We feeling lied to. Ever since Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen came out with the iconic song “Identical Twins” off your VHS fight Our very first Video, we’ve to be programmed to believe that they’re, well, identical twins. And for years they did without doubt look a many alike, however no, they’re no alike. Over the year we’ve been able to check out the just how the fraternal sisters have actually diverged in looks, and also if you ever needed concrete means to phone call the Olsen pair apart, scroll under to see exactly how they’ve morphed into various people… albeit different human being with a slightly comparable face.

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Ok, we have actually a little little of variation here with the gingham shirt colors. We think that’s Mary-Kate ~ above the left and also Ashley on the right, but we’re not around to put any type of hard money top top it. They’re usually still indistinguishable.


An vital year in the life the the Olsens: as soon as they both gained a trendy layered cut, making it also harder come tell lock apart. That is crucial to note that roughly here they execute start wearing different outfits an ext often, even if those distinctions are nuanced.


So, in 1998 the Olsens take it on the short-lived Two the a Kind, in i beg your pardon Ashley played girly-girl Ashley and Mary-Kate play tomboy Mary-Kate. That… really provides things straightforward for everyone. Surname aside, this is straightforward idea to store in mind as soon as telling the Olsen twins apart, be it in movies or actual life. Ashley is an ext traditional, Mary-Kate has much more of one edge. Moving forward…


Switching Goals, plays on the same principle of “girly-girl versus tomboy” with the twins following the same layout as they do in Two that a Kind. Like, the a thing, that a definite thing. However as far as the promo shoot goes, MK is the one v the flippy hair and Ashley is ironing she hair inward. Differences in hair flips to be the main way you told the twins apart at the revolve of the millennium.


Speaking that which, Ashley may be the one v the external flips in this shot. They’re no making it easy for us.


This is when the sisters start looking a tiny dead inside, and that’s all we need to say about that.


This is the an initial shot where we deserve to say with confidence that Ashley’s ~ above the left and also Mary-Kate is ~ above the right. Why? although the Olsens space still using level irons for united state to tell them apart (sigh) and wearing the exact same outfits (DOUBLE SIGH) the 2000s are once you start seeing that Ashley has actually a fuller mouth.


THIS. RIGHT. HERE. THANK. GOD. In 2003 MK dyed she hair red, making that exponentially much easier to tell the Olsens apart at lengthy last.


Ashley for many of this era to be rocking bleach blonde hair, but the Olsens’ bigger distinction here is as result of Mary-Kate’s weight. Though both ladies are fairly lithe, Mary-Kate’s battle with anorexia was coming come a light. She gone into rehab for her eating disorder that same year.


This. Is. Everything. While quiet concerningly waif-like, Mary-Kate is starkly various from she sophisticatedly pull sister, shrinking right into the background regardless of a poppy beat of scarlet lipstick through a corresponding bolero.


Furthering the divide, Mary-Kate was full boho by 2006, wearing she red-head long and also tangled. Ashley’s doing basic boho, v a freaking crown braid. Whatever, Ashley.


Loving it. Mary-Kate is so extra during the mid-2000s, like that is part straight-up Blanche Dubois realness she’s serving through that stole.


This is interesting. For a brief moment in 2008, Mary-Kate and also Ashley were both hiding behind your sunglasses, relatively laid-back and likewise coiffed. Mouths aside, how can we even know i m sorry one is Mary-Kate?

2008 component Two

MK and also her red lips and also bleached brows on the left, Ashley and also her boring full mouth on the right. Mary-Kate likes to drown her clothes a little an ext than Ashley, though they’re both a huge fan of the look.


The Olsens are earlier to being near-identical! who would’ve thought? for the record, Mary-Kate is the one in the harlequin jacket.


Yikes, okay. This is where you can see Mary-Kate’s confront getting gaunt in a weird way again. She chin looks absolutely sharper. Ashley’s concerned.


A brief, sleek, dark-haired moment for Mary-Kate! The Olsens actually both look at very good and (dare we say it) borderline normal.


They’re now still keeping to the same aesthetic, however you have the right to still clearly see that is who with those differing jawlines.


Like Mary-Kate is clearly the Olsen through the an ext defined face, however by 2014 they’ve both adopted Voldemort chic.


Mary-Kate is also typically a the shade tanner and an ext likely come come home to a large horcrux-snake every night.


A minute of silence because that Elizabeth Olsen, the mrs who needs to live the curse of gift an Olsen sister but not a twin. She towering over she siblings, and also if you can’t tell who is that by this suggest then God aid you.


And over there it is. With Mary-Kate’s chiseled face and scragglier mane, she’s definitely set herself apart together the more risk-taking sibling. Yet we’re grateful that the Olsen girls have actually simultaneously cursed to a life the haute couture and also hating come smile.

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