Q: just how do I determine the appropriate size and also placement that a chandelier?

The rules of Chandelier Size and also Hanging differ by room and can be daunting to grasp. There room two vital measurements to take into factor to consider when picking the exactly chandelier size: height and also diameter.

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Use the steps below to take it the guesswork out of Chandelier Size and Hanging

Entryway Chandelier Size and Hanging Guide

Your entryway is her guest’s an initial impression of your home, and also the best lighting and Chandelier dimension & Hanging play a significant role in the impression.

The chandelier selected will need to reflect your home’s design aesthetic. It must be the ideal size because that the space; too little and it will look dwarfed, when a too-big chandelier have the right to overpower a room.


Higher ceilings call for a tallerThe ascendancy of thumb is come accommodate 2.5-3 inch of chandelier elevation for each foot of ceiling height.A conventional 8-foot ceiling requires a chandelier that is 20-24 inches in height.If your ceilings are taller than that, include 2 inches because that every foot end 8 feet to the number


To number out the diameter, add the height and also the width of the room together.Treat that amount as inches, and also you have actually the said diameter the the chandelier for the space.For example, if the room is 20 by 18 feet, the amount is 38 feet. The almost right diameter that a chandelier that would work well in that area is 38 inches.

 Dining Room and also Kitchen Table Chandelier Size and Hanging Guide


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