Given the massive cultural footprint The Cosby Show made over the food of that is eight seasonsa spin-off was a no-brainer. Few, however, can have guess the way A various World would take on a life of its very own over the course of that is six-season operation on NBC. Initially conceived of together the proceeding adventures that Huxtable child Denise, the present would grow and evolve in its second season and also beyond. It to be hailed because that its distinct look at college student life in ~ historically black colleges and universities, as well as its willingness to tackle thorny social and political worries facing young people in the so late "80s and early "90s.

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Much that this development is credited to showrunner Debbie Allen, it s her an alumna that Howard University, who took end A different World"s creative direction in its 2nd season. When Allen"s hand absolutely made a vast difference, lot of the show"s popular was many thanks to its strongly charismatic cast, who controlled to it is in both hilarious and capable of genuine dramatic depth. It"s no surprised so numerous of them have gone on to long and also interesting careers after ~ graduating native A various World. Here"s where they are today, and also how they obtained there.

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Lisa Bonet played Denise Huxtable, daughter that the main family on The Cosby Show. Once the character graduated high school, she was spun off right into her own show, leave Brooklyn for Hillman college in Virginia. Denise invested the first season that A different World navigating the trials and also tribulations challenged by many college freshmen, consisting of making brand-new friends, taking care of romantic entanglements, and, most prominently, struggling to maintain her grades.

Bonet"s time ~ above the present would it is in fleeting, together a pregnancy resulted in her leave after simply one season. She briefly returned to The Cosby Show, however "creative differences" arose, and she parted means with that once and also for every in 1991. Indigenous there, she embarked on a complex career, with significant roles in films like 2000"s High Fidelity and on TV shows choose Life on Mars and Ray Donovan. She"s also been relatively famous because that her personal life, an initial marrying absent star Lenny Kravitz, and later partnering with Game the Thrones and Aquaman hunk Jason Momoa. In an interesting bit that synergy, she daughter with Kravitz, Zoe, theatre the command in Hulu"s collection adaptation of High Fidelity.

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Originally, A different World was conceived as show around a white girl"s endure attending one HBCU. It to be retooled, making Denise Huxtable the lead and also her ideal friend Maggie Lauten the fish-out-of-water white girl. Actors in that function was a young actress who would walk on to come to be a family name: Marisa Tomei. A army brat, Maggie was one of Denise Huxtable"s roommates, and also a journalism major involved in a long-distance relationship. Allen want Tomei to continue on the present in season two, yet the actress decided, instead, to depart, and Maggie quiet disappeared indigenous the cast of characters.

Tomei, however, went on to bigger things. Four years after ~ leaving A various World, she winner the Academy award for ideal Supporting Actress for she hilarious rotate in My Cousin Vinny, kicking off a movie career that spans 3 decades. She to be nominated for two an ext Oscars, for 2001"s In the Bedroom and 2007"s The Wrestler, and has plied her craft effectively in both comedies and also dramas. She returned to TV in 2007 ~ above the Denis Leary-led collection Rescue Me, and also had a notable duty on Empire. She"s even worked her means into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Aunt May to Tom Holland"s take it on Spider-Man.

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Season among A different World acquainted us with Whitley Gilbert, a snobby Hillman student whose stuck-up perspective was regularly played for laughs, in contrast to her much more down-to-Earth classmates. The character, however, verified popular, and also when Bonet left the show, Whitley to be moved right into a main role. Her personality was likewise mellowed and also given added depth, and also her opposites-attract romance with the nerdy Dwayne Wayne ended up being one of the series" central arcs. Whitley remained involved with Hillman together a dorm director also after graduating, and ended the series married to Dwayne Wayne and also carrying the couple"s very first child.

Jasmine Guy was forgive multiple NAACP photo Awards for she portrayal that Whitley. This success lead male to a lengthy and energetic career together an actor, dancer, and choreographer, as well as a manager of stage productions. She"s remained an extremely active ~ above TV, arriving on "90s staples prefer Melrose Place and also NYPD Blue prior to landing a lead function on Showtime"s Dead like Me in the early on aughts. An ext recently, she"s had actually recurring parts on The Vampire Diaries and the Disney Channel"s K.C. Undercover.

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With his trademark flip-up sunglasses, nerdy charisma, and rhyming name, Dwayne Wayne seemed destined for pop society resonance native his first appearance ~ above A different World. The character started out in a sustaining capacity however became central to the present in season two, sustained largely through his on-again, off-again romance v Whitley. As the year went on, he resided in Japan, became a mathematics professor, and, in the end, staged a cool gesture to win the love that his life. The character to be praised in the press and also remains fondly remembered.

Kadeem Hardison"s performance together Dwayne Wayne made him one of A various World"s breakout stars, and the actor has actually gone on to a long and also incredibly prolific job in film and television. Listing every his credits would certainly require an ext space 보다 one write-up allows, together he"s showed up in precise dozens the movies between 1992 and the existing day, no to point out scores of TV spots. He"s many recently reunited with Jasmine man in the actors of K.C. Undercover, showed up in the movie Paddleton, and plays a starring duty in the Showtime series Black Monday. With projects prefer the upcoming movie Playing through Beethoven already in the pipeline, it"s safe to to speak we"ll be see plenty more of Kadeem Hardison in the future.

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As funny as Dwayne Wayne was, he had too lot heart and leading man charm to offer as A various World"s standard fool. Fortunately, Ron Johnson to be ready and willing to leap right into that archetypal gap. A ROTC student and also Waynes" ideal friend, Ron fancies self a ladies" man and is always up for a get-rich-quick scheme. He could not have been the many serious student, however he comes out okay as a manager and co-owner of his own nightclub. Regardless of primarily serving a comic role, he did experience his re-superstructure of drama, coping through a predisposition incident and also navigating romantic travails with fellow Hillman student Kimberly Reese and Freddie Brooks.

Darryl M. Bell, who played Ron, jumped right ago into sitcom occupational when A various World ended, booking a lead role on the UPN"s sci-fi comedy series, Homeboys in external Space. Unfortunately, the present was a critical flop, and was canceled by the network ~ one season. Bell bounced back with a three-episode operation on The Cosby Show follow-up Cosby, however subsequently relocated away from acting on a consistent basis. He remained linked to the industry, however, with his friendship with Hardison, who actors Bell in his 2013 film The Dark Party, and his irreversible relationship with Cosby Show alum Tempestt Bledsoe, with whom he"d appear in the 2009 reality show Househusbands of Hollywood.

With Whitley thrust to the fore in A different World"s second season, there was a need to expand the actors of supporting characters. Thus, we were presented to Kimberly Reese, Whitley"s roommate and eventual best friend. A biology major, she to be employed in ~ campus eatery The Pit, and additionally performed in the tape X-Pression, controlled by Ron. Kimberly to be the facility of a pair of the show"s much more serious arcs, dealing with a false alarm pregnancy and choosing to offer up a much-needed scholarship as result of the sponsoring corporation"s ties to apartheid-era southern Africa. ~ graduation, she enrolled in medical school and also found love with a other student there.

Kimberly was portrayed by Charnele Brown, who involved A various World indigenous a Broadway phase career. After the show ended, she did spot work-related on TV, showing up in episodes of Martin and also Living Single. She"s also worked together a singer and a fashion designer, and the past decade has seen her enter into the people of movie production. Brown is set to show up in an upcoming illustration of 5th Ward, and a wide variety of various other roles right now in production.

Most that the Hillman students on A various World to be your usual college kids ... Other than for Jaleesa Vinson-Taylor. In ~ 25, having actually enrolled after ~ a failed marriage, she lugged a level the maturity to the proceedings that noted a contrast with few of her an ext fresh-faced classmates. A organization management major, she worked part-time in ~ the Hillman library and also as the assistant dorm manager of Gilbert Hall. One of her main plot lines experienced her in a relationship with coach Walter Oakes, however that would end with the 2 calling points off at the altar. Jaleesa ended up starting her very own temp company and marrying Colonel Bradford Taylor.

Jaleesa was played by Dawnn Lewis, who brought much more to the display than her acting chops. An achieved singer, she additionally co-wrote the show"s layout song, a feat she would certainly repeat v a little help from R&B group En Vouge because that her following gig, Hangin" through Mr. Cooper. She resume is stuffed with functions in films like Dreamgirls and also a metric ton of tv work. In particular, Lewis discovered a rewarding avenue in voice work, lending she talents to every little thing from Futurama and also Spider-Man: The man Series to King that the Hill and The Simpsons. Most recently, you might have recorded her in a pair of reboots: as Marcia Langdon top top the 2019 return of Veronica Mars, and as the voice the the cook in Netflix"s animated take on Carmen Sandiego.

For numerous young people, the college years are around social consciousness and political activism. Such was the case with Freddie Brooks, that arrived in the season 2 premiere as Jaleela"s roommate. A totally free spirit whose mommy was a "60s hippie, Freddie came to be a college student activist throughout her time at Hillman, advocating because that a number of different environmental, community, and also charitable causes. That"s not to say she didn"t have actually time for an individual matters, though, together she spent her at an early stage time at institution pining after Dwayne Wayne, only to eventually end up in a partnership with Ron. Freddie ended the collection completing her very first year in law school.

Cree Summer, who played Freddie, didn"t go on come the fullest live-action career, showing up in only a grasp of films and also TV shows per decade. She voice-acting resume, however, is straight-up staggering. She was currently established in the company prior to A various World, having originated the voice of penny on Inspector Gadget. After ~ the collection wrapped up, she continued down that avenue, contributing her vocal talent to every kinds of classic shows: Captain Planet, Gargoyles, Superman: The animated Series, Kim Possible, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and also Rugrats, just to name a few. Frankly, if you have enjoyed computer animation at every in the last couple of decades, you have enjoyed Summer"s work — she is one of the most important and influential voice gibbs of the modern-day era.

Every show about an entertaining group of young people needs a ar for every one of them to hang out. For the students of Hillman, that location was The Pit, an on-campus restaurant. Heading increase this procedure was Vernon Gaines, one ex-military male whose grumpy demeanor and also avowed dislike of youngsters led to a lot of haranguing of the key cast. Still, he employed numerous of them end the years, and also was presented to have actually his compassionate side in between taking linguistic jabs at the likes that Dwayne Wayne.

A different World was Lou Myers" critical recurring TV role until he played Charlie across six episodes of the 2003 series All about the Andersons. Regardless, he functioned steadily, getting here on shows favor The Sentinel, The Jamie Foxx Show, JAG, and ER. On film, he can be checked out in How Stella acquired Her Groove Back, The Wedding Planner, and The Fighting Temptations, amongst others. Lot of Myers" ideal work, however, to be done ~ above the stage. That performed ~ above Broadway in The shade Purple and also Cat top top a warm Tin Roof, and was vested the NAACP picture Award because that his part in august Wilson"s King Hedley II. That was likewise an achieved pianist. Sadly, Myers passed away in 2013 as result of complications indigenous pneumonia.

Introduced in season two, sublieutenant Colonel Bradford Taylor began out together a recurring character, yet eventually moved up come become component of the key cast. A career army man and also veteran the the Vietnam War, he had previously served in the exact same unit together Pit proprietor Vernon Gaines, and also remained martially-minded sufficient that the student nicknamed the "Doctor War." in ~ Hillman, he headed up the ROTC unit that had Ron Johnson, and also worked as a professor the mathematics, leading to his crossing courses with Dwayne Wayne. Eventually, he ended up marrying, and fathering a boy with, Jaleesa Vinson-Taylor.

Colonel Taylor was played by Glynn Turman, that had already been acting in film and TV for over 25 year before showing up on A various World. He remained really active after the display wrapped — if you"ve watched TV or checked out a movie in the previous 30 years, you"ve likely captured one the his performances. Noteworthy recent efforts include The Wire, in i m sorry he play Baltimore mayor Clarence Royce, J.J. Abrams" 2011 movie Super 8, Shonda Rhimes" thriller collection How to acquire Away with Murder, and the Stephen King adaptation Mr. Mercedes.

Not many human being at the university level could control coaching the football, basketball, baseball, and also track programs, however then, not many civilization are Walter Oakes. This vibrant character was one more recurring personality the eventually ended up being a component of the main cast. A graduate student, he was a mentor to some of the younger characters and also a peer to the much more mature Jaleesa, through whom he would certainly embark ~ above a long and also winding romantic relationship. Walter would ultimately depart Hillman to go back to his hometown that Philadelphia and also manage a ar center.

While David Adkins, better known as Sinbad, to be a relatively unknown stand-up comedian at the time he was cast on A different World, the show would serve as his launching pad come a prolific career. First, that crushed the in comedy, recording a collection of effective specials because that HBO. For two years, he served as the host of the venerable variety and talent show It"s Showtime at the Apollo. Indigenous there, the was offered the chance to head up his very own sitcom as the star the The Sinbad Show, which, unfortunately, only lasted a solitary season. That didn"t offer to lessen Sinbad"s momentum, however, and the actor has appeared in many films and also shows since, and also occasionally working as self in such capacities as serving as a spokesperson for Apple products. You"ll additionally recognize his voice together that that Mr. Smiley top top Steven Universe, and as Milton, the titular character"s dad on Rel.

Lena James wasn"t specifically the highest-profile character on A different World. As part of the recurring, fairly than main, cast, she served a supporting role over the critical two periods of the show. One engineering significant who would later on switch come journalism, she worked part-time in ~ The Pit and briefly sought a romantic attention in Dwayne Wayne prior to embarking ~ above a serious connection with Hillman basketball star Dorian Heywood.

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So, why highlight Lena amongst A different World"s expansive supporting cast? It"s since she was played by none other than Jada Pinkett Smith, who needs no introduction. ~ graduating native the show, she showed up in the acclaimed Hughes Brothers film Menace II Society, kicking off an acting career that has actually spanned four decades. In the "90s, she starred alongside Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor and also faced Scream 2"s murderous mayhem. In the aughts, she played Niobe in the 2nd two movies in the Matrix franchise and also voiced the hippopotamus Gloria in the struggle animated film franchise, Madagascar. In the teens, she showed up in Magic Mike XXL, played gangster Fish Mooney top top Gotham, and starred in the wildly successful Girls Trip. Along the way, she additionally married superstar will certainly Smith, forming one that Hollywood"s highest-profile power couples. Oh, and also she additionally sings in the metal band evil Wisdom. The "20s will check out her return as soon as again come the Wachowskis" dystopian future in the as-yet untitled 4th Matrix movie.