With last year’s drive-in theater a success, a drive-in movie in NJ (think 1950s fun) is still this summer’s warm spot. If there are a couple of nostalgic persons that have been operation for decades, thanks to farms, fields and also spacious parking lots, a bunch the outdoor screens are popping up almost everywhere the state, i beg your pardon is just the excuse you should skip the usual Netflix. Scroll down to discover the one that works for you (some towns space only enabling registered residents), buy your tickets online, load the kiddos in the car, and park you yourself in front of a new movie flick or a standard family fave under the stars—just don’t forget the popcorn.

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Here’s where to park at a drive-in movie in NJ

Delsea Drive-In TheatreThe just remaining true drive-in theater in NJ (it originally opened up in 1949), this Vineland gem is featuring newer releases choose F9: The rapid Saga, boss Baby: The family members Business, and Cruella. With an onsite restaurant carrying yummy treats and also snacks to your car, lock are open up every week.$11.00 + tax & fee general admission every car, food patent are accessible if friend would like to carry outside food2203 S Delsea DrVineland, brand-new Jersey 08360(856) 696-0011

Demarest FarmsThis Bergen ar farm and also garden center hosts a drive-in movie in NJ on-site in ~ the farm every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, July v August. Present your children to standards like The Breakfast society or watch Disney favorites prefer Monsters, Inc. Shows are marketing out fast, so save up to date on your Facebook page here.$25 per car244 Wierimus RoadHillsdale, new Jersey 07642(201) 666-0472


Though this isn’t a drive-in movie theatre in NJ, it’s just over the border in NY via Warwick Drive-In

Warwick Drive-InIf you’re in northern Jersey, take it a rapid ride end the border into new York, whereby you’ll uncover Warwick Drive-In, a vintage drive-in movie theater through three screens showing six various movies every night, v something that caters come every member that the fam. And did we point out there space snacks? classic movie theatre treats like candy and popcorn, plus fresh cooked burgers, dogs, and also pizza rolls.$12 every adult+$1.44 fee, $8+$1.32 fees per kids ages 4-11, totally free for youngsters 3 and under5 Warwick TurnpikeWarwick, NY 10990(845) 986-4440

Barnegat Summer Drive-In MoviesEnjoy a drive-in movie in NJ at the shore. With titles favor Wall-E and also Cars, your small ones will have the best time stocking up the auto with yummy treats and also heading over to the Barnegat windy Dock because that a family-friendly flick beneath the summer night sky.FreeBarnegat publicly Dock427 E bay Ave.Barnegat, NJ 08005(609) 698-0080 x122

Cranford theatre Drive-InHosted by The Cranford Theater and also Cranford Township, the Orange Avenue swimming pool parking lot gets transformed right into a drive-in theatre a couple of nights each week. The movie start at roughly 8:45 PM. They additionally encourage that you make your concession orders virtual beforehand to have actually your snacks yielded to her car.

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$25 every carload1025 Orange AvenueCranford, NJ 07016(908) 588-2477

Where will you be seeing a drive-in movie in NJ this year? Let us know!

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