Two the the country’s greatest publications room The brand-new York Times and The Washington Post.

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Considering that they regularly both follow the exact same news stories, their readers may wonder what the difference is between them.

Those who room looking to start reading either publication may wonder if lock should choose one end the other.

Here’s a in-depth look at exactly how The new York Times and The Washington Post compare through one another.

The Washington Post Vs. The new York Times 

1. Political Bias


When comparing The brand-new York Times through The Washington Post, it’s crucial to understand the political bias of each.

When consuming any type of media, one should constantly oneself what story or article the article is trying come deliver.

That message also carries a bias in some way.

Proud pendant of both The brand-new York Times and also The Washington Post will state the they’re both neutral in your political bias.

This isn’t always the case.

Both publications often tend to skinny slightly left.

That’s since they think in freedom of the press which is a free concept.

They carry out not think in baseless claims passed off together news.

Because that that, both newspapers try to continue to be in the center of the political spectrum as much as possible.

The new York Times, in particular, is an excellent at investigative journalism.

They’re not afraid come ask hard questions the anyone nevertheless of their political leaning.

Their ultimate goal is to uncover the truth and report top top it.

A couple of critics of this publications often state that they questioning softer inquiries to liberals or that they’re an ext forgiving.

One only needs to look at at their reports to watch that they have the right to be as hard on liberals together they room on conservatives.

The Washington Post is likewise known for remarkable investigative journalism.

One of your biggest insurance claims to call is your report top top Nixon and also the Watergate Scandal.

Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward were the reporters responsible for the article.

They were investigating the June 17, 1972 break-in of the democratic National Committee’s headquarters.

The structure was the Watergate Hotel in Washington, DC.

When they started to obtain resistance amongst the FBI and also police officers connected with the case, their interest just grew.

The police had captured the burglars, and also it was clear the they were professionals.

They to be the type of professionals that who hires.

After managing to get a resource from within the FBI well-known only together “Deep Throat” and having one of the burglars talk, the 2 reporters were able to uncover the crime the the century.

Their reporting brought about the investigation and also resignation the a president.

Since then, The Washington Post has always tried to current both political parties of the politics spectrum in your reporting.

Both publications think that the facts space facts, and also they’re painted no red nor blue.

Finally, others believe that since both publications report scientific findings, that also makes lock a for free publication.

Reporting is always based on facts, and so is science.

The two normally go hand-in-hand.

They additionally both believe strongly in liberty of the press.

Without it, democracy would certainly cease come exist.

2. Digital Transformation


One of the most crucial comparisons to do is exactly how both publications adjusted to the digital age.

Both The new York Times and The Washington Post began as published papers.

The goal prior to the digital age was to offer as many printed copies as lock could.

They were only able to sell in areas where they had distributors.

The digital age changed all that.

With more people receiving your news online fairly than through print, both publications essential to make changes to make it through the abrupt change.

The new York Times has arguably performed much better than The Washington Post in this regard.

It began its transition to the digital age early.

As quickly the publisher i found it the trend of declining file sales and boost in digital news, they began to produce The brand-new York Times website.

The publication would market both printed copies and also digital copies.

Unlike other news agencies, they decided to use a subscription model.

For a short cost, readers could access the website and also all the write-ups within it.

With several much more writers carried on to assist expand the news castle were moving online, readers had actually plenty of posts to consume compared to the price they’re paying.

This is something the The new York Times has actually done a an excellent job of advertising, too.

They enable their reader to read a certain number of articles every month for free.

These articles are commonly engaging, interesting, and also thought-provoking.

It sells the idea that The brand-new York Times does good reporting—which castle do.

It likewise gives the reader a glimpse right into all the other species of articles they deserve to read if they subscribe.

Keeping your subscription prices low, The new York Times has actually seen great success through its digital publications.

They bring in money v that mechanism and also through ads the they operation on their website.

The new York Times has actually been so effective with this method that many other new agencies room taking note.

A completing digital news site, Politico, has actually been trial and error the subscription model themselves.

They believe that civilization are ready to pay because that fact-checked and also authentic news from digital sources.

Finally, The new York Times understands just how to work-related the subscription version to that favor.

They often run vacation sales on your subscriptions to make the price even much more enticing come would-be readers.

The Washington Post also made the switch to digital publication once they noticed that printed duplicates weren’t selling as much.

Although they haven’t seen the same success together The new York Times, your recent adjust in property may adjust that.

Jeff Bezos is the present owner of The Washington Post.

His capacity to make a worldwide enterprise has actually been proven through the success of Amazon.

Since he is taken the reins, he’s been investing greatly into their digital platforms.

His goal is to lug The Washington Post to everyone across the world.

Unlike The new York Times, The Washington Post walk not usage a subscription model.

They use ads top top their short articles instead.

This allows their reader to review as many posts as they’d choose without hindering your experience.

As the consumers read, the company receives money indigenous the advertisers on the page.

The difficulty is that numerous readers regularly use some form of ad blocker.

That keeps ads from transferring to viewers i beg your pardon reduces the quantity of money that The Washington Post could be receiving.

They do have two other subscriptions for Pulitzer-winning articles and books, however the bulk of their articles are complimentary for viewing.

As digital news continues to change, both powerhouses of investigative reporting will have to proceed to adapt to stay viable.

3. Awards and also Accolades


Reporters can receive awards once they compose a piece that’s inspiring or requires a an excellent deal that work and study to compose.

Those reporters are regularly awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

Both The brand-new York Times and The Washington Post have gathered a number of awards and accolades to your names over the food of their histories.

The new York Times has 132 Pulitzer Prizes to your name.

They additionally have 23 Emmy nominations native the year 2020 alone.

Also under your belt are two Oscar-nominated films and also 330 SND print and digital awards in 2020.

Considering many of those awards and also accolades come native a single year, it’s clear to check out that The new York Times has a lengthy list of to win Pulitzer Prizes and also other awards.

One the the most well-known short articles from The brand-new York Times is “The Pentagon Papers”.

This was an post written in 1972.

It dug right into the actual cost and also happenings that the Vietnam War.

Many various other publications to be sharing the propaganda the the government was feeding them.

The new York Times no satisfied through that.

They dug deep into the Vietnam War and exposed what was happening there.

The Pentagon records are one of the main reasons Americans started to believe that the war in Vietnam essential to end.

It would spark a collection of protests and usher in a peace activity that would specify the 1970s.

The Washington Post also has a long history of win awards and accolades.

They have actually 69 Pulitzer Prizes, 18 Nieman Fellowships, and 368 White residence News Photographers’ combination awards.

They additionally have many digital awards for their digital publications.

While The brand-new York Times may be ideal known for its Pentagon Papers, The Washington Post is ideal known because that its function in uncovering the Watergate scandal.

Their reporting made it clear that the chairman of the United claims was spying top top the autonomous party.

Not only would this result in the investigation and also subsequent resignation the a chairman from office, however it would also have long-lasting impacts on the American people.

Before the Watergate scandal, the American world had a the majority of trust in their presidents.

They thought they were over reproach.

The Watergate scandal make them realize the presidents to be human, too, and prone come making mistakes.

The office has actually since always held a level of scrutiny because that anyone that enters it.

While The new York Times has more awards than The Washington Post in regards to Pulitzer Prizes, it’s The Washington Post the may have actually credit for the many history-altering short article ever written.

4. Readership Reach


The next area to to compare The brand-new York Times and The Washington Post is your readership reach.

The brand-new York Times started in new York City.

To this day, brand-new Yorkers think about the file the government on investigative journalism.

While the publication discovered a healthy and also loyal complying with in its house city, the editors didn’t want to stop there.

They want to lug The new York Times come the world.

Even before the digital age, The new York Times invested heavily in its capacity to expand.

This was something The Washington Post did not execute originally.

The new York Times placed up distributors in crucial cities and also ensured that they can get the latest concerns out in a fashionable manner.

Then they set their eye on the worldwide market.

The new York Times eventually started to present up in large European cities like London and Paris.

They spread right into Canada and even as much as Australia.

When the digital age arrived, The new York Times was quick to start dispersing its digital assets as well.

In 2020, it added another 1.6 million subscribers to its online publication.

Its reach external of the country likewise remains strong.

Of The new York Times’ readership, 16% originates from outside that the united States.

Of the 16%, 10% are Canadians if the staying 6% room Australian.

Other nations read The brand-new York Times as well, but those reader are smaller sized in number contrasted to Canada and also Australia.

The demographics that The new York Times are likewise interesting.

Around 91% of its readers identify as Democrats.

Despite that, only 49% that its readers believe that The brand-new York Times is a reliable news source.

Despite their success, they’ve also seen a decrease in their publish sales.

The variety of their publish sales to reduce by 7.4% in 2020.

One should additionally consider the state of the human being during the time together well.

With the global pandemic raging in 2020, countless readers may have chose to reduced their subscriptions to save extra money.

However, one only requirements to look in ~ the overall readership to see that there are fewer people reading The brand-new York Times now than in that heyday.

Between the year 2000 and 2020, your readership dropped by 55.57%.

This synchronizes with the rise of the digital age.

As people began to receive top quality news—or what they believed was quality news—from other sources, castle relied much less on significant publishers like The new York Times.

Studies looking in ~ The Washington Post have seen the same shrinkage.

They additionally share the same pool of readers together The new York Times.

Around 61% that its readership identifies as Democrats.

However, only 7% identify as Republican.

The remaining percentage are reader who take into consideration themselves centralists or don’t recognize with either party.

According come reports made by your platform, The Washington Post witnessed 75 million travellers to its digital platform in might 2021 alone.

Of those visitors, numerous of them offered their smartphones to access the website quite than your computers.

A large portion that those readers were Millennials.

They consisted of 26% of the traffic.

Finding information about their current subscribers that doesn’t come indigenous The Washington Post itself is difficult.

They don’t report on specific aspects the the business.

There also aren’t any kind of recent studies to check out its decrease or expansion in current years.

The many recent study, excellent in 2012, observed that the variety of subscribers to The Washington Post was additionally declining.

The mean weekly circulation of the physical document dropped to 484,385 people.

Part that that may be due to the fact that The Washington Post is from Washington, D.C.

It doesn’t have quite as huge of a population as brand-new York City, although it is large.

The Washington Post also spread its wings slower than The new York Times.

Whereas The brand-new York Times invest in itself to spread its publication, The Washington Post focused on other things because that a time.

Now it has actually a bigger reach, but it is beginning to decrease the very same as The brand-new York Times.

Part of your drive originates from Jeff Bezos that is keen to check out The Washington Post come to be a enormous online news outlet.

They i have announced far more articles 보다 The brand-new York Times go online.

They’ve additionally expanded their reporting topics to include virtually every object a person could want to check out about.

With much more online publications looking to do their note in the digital world, both The brand-new York Times and also The Washington Post will certainly face new challenges to remain on top.

5. Opinion Pieces


The ide of utilizing opinion piece in a major publication is always controversial.

How a publishing handles the opinion pieces can assuage these fears or make them worse.

The main trouble that readers have actually with opinion pieces is the they’re regularly not fact-checked.

They’re sensational instead.

They likewise garner a most interest.

The problem is that due to the fact that The brand-new York Times or The Washington Post determined to i announced the piece, it provides the opinion article a sembeant of legitimacy and credibility.

That’s just how false news can conveniently spread.

When it comes to opinion pieces, both The new York Times and The Washington Post take different approaches.

The new York Times phone call its opinion piece Guest Essays.

They make the distinction clear between Editorial pieces and Opinion pieces.

It is clear the the piece that appear in the Opinion section are not fact-checked, and also that that the duty of the reader to fact-check the cases made.

Despite this, The brand-new York Times welcomes most civilization to create for their Opinions section.

They believe that it helps save their publishing from walking too much to one side.

Since the Opinion part of the document is open to the public, it enables the public to hear what the other side has to say.

It’s a platform because that sharing different perspectives.

The Washington Post likewise believes in offering different perspectives by hosting one Opinion section.

They still speak to this ar Opinion.

It’s various from your Editorial section which includes pieces created by your paid employees.

The Washington Post is a bit more open to those who desire to compose for them in the Opinion section.

They have actually several various Opinion sections to do it much easier for readers to find topics that interest them.

However, it’s basic for certain individuals to take advantage of The Washington Post’s Opinion section to push an idea and also spread a message.

Considering the The Washington Post’s owner is a famed businessman, it’s no surprising to watch topics the are versus taxing the well-off or imposing certain business regulations.

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When it pertains to Opinion pieces, both publication can autumn prey to sensationalist news that can tarnish their reputations.