In 1977 new York City, the talented and also soulful youth of the southern Bronx chase dreams and also breakneck beats to change music history.

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The get Down: part 2 (Trailer)
The gain Down (Trailer)
The obtain Down: component II (Teaser)
The get Down: part 1 (Recap)
An electrifying undercurrent pulses v beat-up 1977 south Bronx as 6 impassioned teenagers make new waves v a wild brand-new sound.

Zeke's resolve to woo a girl sends out him right into a dizzying, danger nightclub scene, where he crosses paths with a nimble local legend.

The males seek spiritual advice indigenous a grandmaster. Mylene's future can be in the hands of her father and also politically powerful uncle.

Disgraced record producer Jackie Moreno wants to shepherd Mylene’s to sing career. Boo-Boo plays a rare bootleg tape in ~ a party, inviting trouble.

After a citywide blackout, Papa Fuerte takes a shine come mayoral candidate Ed Koch. Shao finds himself on the outs through Flash and also tries to do amends.

The get Down Boys apply their skills in a dicey instance as Zeke hurries to make a meeting. Mylene's quest for a contract bring away an unanticipated turn.

Dizzee has a brand-new experience in ~ a mystery party in the city. Together the guys gear up for an explosive DJ battle, Zeke board a politics rollercoaster.

As Zeke wrestles through the double nature that his life and future, Mylene battles to define herself as an artist, and Shao continues down a risky path.

Tensions between Shao and also the boys threaten to destabilize the group. V her star ~ above the rise, Mylene faces brand-new expectations and also pressures.

Zeke's Ivy league meeting goes off the rails. Ra-Ra has a interlocutor proposition for Fat Annie, bring about an explosive music showdown in ~ Les Inferno.

Confronted through ultimatums, Zeke and also Mylene each have to make a challenging choice. Annie pitches a transaction to a cynical Shao and also a resentful Cadillac.

Mylene has a fateful encounter through her idol, the Cruz family reaches a critical juncture, a revelation strikes Ra-Ra, and also Shao bring away rash action.

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While the B-boy neighborhood rallies in defense that the gain down, Mylene's musical fate hangs in the balance, and Zeke receives some life-altering news.

Justice SmithShameik MooreHerizen GuardiolaSkylan BrooksTremaine Brown, Jr.Yahya Abdul-Mateen IIJimmy SmitsGiancarlo EspositoKevin CorriganStefanee MartinShyrley RodriguezEric BogosianMichel GillMamoudou Athie