With the major weather season underway, now is a an excellent time to walk over the differences between tornado and severe thunderstorm watches and warnings.

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A WATCH means that the potential exists for the breakthrough of severe thunderstorms or tornadoes, relying on the specific kind of clock issued.

- In a Tornado Watch, this does NOT median a tornado has been watched or even indicated by radar...it just method that problems are favorable for the development of tornadoes in thunderstorms.

- A Severe Thunderstorm Watch method that conditions are just conducive because that the advance of severe weather, and also DOES NOT show that serious weather has been reported. While no immediate activity on the component of the general public is compelled for the issuance the a watch, citizens have to keep up to day on the current weather situation and be ready to seek shelter if necessary.

A WARNING, ~ above the various other hand, requires more immediate activity and need to be taken seriously.

- A Severe Thunderstorm Warning shows that serious weather is brewing in your area or is currently occurring (based on either person observation or doppler radar). The ax severe refers to hail greater than or equal to 1.00" in diameter and/or wind gusts that meet or exceed 58 mph. Although this storms can also be connected with danger cloud come ground lightning or hefty rainfall that is qualified of bring about flash flooding, no of these two items serve as criteria for a major thunderstorm warning gift issued.

- A Tornado Warning deserve to be assumed of as a very specific severe thunderstorm warning, and method that a tornado has been one of two people spotted through a person observer or indicated by doppler radar. Comparable to a serious thunderstorm warning, once a tornado warning is authorize for her area, you must take covering immediately...as the likelihood that you gift directly affected by a tornado is in ~ a heightened risk.


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