Even the baked beans space smoky at this aptly called Chicagobarbecue restaurant. The meaty food selection makes it difficult to decide, but ribs — available as infant backs or meaty St. Louis format — are especially excellent, coated in a Memphis-style dried rub and also glazed through a sweet, tangy barbecue sauce.

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This Belgian-style Andersonvillebardoesn"t do constant old pub food. Rather of wings and burgers, lock serve significant mussels and charcuterie, through a prolonged menu of handmade beers.

At this food counter, cook Will boy cooks "righetous" all-American classics with a oriental spin.The Umami Burger, topped through bacon, truffled mushroom duxelle, sun-dried tomato confit and togarashi mayo, make Guy"s perform of optimal 10 burgers and is great with a next of kimchi fries.

Thin-crust pizza might be blasphemy in Chicago, however the original Vito & Nick"sthin-crust pizza has been winning end locals due to the fact that 1932 v toppings prefer Chicago-style Italian beef or runny egg

DMK goes beyond the burger with clever updates come the classic. Height grass-fed patties through Reuben ingredients — pastrami, sauerkraut and cheese — or brand-new Mexico"s Hatch environment-friendly chilies and smoked bacon. The restaurant can additionally swap out the beef patty for alternate fillings.Guy love the bison burger v blueberry barbecue sauce, goat cheese and also marinated onions, and also the salmon burger through Thai curry mayonnaise and Asian coleslaw.

Guy top to phibìc Park to obtain his Scandinavian fix, through dishes like classic Swedish meatballs through mashed potatoes and also lingonberry sauce, and also fluffy sweden pancakes.

Southern lull at this Burbank Caferanges native barbecue to Tex-Mex, consisting of ribs, po" boys and also fried chicken, yet the traction pork is one of the true standouts. It cooks because that 12 hours in a garlic-infused achiote paste prior to spending an additional hour in the smoker. After being shredded and getting doused in pan juice, it"s all set to it is in served.

This farm-to-tableBYOB put a "punk rock twist" on Mexican little plates, consisting of grilled pork ribs through honey-pasilla sauce, and also Duck Tinga. Guy"s favorite was the flautas stuffed through chicken thighs in chipotle sauce.

Named because that the distance between vital West and Havana, this Cuban restaurant features household recipes indigenous owner Alberto Gonzalez, includingslow-roasted pork v bacon and guava, and chicken braised in creole sauce.

Two chefs supplied their life save to start this gourmet fast-food restaurant, with beer-battered burgers, fish tacos and also combinations favor foie gras v fries. Po" Boys incorporate medium-rare ahi tuna, soft-shell crab and also shrimp banh mi, but the fried pork belly with maple mei is Guy"s pick, described as "chicharrones meets pulled pork."

Music is never much from mind in ~ this bar: In enhancement to a rocking soundtrack, practically all the burgers are named for bands. Try the Slayer: a bunless patty top top a heap of fries, topped through chili, andouille sausage, cherry peppers, onions and also cheese.

ThisCaribbean Jointis a taste the Belize in the love of Chicago through authentic dishes favor Hudut Baruru through Takini (fish soup v a side of mashed plantains) and fish empanadas. For the empanadas, a big cut of buffalo fish is cooked in a broth through vegetables, garlic, paprika and also black pepper, shredded and wrapped in homemade, pressed masa and also deep-fried until they"re perfectly browned and crisp.

The pork meatballs at Panozzo"s Italian industry are held together by a unique blend of milk-soaked breadcrumbs and a freshly madevegetable sofrito comprised of onions, celery, crushed red chili flakes, currants and also salt-packed capers. The meatballs room then fried and also doused in home made tomato sauce.

This Costa Rican staple starts with a class of black color bean soup, a scoop that rice, and an extra scoop ofblack beans. Then pork ship is cooked with garlic, deep fried and also scooped end the black beans through a home made pico de gallo. The chifrijo is finished with slices of avocado and a drizzle the Lizano salsa.

What began out together a traveling rig, morphed right into an award-winning barbecue restaurant helmed through self-taught pit master Willy Wagner. The secret to Honky Tonk"s Memphis format "cue is their dry rub consisted of of end 17 different spices including paprika, chili powder, sage, garlic and also a selection of peppers.

"If a pizza met a sandwich and had a baby," is exactly how co-owner Anthony Pinello defines this Sicilian clip at Rex Italian foods items House-made dough is topped through mozzarella cheese, cook prosciutto, pepperoni and also deep-fried peppers, boil in the oven and also crisped top top a panini press. "It"s prefer a real-deal Italian format ham and cheese," guy says.

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The grilled shrimp for Nana"spo" boy room season with Chile de árbol, garlic and also parsley, while the oysters space soaked in buttermilk for 2 days, dredged in a Cajun rub and deep-fried. The sandwich is finished through a house-made gribiche flavored with entirety grain mustard, roasted garlic, tarragon, caperberries and fresh lemon juice.