If dead world were unexpectedly returning from the dead, there is no question there would needs for bodies to be exhumed to identify if the “returned” were that they asserted they were. Resurrection fight the concern head ~ above in the second episode.

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What space the requirements for exhuming a dead body?

It is long held precedent that a Court might order a human body exhumed because that evidence. Moss v. State, 152 Ala. 30 (Ala. 1907). This is true in “cold cases,” since there is no statute of restrictions on murder.

California has the adhering to requirements for exhuming a body:

No continues to be of any kind of deceased human being shall be removed from any kind of cemetery, other than upon created order that the health and wellness department having jurisdiction, or the the exceptional court of the ar in which together cemetery is situated. A duplicate copy of the order shall be kept as a part of the documents of the cemetery. Any kind of person that removes any type of remains from any kind of cemetery shall keep and maintain a true and correct document showing:

(a) The day such remains were removed.

(b) The name and age that the person removed, as soon as these particulars have the right to be conveniently obtained and also the place to i beg your pardon the remains were removed.

(c) The cemetery and the plot therein in i beg your pardon such continues to be were buried.

If the remains are disposed of other than through interment, a document shall it is in made and kept of together disposition. The human being making the removed shall provide to the cemetery authority operation the cemetery native which the continues to be were removed, a true, full and also complete copy of such record.

Cal health & Saf password § 7500

The regulation does not desire dead bodies disturbed without “substantial reason.” Courts consider such as “substantial reason” together the “public interest, the conventions of usual decency, the great of the decedent, and also the restrictions of spiritual law.” In re Terra (1952, Cal App) 111 Cal app 2d 452, 244 P2d 921, 1952 Cal app LEXIS 1676.

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A boy who died 32 years in the past and also then returns to life v DNA the matches the deceased child’s parents would certainly be a “substantial reason” for a Court come order a body exhumed. Learning the fact would it is in in the general public interest because that determining parenthood, child custody and whether the reanimated person was that they asserted to be.