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On January 27, 2017, U.S. Chairman Donald trump signed executive Order 13769, referred to as “Protecting the country from foreign Terrorist Entry into the united States.” The so-called Muslim ban was replaced by executive Order 13780 in in march 2017. Both versions of the decree caused chaos in ~ the U.S. Immigrant system and sparked worldwide uproars. However, in spite of the contentious nature of the order, Donald Trump and also his office affirmed the the “ban” was built upon a policy collection by former U.S. President Barack Obama in 2011. Yet, while the tycoon emphasize the similarities between his order and also the one approve by Obama 6 year ago, the 2 Executive orders are really different.

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Trump ban

During his 2016 Presidential campaign, Donald trump card insisted ~ above the prestige of harshening defense measures and implementing stricter vetting procedures. The production of a wall surface on the border with Mexico, the intensification that the fight against terrorism, and the dramatic reduction of illegal (and legal) immigrant were the pillars that his political discourse – and also (most likely) the key reasons for his victory.

After his victory, Donald trump did not wait long before issuing the very first Executive Orders concerning the protection of the American borders and also the intensification of defense measures. In fact, top top January 27, 2017, the newly chosen President signed executive Order 13769, which:

Suspended the entrance of Syrian refugees indefinitely;Suspended the U.S. Refugee Admission regime (USRAP) because that a duration of 120 days;Posed restrictions to the acceptance of refugees, prioritizing the claims made by individuals from decimal religions;Suspended the entrance of immigrants from six Muslim-majority countries (namely, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and also Yemen) for 90 days; andDrastically reduced the variety of refugees admitted in the country.

According to the trumped administration, the order aimed in ~ temporarily reducing the number of refugees start the country in order to allow the proficient authorities to produce stricter and more efficient vetting procedures. Return the tycoon derived the favor of many American voters thanks to his strong stance versus illegal immigration and terrorist acts, the executive, management Order was mostly opposed through the populace – and by the rest of the world.

In fact, instantly after the issuance the the so-called Muslim ban, legal challenges and also protests began to arise anywhere the world. For instance, throughout the 3 days that adhered to the enntrance gate into force of the order, over 50 instances were filed in commonwealth courts, and also judges to be able to achieve a nationwide TRO (temporary restraining order), which restricted (or barred) the implementation and enforcement of most of the executive, management order. Furthermore, the state the Washington filed a legal difficulty against the bespeak (State that Washington vs Donald J. Trump). The instance was later on joined by the state that Minnesota.

Following the massive protests, Donald trump signed a second Executive order (order 13780) on march 5, 2017. V the second Muslim ban, the U.S. President:

Revoked and replaced executive, management Order 13769;Suspended the U.S. Refugee Admission program (USRAP) because that a duration of 120 days (just as in the previous order);Suspended the join of refugees within the country for a period of 120 days; andRestricted join of immigrant from six Muslim bulk countries (namely, Iran, Somalia, Libya, Syria, Sudan, and also Yemen) for 90 days.

Iraq was removed from the perform of 7 countries; however, section 4 that the executive Order calls for a “thorough review” of all applications made by Iraqi nationals. Stimulate 13780 to be welcomed v protests together well. Legal problems continue to date.


Obama ban

Barack Obama – former U.S. President, very first American black president, and Nobel tranquility Prize – enjoyed huge support in ~ the American population and abroad. When Obama won the 2008 elections and also became the 44th chairman of the joined States, he seemed willing to end conflicts, strive because that equality, and slowly diminish America’s interventionist attitude in international conflicts. However, although progress was made, Obama was forced to face facility and fragile issues, particularly in the Middle east – where the unified States had intervened under Bush’s presidency. The political and economic vacuum in Iraq and Afghanistan – mostly caused by the war, the spread of terrorist groups, and the reckless treatment of foreign forces – led to boost of immigration in the direction of the West (namely, Europe and also the united States).

Confronted v a cultivation wave the migration, Obama permitted Iraqi and also Afghani asylum seekers into the unified States. However, in 2009, two Al-Qaeda terrorists – who had gotten in the nation as war refugees – were uncovered in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The 2 Iraqis admitted that they had struck U.S. Soldiers in Iraq and also were accused of sending money, explosives and weapons to Al-Qaeda.

In solution to the particular threat make by the two Al-Qaeda affiliates and also by the opportunity of allowing alleged terrorists in the country, Barack Obama authorize an immigration restriction policy, which:

Slowed the processing of refugees requests and “Special Immigrant Visas,” i m sorry were expected for Iraqi interpreters who had helped U.S. Troops top top the ground;Called for the re-examination of countless Iraqi refugees that had already been admitted in the nation (over 58,000 human being were affected);Expanded and perfected screening procedures;Suspended (although never completely) the admission of new Iraqi refugees for a period of six months; andSlowed the overall resettlement process for Iraqi refugees.

In sum, Obama’s ban only targeted Iraqi refugees and also never completely suspended the join of asylum seekers into the country. Obama’s plan was a reactive decision, do in response to a details threat, and did not target Muslims.

Trump ban vs Obama ban

Although Trump administration affirmed – and also continues come affirm – that the so-called Muslim ban resembles the immigration restraining order issued by Barack Obama in 2011, the 2 bans differ on many levels.

Trump’s ban influenced immigrants and asylum seekers from 7 (later six) Muslim bulk countries (namely, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen), while Obama’s ban only targeted Iraqi citizens;Both bans to be issued to minimize the danger of terror attacks and to permit national authorities come create and also implement stricter vetting actions (and both bans affiliated the collection of biographical and biometric information); however, Obama’s ban was issued in response to a details threat – the two Al-Qaeda terrorists discovered in Kentucky – conversely, Trump’s half is a pre-emptive defense policy, aimed at preventing alleged terrorists native entering the unified States;Obama’s ban applied to Iraqi refugees and also Iraqi applicants for distinct Immigrant visas (which was meant for Iraqi interpreters that had actually helped U.S. Troops), whereas Trump’s ban uses to all species of Visas and also affects every immigrants and also non-citizens visitors;Obama’s ban referred to as for the re-examination that the status of Iraqi refugees and also slowed the process of join of Iraqis in the country, conversely, Trump’s stimulate barred Syrian refugees, suspended the USRAP, and restricted the join of immigrants from the above mentioned nations for 90 days;After Obama’s policy entered into force, refugees (including Iraqi refugees) ongoing to be welcomed in the United says – yet at a slower pace; vice versa, Trump’s ban intends at fully suspending the entrance of immigrants from the 6 Muslim bulk countries; andTrump’s executive, management order was mostly disputed, also once it was revised and replaced; conversely, Obama’s policy was implemented for six months and did not need to be replaced.

However, despite the differences, the seven countries that were included in executive, management Order 13769 had already been identified by the Obama administration. In fact, the Omnibus Spending bill – signed by Obama in 2015 – prevented double citizens indigenous the seven countries from participating in the twin Waiver Program. In various other words, the legislation required twin citizens indigenous Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Libya and also Yemen to apply for a Visa prior to entering the united States.


The raising pace of immigration and also the danger posed by terrorist attacks have led the means for the development of nationalist and populist movements, in certain in Europe and in the united States. In fact, Donald Trump, 45th chairman of the united States, spent many of his 2016 Presidential project promising a dramatic decrease in illegal immigration. On January 27, 2017, the newly chosen President signed executive, management Order 13769 (later changed by executive, management Order 13780), which exposed the entrance of immigrant from seven Muslim bulk countries in the United states for 90 days and barred Syrian refugees indefinitely. If the order was complied with by large-scale protests and also legal disputes, Trump and also his administration affirmed the the half was similar to a policy imposed by Barack Obama in 2011.

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In fact, in 2011, previous President Obama had referred to as for the suspension of the admission of Iraqi refugees because that a duration of six months, and also had slowed the process of resettlement of Iraqi refugees in ~ the united States. However, the 2 orders are really different: Trump spreading a broad, pre-emptive defense measure and also targeted all immigrants from seven Muslim majority countries when Obama reaction to a specific threat and only target Iraqi refugees.