When friend go past the basic manicure girlfriend have countless options, and also it can obtain confusing to understand which one friend want. Below we’ll settle the differences between Acrylic, Gel and Shellac Nails. You’ll uncover a few tips to sweet the pros and cons of the different man-made nails to assist you choose the ideal option.

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Acrylics and Gels space fake nails inserted over your organic ones. Both deserve to be made to match the form of the nail, or to expand it. So, as soon as you want longer nails, you are asking for either Acrylic or gelatin extensions. People also get Acrylics and also Gels in bespeak to have actually stronger nails (however, in the lengthy term lock actually undermine your organic nail).

Of course Acrylics and also Gels are really different products. Different ingredients, different application techniques, and also different pros and cons. You have the right to learn more about your differences below by clicking “Acrylics” and “Gels”.

Shellac is a blend of gel and nail polish. Since it is favor a polish, it can’t be offered to prolong your nail. Due to the fact that it is like a gel, however, the does add strength and also durability. In the long term Shellac is much less damaging to pond than traditional Gels (or Acrylics).

The main benefit is that it reduce chipping.

Shellac vs. Gel Manicure vs Gels

Many civilization confuse Gels v Shellac. This is since Shellac includes gel, so many consumers have mixed up your terminology, asking for a “gel manicure” as soon as what they desire is Shellac. So gelatin manicure is type of a consisted of name because that Shellac (people in the industry always use the hatchet Shellac). Meanwhile, Shellac and Gels space not the same service. Just as the ingredients, procedures and results for Acrylics and also Gels differ, the very same is true around Shellac vs Gels.

On optimal of constant manicures, Atelier Emmanuel supplies Acrylics, Gel and also Shellac manicures. Because of the trade-off that cost, time and effort, most people pick Shellac over gelatin or Acrylic.

What about “Gel Fills”?

Gel fill is a repair/maintenance service for those who already have Gels.

You now have actually some tools to better understand her options. And of course, to make the final decision and also find the manicure that ideal suits you and also your nails, don’t forget come consult your pond technician!

If you want still more information about Acrylics, Gels and Shellac, click the corresponding buttons below.


Acrylic nails are a combination of a fluid monomer and also a powder polymer. They produce a hard protective layer over your herbal nails. The product hardens as it is exposed to the air. Acrylic is transparent. A pond polish is included after.


Provides a perfect canvas for using nail color.Acrylic pond are hard and really robustThey critical longerEasy removalWhen you rest an acrylic nail, girlfriend can virtually always resolve it in ~ home.


They can damages your nail bedAcrylics may look less natural than gelatin nails, particularly if used incorrectly.The application procedure involves chemicals and fumes

Gels room brushed onto your nails in three actions : a base coat, polish color and top coat. Each coat needs to be cured (hardened) in one UV light for 2 to 3 minutes. Due to the fact that gel shade is not in-demand in our area, in ~ Atelier Emmanuel we rather do a four step process: basic coat, clean gel, optimal coat, and also then regular color polish because that those who want.


Natural, glossy, freshly-manicured lookLasts approximately 14 daysCuring time is fasterMore versatile than the acrylic nailsEasier come removeGel pond mixtures lack the fumes associated with acrylic nails


More expensive than other fabricated nailsSelf-fixing a rest at house is complicatedRemoval can result in nails damages if gelatin is offered too frequently

Shellac is the brand surname for a new, patent pending nail product produced by creative Nail design (CND). The is a hybrid, meaning half nail polish, fifty percent gel.

The product deserve to be applied an in similar way to nail polish on your organic nails (no sculpting or filing). That is cured with UV lighting, similar to Gels.


Thin and strong product that offers it both flexibility and durabilityNatural look an unified with the shine associated with gel nailsLasts approximately 14 daysRemoval technique through acetone wraps does not leave nails dry, thin, or torn.

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Unlike other synthetic nails, friend cannot use Shellac to strengthen or lengthen your nails.Shellac is only sold to license is granted professionals and requires a special removal process. You cannot apply Shellac, fix a break or even remove it at home.Shellac is no for everyone as it calls for a healthy nail bed.