off to the woods but is later saved by his mam in a pretty cute scene. When Baby is finally born, the utters the standard “I’m the baby, gotta love me” expression for the very an initial time.

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2. “The mating Dance”


This episode makes the list due to the fact that it functions the origin of among Baby’s various other phrases: “Not the mama”. As soon as Fran decides to take it a brief break from her family, Earl is put in charge. To say that points didn’t go well is one understatement. Earl realizes how an overwhelming Fran’s daily life is after handle with cooking dinner, and also trying to store the children in line. When Earl realizes that him the is do his mam unhappy, that decides to learn the “mating dance” to woo her. The run doesn’t quite come out the way Earl wants, yet it is quiet adorable due to the fact that he offers it to game Baby and also to help Baby sleep.

3. “The gold Child”


This list wouldn’t be finish without consisting of “The gold Child,” which to be the very first episode of season two. It’s certainly one that the weirder episodes, but we love it every the same. Once a mysterious golden unicorn-like horn sprouts from baby Sinclair’s head, the fulfills an ancient prophecy and becomes a celebrity after being named “King the the Dinosaurs.” yes a pretty emotional moment between Earl and Baby Sinclair in ~ the finish of the episode, therefore it’s absolutely worth watching.

4. “Switched at Birth”


This episode is just one of our favorites for a number of reasons. As soon as the Sinclairs think Baby’s egg could have been switched prior to he hatched, they walk on a mission to discover his other family. As soon as they arrive, they uncover a baby the is the exact same shade of eco-friendly as them, attract a shirt just like Earl’s. When the families decide come swap babies, they quickly start to miss out on their own. One strange magic display later and also Baby Sinclair is earlier in his family’s arms.

5. “Family Challenge”


There are many things we love around the “Family Challenge,” however let’s start with the obvious: This is a hilarious parody the Family Feud. After both of the family’s tv sets rest at the beginning of the episode (one to be tossed by Fran, when the other was obviously destroyed by a meteorite), Earl convinces his family to compete on the “Family Challenge” video game show, all while keeping them in the dark around the cool prize. Throughout the video game show, the family is surprised to discover that all of the categories are about television. Our an individual favorite was “TV From last Night,” i m sorry obviously has questions the family can’t answer because they i can not use watched a single show because they lost their TV sets.

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6. “Refrigerator Day”


One that the points we yes, really love about this present is that no matter exactly how wacky the Sinclairs’ adventures get, everything constantly ends through the family members spending an ext time together and appreciating every other. “Refrigerator Day” is the perfect example. When Earl doesn’t obtain his annual Fridge job bonus, the family’s refrigerator gets repossessed and also the family is tasked v celebrating the holiday the old-fashioned way: with a power of the dinosaurs’ exploration of refrigeration. Reportedly the reason dinosaurs became civilized is since they obtained the ability to save their food. That knew?

7. “And the Winner Is …”


This illustration hilariously addresses the elephant in the room: Why doesn’t baby have a name? Well, reportedly it didn’t take place to the the Sinclairs that they never called him until this episode. Unfortunately, as soon as they take infant to be called by the Elder, he die while uttering the phrase: “ Agh, Agh. Ns dying girlfriend idiot,” i m sorry incidentally became Baby’s main name. One point leads to another and B.P. Richfield and also Earl finish up to run for the position of chief Elder. Of course neither that them are picked and also the DNN anchor wins the role, and later offers Baby the perfect name: infant Sinclair!

The alphabet app, which permits users to accessibility full illustration of mirrors on demand, is available on the app Store, to apologize TV Store, ABC.com, Amazon Appstore, Google Play, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Xbox 360.