If you assumed that Fred Flinstone"s fave pet dino, "Dino," was a brontosaurus, we"re i m really sorry - you"re wrong. The kind of plant-eating dinosaur v the long, skinny neck and also tiny head everyone has actually been phone call a brontosaurus because that years never ever really existed! Don"t worry - your teachers and also the publications you read in school weren"t intentionally lying to you. It"s simply that not correct information has a method of acquiring around. Well, we"re about to collection the record straight.

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Brontosaurus: The legend Begins

The bones that were placed together to construct the brontosaurus actually came from more 보다 one dinosaur. The man who "found" the bones in reality came throughout the human body of an apatosaurus, other than the head was missing. He supplied the head of the closestly dino he can find, which in reality belonged come a camarasaurus, to finish the skeleton. He placed the fossils together and also named the "new" dino "brontosaurus."

Brontosaurus: The mistake is Uncovered

Almost 100 years passed prior to the error was discovered. Because the human body was the of one apatosaurus and also it was uncovered first, the name "brontosaurus" to be dropped. There never really was a dino the looked favor a brontosaurus. In fact, the name was dropped way back in the 1970s, however for whatever reason brontosaurus is tho a familiar name.

The Brontasaurus never Really Existed

Apatosaurus: will the real Brontosaurus Please stand Up?

Apatosaurus was among the largest pets that ever before lived. Some people believe the planet shook as soon as this dino walked. It can grow to end 85 feet long and also over 15 feet high at the hips. Apatosaurus is known for its an extremely long neck, which made the easier to eat greens from trees. They likewise had large feet: yard-long footprints (called trackways) from this huge guy have actually been found in Colorado. It had actually a tiny head in addition to a small mouth and probably spent most of that is time eat to get sufficient nutrients from plants to stay alive.

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ApatosaurusCourtesy of Neil Riehle

The apatosaurus also had huge, elephant-like legs and also a lengthy whiplike tail that may have been provided as a defense against big predators. It additionally had a sharp claw top top each ignorance that may have actually deterred attackers. Perhaps traveling in herds, these dinosaurs had actually to eat a lot of food to store their substantial bodies going. They may have actually swallowed plant issue whole and ground it up v a gizzard, choose birds carry out today.