Keep yourself for sure this winter by discovering the subtle differences between winter storm advisories, warnings and also watches.

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Winter storms can often come as a surprise. One day, you’re navigating your daily commute just fine. The next, you’re grounding on the side of the roadway in a snowstorm without her boots or a warmth coat.

Fortunately, this have the right to be avoided — at the very least somewhat — if you pay attention to the winter storm advisories, watches and warnings approve by the national Weather organization (NWS).

These notices are typically communicated come the general public through national and also local news media. Meteorologists receive regular weather updates from the NWS and discuss the advisories, watches and also warnings throughout their newscast’s weather segments. Part share details on their an individual or station social media accounts as well. The point: To store citizens educated so they can take any necessary action.

Likewise, the NWS reports winter storm details on social media and also on the nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s fee-based “weather radio” app, which gives updates based upon your location.

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Winter Storm state to Know


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