Burgundy (dark red, red wine color) is proactively used for hair dyeing in brunettes. Blondes and women with medium brown hair sometimes likewise resort come this noble hue in order to show up brighter, well, much brighter. Also redheads may try some shades, recall burgundy, yet leaning in the direction of the warmer tints through the admixture of cinnamon. Classic, lively or old burgundy, maroon or oxblood… so, i m sorry one come choose? below are 50 illustrative instances of just how you can use the dark red color when dyeing your hair or refresh it with coloristic methods.

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Fabulous opportunities of Burgundy Hair Color

It livens your tresses, adds a secret undertone or, top top the contrary, the boldest shade you might ever imagine ~ above yourself. Burgundy adjusts come your an easy hair color and also lets you achieve your goals. Do you want to be at the facility of anyone attention? develop a smart retro look? add a popular music of shade for the fall period that will certainly look in track with nature changes? present some freckles tint and also shimmer for her brunette locks? No problem, look through the photos below and choose.

Initially burgundy hue was taken into consideration a perfect brown hair shade for real brunettes. This days, even some blondes dare to go that bright and eye-popping. If a step towards bolder vinous shade shades seems too challenging for now, however you room tempted to try something revolutionary, take into consideration ombre in red and also purple tones through demi-permanent dyes. They wash out after 24 shampoos, so girlfriend won’t obtain bored through your flashy ends. This idea looks nice cool on tool brown hair, because that instance. Vinous highlights, as another compromise solution, are ideal for black, dark-brown and also medium brown hair. Well, let’s see some pictures.

#1: Dark Red Velvet


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#3: glowing Burgundy Locks

Displaying the burgundy purple hair you invested in is less complicated than friend think. Give yourself a sleek, silky blowout and also let the hair dye really shine. Simply use a ring or paddle brush and also run it through a ar of wet hair while complying with it through a blowdryer.



#5: Dark Purple loosened Locks

Purple hair regularly brings up photos of fluorescent violet locks. Go one more direction and shot deep, dark violet hair instead. This watch is great: the rich shade is versatile sufficient to take it you from summer to fall seamlessly.


#6: Bright black color Raspberry Hair

You more than likely would favor to make her dark hair stand out. Color it glowing burgundy red, the shade you nothing see much these days. In half updos, her roots will certainly be showing setup off the vivid lengths, gorgeous in subtle waves, shapely curls or straight strands.

#7: Soft Cinnamon Brown Hair

The red brown hair color connected with spicy cinnamon is what hair dreams are do of and it will truly make your lengthy hairstyle one of a kind. Worn curly or straight and with a basic center part, it will look amazing.

#8: Gorgeous Dark Burgundy Hair

Burgundy hair is a gorgeous color an option for brunettes. It additionally flatters every skin tone. A solid hair shade is flawless in this case, however you may additionally play v subtle highlights or babylights.

#9: Espresso Hair with Red wine Highlights

You deserve to easily achieve burgundy hair by adding some red alcohol highlights to an espresso base. This create a beautiful reddish violet hue that looks unbelievably striking when it records the light.

#10: Barely over there Burgundy tint for Brunettes

If you favor your deep brunette hair and also want simply a hint of red wine hair dye in your locks, no have to commit come a heavy burgundy hair color. Litter in some very subtle balayage highlights come make your mane dimensional and colored together opposed come neutral. This an ext subtle dye task looks fabulous every year round with practically any complexion and also outfit shade palette.

#11: Sleek Dark purple Locks

Long, slick amethyst-colored hair is the ingredient of dreams. Make it a truth by dyeing those lengthy locks a crimson violet hue and also letting them just hang down naturally. No muss, no fuss.

#12: Exquisite Burgundy Tinted Brown Hair

The perfect all-over burgundy color, these tresses have been tinted to create red brown hair that makes the ultimate format statement. The an excellent news is the this shade looks distinctive even if it is you have quick or lengthy locks.

#13: Burgundy and Scarlet Highlights

Try a burgundy hair dye over black color hair and spice that up v scarlet highlights for a stunning blend her friends will love ~ above you. The soft waves store the all at once look feminine and flirty.

#14: shining Burgundy Balayage with Black Roots

Two-tone and slightly much more alternative, black burgundy hair provides a captivating contrast for brave, experimental individuals. To create a much more synergized look between the two colors, opt because that a balayage technique.

#15: ethereal Lavender and also Burgundy Highlights

Burgundy color an unified with a ethereal violet is an unexplained yet eye-catching combination everyone will admire. What a wonderful solution for black hair!

#16: very Subtle Burgundy Brown Balayage

If you’re new to burgundy locks, you can experiment originally with reddish brown hair. This have the right to be achieved, for example, through a basic balayage v thin subtle ribbons the color applied over your natural brunette color, there is no previous bleaching. It’s among the finest burgundy brown looks for beginners.

#17: Burgundy and Magenta Balayage

For a unique, immensely vibrant style, you can ask your hair colorist to it is adapted your tresses to the spectacular clash that magenta pink and deep burgundy v the base black color. Colour your entire head magenta will revolve out too overpowering, because of this it’s all about opting because that balayage.

#18: tool Black Hair v Purple Tint

A low-key burgundy layout if you already have or desire black hair v a twist, purple tint is understated yet seriously chic. It normally takes much more to the ends, giving your tresses a darker appearance in ~ the root that gradually becomes lighter as it flows to the bottom.

#19: wealthy Plum Red Hair Color

Medium and also short burgundy hair can certainly be just as impressive as longer styles, specifically if her locks are specifically rich in hue. For instance, this highly pigmented plum color enhances her features and ensures the you can conveniently be spotted in the crowd for every the appropriate reasons.

#20: Dark chocolate Hair with Cherry Highlights

Completely different to having actually brunette hair through burgundy highlights, the dark chocolate and also cherry hues develop a tasty mix that’s a treat for the eyes. Ask your hairdresser for ethereal cherry highlights ~ above dark brown hair because that fun and quirky locks.

#21: black color Hair v Dark Burgundy Highlights

For shoulder-length black color hair, have your stylist insert deep burgundy highlights to make an otherwise plain hairstyle pop.

#22: black Hair through Brown and Burgundy Highlights

If you have black hair, simply include warm brown and also burgundy red highlights to construct a cool and unusual color resembling dark maroon. The sport of hues means that it doesn’t look as brash as various other effects, however still seriously chic.

#23: Dark Hair v Subtle Burgundy Highlights

If you have to follow a strictly dress code at work, shot black, dark brown or maroon hair with subtle burgundy highlights. Noticeable and professional, however not distracting. It also won’t take it a lot of maintenance to store it looking good.

#24: ethereal Merlot Balayage Wavy Hair

There room some instances wherein burgundy and brown make for the ultimate strength duo, and also this is absolutely one of them. Add some soft merlot tones come the ends, along with some defined curves making use of a curling iron, because that the cutest wavy balayage effect.

#25: Tawny and also Burgundy Blend for Brown Hair

A dark red hair shade blended v brown renders this wavy choppy bob bloom. With your hair pulled up in a pony, you’ll likewise look an extremely pretty.

#26: Elegant purple Balayage for black Hair

You can easily and also quickly achieve subtle red violet ends just by applying the balayage approach to black hair. Softer and an ext natural-looking 보다 an all-over color, this format epitomizes class and also elegance while tho being the end of the ordinary.

#27: Shiny violet Brown Hair

Love purple? display off your medium size layered hair v your favorite shade. Worn right or wavy, it’s a beautiful format you’ll love.

#28: sophisticated Burgundy Balayage with Touches the Copper

A contemporary update for your brown burgundy hair, you can add touches the copper to create the perfect maroon violet balayage. Maroon hair looks particularly sensational if girlfriend naturally have dark hair and also dark brown, environment-friendly or blue eyes.

#29: Layered Maroon Mane

While pastel, cotton-candy hair is every the rage ideal now, don’t underestimate the power of classy dark burgundy hair. Once layered and styled to perfection, it is simply as bold and also just together eye-catching. For this reason drop your pink hair dye and also swap it for a crimson hue.

#30: Berry-Beautiful Highlights

Create a vibrant contrast in her dark hair by picking burgundy highlights. And also to really show them off, pair them v a simple, sleek, straight style that allows the color do the talk (and this one’s saying “Berry beautiful!”).

#31: black to Deep Burgundy Makeover

Looking for a dramatic and also pretty change to jazz increase your black hair? The dark burgundy balayage systems takes the lengthy hair native boring come beautiful. Going come work? stay it directly or in a low pony to display off the well-off color. Heading out on a date? with lush voluminous curls, you’ll make a splendid first impression.

#32: purple Tipped Tresses

You don’t need to dye your entire head to enjoy the perks of burgundy hair. Take baby actions to burgundy by dice the ends and front pieces in slightly washed out reddish purple shades. The speed of shade is still dynamic and also totally bold.

#33: Dark Red Ringlets

Mix your deep burgundy locks v your natural, dark roots because that a dazzling hairstyle that’s ideal for medium to olive skin tones. Try loosely curling the hair by pack it around a one-inch curling iron and leaving the ends totally free from heat. You’ll acquire beautiful bohemian waves that scream “cool girl.”

#34: Burgundy top top Fire

Look very closely at this burgundy hair color and also you’ll see tiny clues of blonde peeking through. These babylights rotate the burgundy shade on fire, and the choppy cut with varied lengths simply lends come the flaming look.

#35: Ravishing Red Barrel Curls

When it comes to reddish brown hair, sometimes you need to go big. A an excellent way to perform so is by providing yourself part beautiful, buoyant barrel curls. Use a 1 ½-inch curling iron to curly sections that the hair outward, far from the face.

#36: chocolate Cherry Curls

The perfect example of burgundy brown hair, this luscious curls must have come indigenous a key of chocolate and cherries offered as a dye, and also the result looks so great we desire to taste.

#37: Pixie Perfect

As if rocking a pixie isn’t currently cool, venturing a less timeless hair shade on peak of that reduced takes your look to the following level of chic. This pixie-meets-maroon hair screams “work hard, party harder.”

#38: Cranberry Curls

Medium length textured waves room trendy, but make them stand out even an ext by infusing some cranberry highlights right into the mix, because unlike box cranberry served at Thanksgiving dinners, this is one sweet berry choice you shouldn’t pass by.

#39: Mahogany Mane

Long, shiny, bouncy curls – this stunning mane to be made even more striking v a deep mahogany shade. And also the best part about burgundy shades prefer this one is the they’re professional enough for work, yet unique enough for girlfriend to was standing out.

#40: Burgundy Ombre

Two colors in one, this dark mane was transformed into red brown hair through the magic touch the a talented stylist. The ombre impact makes the look as if her organic dark locks room melting in a magic burgundy pool, and we want to dive in!

#41: classic Hue with Subtle Auburn Highlights

Burgundy hair looks very stylish with black clothes and also accessories. Opt because that solid classic dark brown tone with an extremely subtle or also blonde highlights for your many voguish looks.

#42: Lavender Icing

The burgundy that leans in the direction of the blue color pension is charming, unquestionably. If you happen to have blue eye or simply have a enthusiasm for blue shades, girlfriend may embrace this idea for your new hair color.

#43: Mulled Wine

Burgundy blends v red maroon as well, same choose port and also claret with seasonings on a frosty winter day. This interesting coloristic idea is performed through the balayage technique, as soon as the color is placed strategically on larger sections.

#44: Serene

Some girls shy far from the burgundy hue as soon as picking hair dyes, simply due to the fact that they think of other gaudy. However red wine deserve to be really “calm”, elegant and also decent prefer this gorgeous shade through random cherry hardwood highlights.

#45: Sexy Hair shade for Wavy Hair

If you want to accentuate your femininity and also passionate nature, try the chestnut burgundy favor in the photo. The looks fabulous on the lengthy curled locks! nothing forget to usage professional products for dyed hair to keep the color and shine of her tresses.

#46: black color Hair with Burgundy Ombre

Give that thick, black color hair a nice little upgrade by throwing part burgundy highlights into the mix. Weaving the hue right into the bottom of the hair delivers color that’s unexpected and also unique. No one will ever dare to speak to you boring.

#47: Deep Violet Highlights

Give your purple red hair a dreamy, ethereal sheet by attract it through jewel-toned highlights. The glistening strands of shade will look positively enchanting and also give “unicorn hair” a whole new meaning.

#48: Dark Violet Cascades

Get playful through your hair shade with maroon locks that fill a punch. The shade is not fairly red and not quite purple, yet totally mesmerizing. Go ahead and try it and see if you aren’t drowning in compliments immediately.

#49: cacao Meets Wine

Adding burgundy to her hair can be intimidating, yet there deserve to be a middle ground and this the shade is it. The transition from deep chocolate at the root to soft burgundy in the direction of the ends is subtle, causing a burgundy brown the shade that’s storage of the 2 favorite things of the median girl: chocolate and wine.

#50: Spicy Burgundy Balayage Hair

To improve the brightness of your burgundy tresses, you can ask your hairdresser to incorporate some spicy red highlights right into your ends because that a rather subtle look v a distinction of tones. Because of the two-tone effect, it also makes her root hue appear shinier and also healthier. Result.

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Well, we hope you have uncovered your favourite red wine tint with a cooler or warmer base the tastes and also feels the best. Burgundy is flattering for virtually all skin tones. You only have to carefully choose your perfect shade.