Written by: Dr. Amy Beckley, PhD, Founder and also Inventor that the Proov check — the an initial and just FDA-cleared check to confirm successful ovulation in ~ home.

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Medically the review by: Dr. Aimee Eyvazzadeh, MD, MPH


Cervical rubber monitoring is just one of the best-known methods used to track optimal fertility. If you space trying come conceive, tracking the transforms in her cervical mucus may aid you determine your fertile home window so that you have the right to accurately time intercourse and get pregnant faster!

What is cervical mucus?

Cervical mucus is a fluid developed by the glands roughly the cervix and also plays critical role in reproduction. Its color and consistency adjust throughout the menstrual cycle under the influence of hormones, giving you valuable information about your fertility.

As hormone level fluctuate in different stages of her cycle, so does the amount and also thickness of your cervical fluid. During the follicular phase, you might experience dried cervical mucus instantly following her period, however may notice a progressive increase in the amount of mucus as your follicles room growing and your estrogen level rise.

As you strategy ovulation, you must start to observe productive cervical mucus: an ext abundant, with a clear, stretchy and slippery consistency that might remind girlfriend of egg-whites. That’s when you should have intercourse if she trying to gain pregnant, together this kind of discharge may be a pretty dependable ovulation predictor. Come make sure you are undoubtedly approaching ovulation, you may also test her LH with the assist of urine strips. As soon as you ovulate, your cervical rubber will change again.


As you method ovulation, you should start to observe abundant cervical mucus: an ext abundant, v a clear, stretchy and slippery consistency that may remind girlfriend of egg-whites.

Why have to I track cervical mucus?

Tracking her cervical rubber is a very inexpensive technique of fertility management. Even if it is you’re trying to achieve pregnancy or just track your cycle, cervical mucus teaches friend to recognize the fertile and infertile stages of her cycle. As soon as you identify fertile cervical mucus, you know you have reached top fertility, which is once intercourse is most most likely to an outcome in conception.

How perform I track cervical mucus?

First the all, you might want to keep a chart, so that you can actually see the progression and also write under all the changes. Second, specifically if you"re brand-new at this game, you want to begin tracking automatically after your period, throughout the follicular phase, so that you can see how the consistency changes over time.

Here room some procedures you can take:

Thoroughly wash and also dry your hands.Find a comfortable position, either by placing one foot up on the toilet seat/bathtub or by sitting on the toilet.Carefully present your index finger inside your vagina, taking care to not scratch your cervix, specifically if you have long nails.Remove her finger from your vagina and an alert the amount and also consistency the the mucus. Gradually press her index and also your ignorance together, then gradually move castle apart. Is your discharge clear and also stretchy? That means you room approaching ovulation.Write down the outcomes so that by the finish of the month you can have a pretty progression and also a general picture of just how your cervical mucus readjusted throughout the cycle. This will allow you come observe trends of potential fertility or infertility, and will provide an important information for your doctor.

While this technique is reliable and an extremely inexpensive, if friend want help tracking cervical mucus, gadgets like the kegg, i beg your pardon is a 2-in-1 pelvic trainer + cervical mucus fertility tracker, can help. 


When girlfriend identify abundant cervical mucus, you understand you have actually reached top fertility, i m sorry is when intercourse is most likely to result in conception.

What does cervical rubber look like after ovulation?

Immediately after ~ ovulation, your estrogen levels drop, and also you may have less discharge or also some dried days. A couple of days into the luteal step though, your estrogen rises again and also progesterone joins the show. The mucus is no longer clear and stretchy like a few days earlier when your body to be gearing up for releasing one egg and preparing a protective atmosphere for sperm. What you might see now is a cloudy and rather thick discharge.

If friend haven’t conceived, both your estrogen and also your progesterone levels will drop again, and also menstrual bleeding begins. If you carry out conceive, both estrogen and progesterone levels proceed to rise, feeding her uterine lining so that it have the right to nourish an implanted embryo. In addition to this hormone rise, boost in blood volume that starts in the beforehand stages of pregnancy may additionally boost the lot of discharge her cervix produces.


Immediately after ~ ovulation, her estrogen level drop, and also you may have actually less discharge or even some dry days.

What go cervical rubber look prefer if ns pregnant?

Life would so it is in much less complicated if we could reliably detect pregnancy based solely on the way our cervical mucus looks throughout our luteal phase, i will not ~ it?

While cervical rubber alone is no a dependable indicator of pregnancy, we deserve to safely say that it is pretty rare to have dry cervical rubber if you conceived due to the fact that both estrogen and progesterone remain elevated during the luteal phase. However, the transforms may be really subtle and can quickly be overlooked.

The vaginal discharge encountered in early pregnancy is quite abundant and may have actually either a milky or a pale yellow look. When fertilization has occurred, the volume that discharge boosts as your vagina do the efforts to eliminate bacteria that can damage the newly implanted embryo. Later on on, this discharge is walking to form the mucus plug, intended to act together a obstacle between the vagina and also the uterus, and protect the cultivation fetus indigenous infections throughout pregnancy.

What if ns don’t have enough cervical mucus?

A lack of cervical mucus deserve to indicate a hormone imbalance. However if your hormones were checked and are fine, you might want to make sure you are continuing to be hydrated, together dehydration also has an influence on the amount of fluids our bodies produce.

Also, you may want to store in mind that for the cervical mucus technique to offer you correct details on your cycle, you should avoid douching at any kind of time. The vagina has the capacity of clean up itself and douching may not only disrupt the balance the bacteria in the vagina, but it can likewise diminish your opportunities of conception through washing away productive cervical mucus.

Last but not least, the Cervical Mucus method may not apply to women who have actually suffered cervix surgeries favor LEEP. These steps can damage the glands around the cervix that produce cervical fluids.

It go the very same for ladies using particular medication meant to induce ovulation, like clomid. It has a tendency to dry up cervical mucus.

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Using the cervical mucus an approach to track your cycle calls for diligence and commitment, but daily monitoring can administer a reliable overall picture of her cycle and aid you recognize your abundant window! Cervical mucus security is a an excellent ovulation prediction technique to try when trying come conceive.