The Food Network star will certainly revisit chefs native old episodes of "Triple D" for COVID-19 updates and brand-new recipes.

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Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is gaining a new spin for the coronavirus era. The walk of Fame-recognized celebrity chief (who additionally kills it on Instagram) is remotely filming three special episodes called Diners, Drive-Ins and also Dives: Takeout.

Far native a gimmick, each illustration of DDD: Takeout will certainly be a chance to look in ~ how four chefs that have previously appeared on the Food Network present are attempting to acquire through the current COVID-19 crisis. And episodes will certainly still function their usual food preparation component—though it will certainly take ar via a video chat. Chefs will certainly be sending ingredient lists come Fieri who will climate be walked v the recipe via teleconference in the isolation of his own home kitchen. Key are stated to include chicken tamales, paella fritters, European-style dumplings, BBQ charred ends, chicken parmesan, and also bangin' shrimp.

Triple D has constantly been about hitting the road and celebrating the difficult working people of the restaurant business. And while the restaurants are partially closed and the Camaro is parked, DDD: Takeout is below to show you just how your favourite chefs room still cookin’ it up to keep civilization fed, assistance their communities, their families, and also their employees,” Fieri claimed in announcing the new episodes.



And despite Fieri’s high-octane image—from his bleached hair to his wild wardrobe—may accumulate semi-ironic idolization, in ~ it all, this Guy has actually repeatedly proven his heart is even bigger than his stomach—whether he’s rushing to feeding local inhabitants when catastrophe strikes or, an ext recently, working v the national Restaurant association on a coronavirus relief fund. By extension, utilizing his TV communication to highlight few of the chefs struggling during this situation seems prefer a natural expansion of the generosity.

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The brand-new “Takeout” illustration of Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives are scheduled to debut on the Food Network starting on Friday, April 24 in ~ 9 p.m. ET/PT. In the meantime, if you require your Fieri deal with sooner, the Food Network is additionally airing a DDD: A to Z marathon this Saturday, April 18th in ~ 1 p.m.